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Me & my husband should be on Kuala Lumpur to watch F1, but because of the cancelation of our flight from Rome to KL in 23 March 2017 & without any confirmation by MAS, we're stuck in Rome airport with almost expired visa & no tickets to go home. There're no MAS representative office & the counter was closed. The information counter said that MAS canceled all flights from Rome for 2 months & we didn't received any confirmation about this & no replacement flight that they arranged for us to get home. We should call them in Malaysia to have there responsibility and it took hours. We loose our money to handle those matter & we loose our time for it also.

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  • Ke
      24th of Aug, 2009
    Malaysia Airlines - parcel lost

    My flight is from jb to penang but transit at kl
    Jb to kl
    Kl to penang
    On 24th august 2017

    My parcel lost somewhere maybe during transit from kl to penang.
    The flight from kl to penang already delay 2 hours 11:55am only fly from kl to pg

    Original flight: mh 1138 9:15am
    Change to flight: mh 1140 11:55am

    The flight is delay.

    My item or luggage number is 0232146485
    Report lost no: penmh69903
    Ticket number: etkt
    Tag number: mh146485

    I have been wait since 12:50pm 24th august 2017, it has been almost one day, but the response that I get is, they are still searching?
    How could it be ? Searching for whole day?

    Email: [protected]

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  • Sh
      24th of Oct, 2011
    Malaysia Airlines - bad customer service
    Malaysia Airlines

    Why doesn't anyone man the mas phones? Calls to the customer service and enrich both have only the automatic voice machine manning them... Even after 20 minutes of waiting no one bothered to answer the phone. I must have called them about 30 times in the past few weeks. No wonder mas never makes any profit - buck up or else... I for one am going to top traveling on mas, was due to make a trip on business class but I have now decided to fly via sia through singapore.

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  • Ch
      21st of Jan, 2012
    Malaysia Airlines - baggage charges
    United Kingdom

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I wish to formally complain about the exhorbitant additional charge I was confronted with when I arrived at London Heathrow for my flight to Penang a few days ago. When weighed, I was told my suitcase was 4Kg over the limit, which, before that time had never been made clear to me at any stage. I was utterly shocked with the charge of £165.00, but had no choice but to pay it or commence emptying my belongings in the busy reception area.

    I explained that I was proceeding on a 3-month stay to Penang, which I do every year using the same suitcase and had never had problems before. However, that made no difference to your staff and I had no choice but to pay the additional charge, which is totally out of proportion to the extra weight involved and reflects very badly on Malaysian Airlines which I have used several times in the past for the same journey.

    Unless this matter can be resolved in a satisfactory manner I will have no choice but to fly with one of your competitor airlines in the future, which would be an unfortunate but obvious consequence.

    Taken from my ticket stub, my flight details were FARTHING/CHARLES 16JAN12 1/29 LHR PENANG, PEN MH1164 17 JAN, KUL MH001 16JAN (0232791245).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Charles Farthing

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  • Ar
      10th of Feb, 2012

    Totally agreed. Malaysia airlines arrangement and customer services really disappointed me a lots. I bought rtn ticket from Argentina to kuala lumpur but they cancelled the flight and never inform me until I called. But the customer service dont even know the route been stop. And keep giving me numbers to call to irrelevant party for eg. KLIA office number, Malaysia hotline number (which is call to same place, just another person pick ip my calls). So end up my problem can't solve and I don't know where should I call since their Argentina office also closed Down.

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  • Cl
      21st of May, 2012
    Malaysia Airlines - lost my bagage

    This happen on 16 May 2017, while i was traveling with malaysia airlines MH711 from KL to Jakarta the flight was delayed for 2hours due to the reason of technical instruments problem.

    When i finally reach jakarta airport i realize that my luggage can't be found. So as other 13 other passages. The Jakarta personel is helpful enough to help us on the reports and try to explain to us how this incident could happen.

    While i'm quite sad and frustrated on the situation, everyday i keep on calling the airport to check my luggage whereabouts, but everytime i call i was sadden by their answer "sorry you luggage still no trace". I've try to call MAS back in Malaysia, but they are even WORSE, they just told me not to call here anymore, and tell me to call jakarta airport, and keep on telling me that my luggage might be taken by someone else "DAMN this doesn't help at all". 1st of all i was there early before the baggage been roll out. the only thing that i just want to know is does my luggage's gone into the plane base on the freaking BAG TAG u put into, u should able to trace would u ???

    Until now my luggage still not been found. I'm soo sad on the situation they putting me in.

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  • Sp
      29th of Oct, 2014
    Malaysia Airlines - delay, mismanagement
    Nova Scotia

    I will not fly with Malaysia Airlines ever again unless I have no other option!
    My return flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh to KL, Malaysia was delayed by 5 and half hours and the staff in Dhaka airport did not confirm us that we can leave the airport and return later. Rather told us that the flight may leave early! I could go to my friends hour which is near airport and return after few hours but instead I had to wait within the airport for 5.5 hours!

    Connecting flights to Sydney from KL was delayed by 9 hours. Malaysia Airlines staffs did not know what to do with all these stranded passengers. They directed us straight to the immigration so that we can go to a hotel to rest. But they did not know that not everyone has VISA for transit. We all had to spend hours to fill up forms to get transit visa. Once immigration is done, they boarded in a bus. The bus driver did not know where is the hotel and at 1am at night he drove same area/block for 45 minutes to find our assigned hotel.

    It is the crappiest hotel (the aston hotel) I have ever seen in my life! Staffs are too rude. Everyone was hungry but they did not provide any food or instruction how to get some. They took another 30~45 minutes to assign hotel rooms. Lights don't work on some rooms. Bathroom flash was broken too. At night, hotel staff told us that we will get take away breakfast in the morning. However, in the morning he refused us to have take away since we are late to leave for airport. It would take only 5 minutes to have some take away food but he was very rude.

    I have had enough with the airline and will always try to avoid for sure.

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