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  • So
      Oct 31, 2011

    I just received a package in Whangarei (Onerahi) and decided to search about it.
    I'm happy to read about it and thank you for sharing your stories guys.

    This is what I found about WHOIS information for their website. So if you want to do something about it, then here it is a good starting point:


    % New Zealand Domain Name Registry Limited
    % Users confirm on submission their agreement to all published Terms
    version: 5.00
    query_datetime: 2011-10-31T14:39:15+13:00
    query_status: 200 Active
    domain_dateregistered: 2006-05-23T13:33:07+12:00
    domain_datebilleduntil: 2013-05-23T13:33:07+12:00
    domain_datelastmodified: 2011-05-11T18:01:00+12:00
    domain_delegaterequested: yes
    domain_signed: no
    registrar_name: Melbourne IT Limited
    registrar_address1: Level 2
    registrar_address2: 120 King Street
    registrar_city: Melbourne
    registrar_province: Victoria
    registrar_postalcode: 3000
    registrar_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
    registrar_phone: +[protected]
    registrar_fax: +[protected]
    registrar_email: Email Masking [protected]
    registrant_contact_name: Magnamail Pty Ltd
    registrant_contact_address1: Unit 4a
    registrant_contact_address2: 5 Talavera Rd
    registrant_contact_city: North Ryde
    registrant_contact_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
    registrant_contact_phone: +[protected]
    registrant_contact_email: Email Masking [protected]
    admin_contact_name: Alex Waldman
    admin_contact_address1: Unit 4a
    admin_contact_address2: 5 Talavera Rd
    admin_contact_city: North Ryde
    admin_contact_country: AU (AUSTRALIA)
    admin_contact_phone: +[protected]
    admin_contact_email: Email Masking [protected]
    technical_contact_name: Account Manager
    technical_contact_address1: Level 2, 120 King Street
    technical_contact_city: Melbourne 3000 - Vic
    technical_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
    technical_contact_phone: +[protected]
    technical_contact_email: Email Masking [protected]
    % Users are advised that the following activities are strictly forbidden.
    % Using multiple WHOIS queries, or using the output of multiple WHOIS
    % queries in conjunction with any other facility or service, to enable
    % or effect a download of part or all of the .nz Register.
    % Using any information contained in the WHOIS query output to attempt a
    % targeted contact campaign with any person, or any organisation, using any
    % medium.
    % A breach of these conditions will be treated as a breach of the .nz Policies
    % and Procedures. Sanctions in line with those specified in the policies and
    % procedures at may result from any breach.
    % Copyright InternetNZ

    Information Updated: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 01:39:15 UTC

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  • Lo
      Nov 18, 2011

    dame what a shame i got a letter in the mail from magnamail on monday 14-11-2011 as soon i saw that i won 25, 000 dollars i knew it was too good to be true but i couldnt help but think maybe something good like this can happen but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! haha dame their sad preying on people like this i hope they get whats coming to them.

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  • Fa
      Dec 15, 2011

    It really is Caveat Emptor (Buyer, Beware) with firms like this. Even the stuff they sell is crap, cheaply made and overpriced, so they are a major league profiteering outfit. This being the case, they're not going to give a damn about your feelings are they? As long as they rake in the $$$. They fact that they prey on the elderly and poor says it all doesn't it?
    Here in New Zealand they have another outlet called Health Pride which do exactly the same with the scratch cards: tell you that if 2 prizes come up identically, you've won them. Surprise surprise, when $1, 000 came up twice on my card, what they actually send me was an absolutely rubbishy watch, wouldn't even give it away. However, I never for one moment expected anything else.

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  • Ni
      Dec 22, 2011

    Isn't it sad when companies get away with ripping people off my husband also believed their crap and it cost me $50 plus postage and handling. Reading all the complaints makes you sick at heart these people should be sued for false advertisng preying on other peoples dreams and hopes what a pack of losers.
    Hope someone shut's them down!!

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  • Ti
      Mar 15, 2012

    Thanks people for your comments. I wont be sending them anything!

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  • Ta
      Apr 03, 2012

    My goodness, thank God I just googled the name of this Company (Magnamail) n found out the truth about them. I was gonna go all the way up from Manukau to Avondale to their showroom shop to place my order and to claim my ### prize! :). this Company need a big slap on their ears. The very reason that I thought that this is real coz they have listed all the name of the people who have won the prize (but not sure if it is the chinese pendant or $$)..geeee..thank guys n hopefully the others will think of double check this company on google before they make a decision..!!

