Malaysia Airlinesgroup booking service

Hi. I have placed a request for group booking a few days and it seemed that no one is interested to reply to my request at all. I called the call center and was given a few emails which ended up being bounced back, stating it wasn't in the system. I called again and the call center gave me a different email again when I asked if there is anyone I can contact/ speak to instead of having my email bounced. I understand that the call center can only assist me with group of 9 or lesser unfortunately I have a group of 26. But please at the very least sort out the right email or at the very least have the group booking people's contact available on the website. Alternatively, get your group booking people to react earlier. If you have a sales office then provide me a number to contact for group booking. Just get back to me ASAP for god sake!

Jan 15, 2017

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