Malaysia Airlines / bad services and attitudes from ground staffs


Good evening. I wish to make a complain about the bad services that I and my family received today from the ground staffs. Around 9:30pm, me and my family were about to drop off our luggages at C line, KLIA. However, the ground staffs from C line were so rude when arranging luggage drop off services to us. Unfortunately, I can't retrieved the names of these staffs as they purposely covered their name tags. All I know about these staffs is the working shift, which is around 9:30 pm at C line. They said group check in is not available currently but, in fact i saw the others are doing the similar group check in. Besides that, she purposes extremely bad attitudes towards my family when my dad was just the innocent one in this incident. Then I asked for the names for further info. But she refuse to give it to us when it was actually our rights to have it. She gave excuse that she has sore throat but in fact her attitude towards my dad was really terrible. Especially when my dad don't really understand English. The worker immediately show impatient facial expressions (rolled her eyes) to my dad which also affects our reputation and mood. I strongly feel offended by her attitude. I am supposed to have a sweet vacation with my family but it was immediately ruined by these workers. Undoubtedly this incident makes me to reject from boarding from MAS airlines anymore. Lastly, I hope to get some response from you guys.

Jan 27, 2017

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