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  • Ba
      Apr 13, 2012

    recently I bought 2 articles from the Health pamphlet, one being a special type of inner sole to help aching feet, the other was a battery tester., . My winning cards said:- with 4 numbers in the line as on the master card I had won $1000, the other card had a line of 4 and the prize of $500.

    I wonder where they have got to, both the purchased goods and the 'rewards'


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  • Ge
      Apr 30, 2012

    Been sucked in myself to buy stuff, but i now realise its all crap, after twice buying from them, i never take the prize winning stuff seriously, i just wanted some helpful gadgets, but they are really bad quality; mostly, i noticed that they took more money than they should have, not much but im not happy, they took $2.00 for some monthly brochure, and i certainly didnt ask for it, down right rude hey. Anyway just a thought im having about those people whos pictures are on the brochure that have so called won their prizes, would you please identify yourselves and tell us if its true or not. Im glad i decided to check out this aweful mean nasty place.Thanks peeps

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  • La
      May 03, 2012

    thanks everyone for your comments. I have received mail saying i have won $25, 000.00!!
    I sort of believed it but still wanted to google it first and then purchase. thank you for sharing now i know it is all fraud.

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  • Ge
      May 08, 2012

    Hi my Name is Gertrude Clayton, of 15 Waring St Kadina SA, I recieved a letter from K Wilson stating I only had 14 days to order for to go into the draw to win $5000, this is to let you know I have already posted my order a week ago, with a red ticket to enter the draw ticket No2386256, so I dont understand whats going on, perhaps you can soet it out on my behalf. Sincerly G Clayton.

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  • Ne
      Jun 03, 2012

    i don't make an order again because its lie

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  • Ju
      Jul 05, 2012

    I can see these guys are really good at feeding off the vulnerable. This scam has been running since 2010 and they are still scamming kiwi's in 2012. This is disgusting that they have been able to get away with it for so long. Can anyone put a stop to these guys. What makes it worst is that they do it so blatantly out publicly. They are just laughing at us!!! I sent a complaint to Fair Go to see what they can do. I feel for all those who got caught up in their dishonesty and scam and at a cost. I was one of them that googled the name. However, my mother got caught up in it and purchased up to $150.00 worth from the catalogue. She received some cheap jewelry.

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  • Sf
      Jul 16, 2013

    guys, use your brain. i just looked at my magnamail catalogue to see what you're all going on about it never says 'you have definitely won a prize' and one of the prizes you could win is $25000, or a watch, a necklace, a pen, a sh***y keyring etc. there have been people that have won the money, most people don't because THAT'S HOW A LOTTERY WORKS!!! do you really think they'd be allowed to continue as a business if it was a fraud or a scam? especially since they have all those lottery permit numbers and other official stuff.

    PLUS think about all these complaints.. the fact that there are so many complaints means the government would be keeping a very close eye on them making sure they're abiding by the rules.

    PEOPLE JUST READ WANT THEY WANT TO AND IGNORE THE REST. Yet no one complains when they don't win the lotto...

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  • Fa
      Sep 26, 2013

    I am so glad I read this! I am currently not working and have very little money. I received this rare "pink ticket" notification meaning I could win 21, 000. As someone who is very low on cash and not working this was really appealing. Of course I had to spend 10 dollars or more to order one of several innovative products. So glad I did not and why is the Australian government NOT doing anything to stop these scam artists. The company is based in North Ryde, Sydney, not offshore!

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  • Hj
      Jul 21, 2014

    Last week I received the latest Magnamail catalogue containing information on how I COULD win $100, 000.00. I completed the order form together with my Debit Card details then found I could order online. I was feeling a little uneasy about this transaction so found & read the many complaints that had been posted. I am so pleased I did, I was more than angry with the way innocent people had been scammed so this is what I did, & I hope every person who gets this rubbish will do the same. I cut my name & personal details including any identifiable Customer Numbers or such from the order form & information page. I then tore the pages into small pieces & placed them very neatly inside the catalogue, then placed the folded catalogue in the return envelope & sealed the envelope with tape. Tomorrow I shall post it back to Magnamail minus a postage stamp. If every person did this Magnamail may think twice about the their scamming practises especially when they find themselves being billed for the return postage. Helene.

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  • Gr
      Aug 14, 2014

    Got a "contfirmed winner" with $20, 000-00 "cash on hold" (whatever that means) in the post but sent to my address under another name. Will follow through on this, place an order and put in a false credit card number. Should have some fun. All big encouraging words but a lot of ###. Perhaps time to "chuck it in the ###it bucket" and do something useful. Heeheeeee!!!

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  • Ro
      Sep 10, 2014

    I was told that I won $20 000.00 recently but the money is yet to be received. How is that?

