Malaysia Airlinesbeware malaysia air - unethical behaviour

Dear Malaysia Airlines,

I flew to Australia because my father was gravely ill. Whilst in Australia I received news that my wife in Taiwan was also unwell, so I changed my flight to fly home early. Upon arriving at the airport, I was informed that my flight wasn't for another two weeks. Instead of moving my flight forward in time, the agent had moved it back. I contacted the airline the next day and was told I could only buy another full price ticket, but the matter could be resolved afterwards. Upon returning to Taiwan I lodged a complaint and demanded to hear a copy of my conversation. This was on 05/07/2016. I first received a reply on 18/07/2016 telling me I would be forwarded to the relevant team. I have written another three emails and received no further reply. Today, 12/01/2017 - six months later! - I wrote to the airline again and surprise, surprise, had my message bounced back to me "because the recipient is a distribution group and the option to disallow delivery to a distribution group on the message was selected."

My request is simple. Refund the cost of the extra flight I had to pay for because of a mistake made by a Malaysian airlines operative. Acknowledge the absolutely rude and unethical treatment I have received from the airline after filing my original request.

Jan 12, 2017

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