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This is our family's second trip from Newzeland to India through Malaysian airlines.
This is to bring to your urgent attention that cabin crew - "Raymond" behaved in a very rude and indecent manner with me, my small kid and my wife. He even threatened me serious consequences on KL airport if I put a complaint against him and I was denied a feedback n complaint form in the airlines.The way he was behaving made us feel as if he was drunk. He was very aggressive in his behaviour and almost ready to hit me when I reported the whole matter to Zarine (name maybe Misspelled). Later on Ashraf had to intervene to sort out the matter and Ashraf n zarine were really apologetic for his behaviour whereas Raymon continued his indecency. this episode carried on for more than 10 mins . This was wen the flight took off from Auckland airport to KL on 25jan17.
Flight no mh132
Seats - 38k 38h, 39k 39h
V had booked 4 seats.
I strict and immediate action should be taken against such irresponsible employee and be thrown out of such a prestigious airlines.
I would request a reply on this email.
We are so hurt by the whole episode and I am writing this complaint sitting on the airport lounge itself in KL as I have a connecting flight to India in eve today.
Atul Gupta
Pallavi Gupta
Avyukt Gupta
Akshay Kumar

Jan 24, 2017

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