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  • Jo
      Jul 23, 2015

    So glad I read this before I spend a cent on these guys.
    I felt like I read all the small print & hadn't missed anything out... so I must have won $5, 000, they are so full of it

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  • Tc
      Apr 24, 2016

    I received the "classified" envelope today. I scratched and one $25, 000, $5000 and some junk jewelry. Knowing from the minute I saw it that it was a scam.
    I really wish someone would shut a group like this down. Preying on the foolish and elderly to sell junk.

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  • Jo
      Jul 12, 2016

    I have been buying from Magnamail for years with no problems. Yes, if you do not read your magazine correctly as written including terms and conditions, you could believe that you have won one of the major prizes.You people are not looking past the words "you have won"., or"win one of these prizes, order to claim your prize priviledge". As someone said, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, but having said that, MAGNAMAIL do award the major prizes when they are DRAWN. iF you are not happy with your purchase they have a 12 month money back guarantee.
    Please learn to read and take note of punctuation so it reads correctly.
    No, I am not associated with the company except as a customer who would also love to win a major prize, but lets face it, with all the orders they must get one;s chances of winning would be slim. Get realistic.

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  • Lo
      Jan 20, 2017

    What I do is this. There's a media code on the letters. Go to the Magnamail website, add some random thing from the front page to the shopping cart, it doesn't matter what it is.
    Then go to the cart or the checkout, and scroll down to the spot where you input your media code. Type it in and hit apply to activate the code.
    It'll refresh the cart, adding your prize to the random thing. It'll either show the exact item you've won, or have a generic present picture, with a sku code underneath.
    Go back to the letter and find the fine print. Match that sku code up with the numbers in brackets after each of the prizes, and done.

    Example: The current big draw where I've apparently won one of 31 prizes, letter came today actually. I got the media code of 6MNT. I did the above, and came up with the present with a sku code of R567. Checking the fine print, it's the cheapest booby prize of the amethyst swirl pendant and earring set, worth $30. They have more then 77, 000 of them, and 1 of everything else. Therefore, not worth entering the competition by buying anything.

    I have saved so much bother and money by doing this. I won't buy anything until I confirm an actual decent winning prize. Hasn't happened yet though.

    But yeah, they should be reported. They're scamming vulnerable old people, and believe me, when you're on a government pension, you'll jump at even the slightest chance to get a little something extra to relieve the stress of living from payment to measly payment. (Age pension is the same payout as disability pension. Says a lot about what they think of the elderly...)

    Also their products are cheap. I needed the no-bend weeder tool. It was missing screws, and the metal prongs at the end that pull the weeds are connected by cheap plastic. It's been used on maybe 3-4 different occasions. It's already broken. They use cheap plastic, and even the packaging looks cheap, as it's usually an unmarked white box, or a clear plastic bag with no labeling. And instructions are fairly rare, and poorly written.
    Also, they sometimes take so damn long to send things out that by the time it's arrived, I've legitimately forgotten why I even brought the thing...

    Sorry for the text wall.

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  • Fr
      Aug 24, 2017

    Very sadly, my ancient mother has been taking multiple scam mails of this kind to heart. How much money has she spent on these things? I don't even know. But the winner of the $25, 000 is actually magnamail.

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  • Da
      Aug 20, 2018
    Magnamail - Jewellery not engraved as ordered
    New Zealand

    I purchased 6 heart necklaces with names to be engraved on each one. I didn't open them, but wrapped to give out to my daughters and granddaughters. Started giving them out today and they have not been engraved. Each of the pendant hearts were supposed to be engraved, with the names I placed on the order form

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  • Ti
      Aug 28, 2018
    Magnamail - Receipt of Goods Ordered
    New Zealand

    I ordered a bath mat and a knife sharpener on January 11th 2018. To date I have not received the goods for which I paid $51.70 . I have received a memorandum and the paperwork for another Prize Draw, however i wont enter this until I receive the goods I ordered

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  • Vi
      Aug 17, 2019
    Magnamail - prize winner
    New Zealand

    I sent all paper work back so where is my cheque or my products i ordered., the letter said I was a differnant winner I ordered 2 differant things and i have not heard anything back. Your letter said 72 hours till I would see a cheque with products turn up by courior .

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  • Ro
      Sep 03, 2019
    Magnamail - solarpowered cat repeller
    New Zealand

    hi.Purchased a few months ago solar powered cat repeller to place in garden. Well it has crapped out thought it would last longer than it did. What is the warranty period? Seemed to work well when going. Roly veitch Timaru

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