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PriceAngels — price demons

Please, never order anything from them not to be disappointed. I see their advertisement all over the internet with promises to deliver fast and to provide the best support. In... — Lost our money

My sister and me found PriceAngels and decided to order from them. We placed two separate orders and only mine arrived. When I opened the package I was shocked to find out that...

PriceAngels — Got ripped off!!!

PriceAngels is the biggest rip-off I've ever seen, after I received my order ( eGo electronic cigarette), I found the unit to be defective, it wouldn't take a charge, or...

Priceangels.comDO NOT order anything from this website is horrible! DO NOT order anything from this website. They speak highly about fast shipping and great customer service. What a joke! I ordered a tablet for my son and it came in 28 days. During that time I was emailing the website (who guaranteed a response in 24 hours) and never heard back. I emailed them 3 times and never got a response. I would return the item but I have no idea how to because nobody will email me back. I will never ever order anything from this place again!

Priceangels.comThis experience makes me not want to ever shop online again

"I would like to let everyone know how I was scammed by PriceAngels. First of all I ordered 2 tablets for $54.25 each no shipping was added total was $108.50. Well the order was placed on 12/5/2012 and has yet to be shipped that I can handle but what I can't handle is how they took $108.09, $108.23, $3.25, and $3.24 out of my account which in return caused me to have to pay bank fees. People stay away from PriceAngels because they are truly SCAMMERS... They don't care that these were Christmas presents for my kids and now over $200 in the hole I have to figure out what I'm going to do to get my kids gifts. I'm literally in tears right now. You guys have been warned stay away!!! I plan to go to my bank in the morning to see what if anything can be done about this and what's crazy is usually I Google companies to read reviews and for some reason I didn't do that this time silly me.. Never again this experience makes me not want to ever shop online again."

Priceangels.comNew orders not sent within a month

I am pleased at the beginning of this link, fast and conscientious service. now that the half-year to send me to disappear, the money will not compensate. New orders not sent within a month. when I do place an order you can see that they have in store, the end turns out not. People who reply to letters are incompetent Please expect more and more it is already half a year waiting to solve problems because they have lost the case. now I will send the case returned from their coupons, which again is not on the site and re-send in coupons, so I Send items only coupons, and which had never come.

  • Sc
    Scuz01 Jan 23, 2013

    Priceangels is the worst company and worst customer services I have ever encountered. They seem to send the cheap tat just fine but the expensive purchases like tablet PC's they just rip you off.
    I ordered a tablet PC which took months to arrive and when I finally got it found it to be faulty and not even new, it looked like a repaired unit with scratches on the plastic bezel and dust and hair under the screen. After arguing with them for weeks I finally sent it back to them at my own expense and they sent me a replacement which was cheaper lesser spec tablet than the one I actually ordered and paid for. Good luck to anyone ordering from this shoddy outfit.

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Priceangels.comDeceptive internet seller

I have issues with Price Angels a year ago. First is the LED car lights which was labelled as long lasting quality. I used the light for less than a month then it burned out. I sent them photo of the LED lights that were deformed and shows how bad the quality is. I filed a complaint to demand replacement. Their reply, I already used it so they cannot do anything about it. Another is the order the never arrived. Many emails back and forth, all were excuses about misplaced shipment, held batch of shipment, etc. Several months after the charge was reversed. If you as a buyer who do not have the patience to fight it out, you'll never get your money back.. On Sept 5, 2012, I got an email from Price Angels which looks like a goodwill to make-up for their shortcoming. So, I entertained it and several emails were made then they offer to give a coupon amounting to the defective items I bought. More emails and I was instructed to log in to their site and confirm. I did. Then I was told to remove my complaints on this site before they will issue the coupon. HELL NO ! This is another ploy by to take advantage of their customers. Don't be fooled again. I'm sure they have been doing this to other buyers. If they are honest with their intention, they will issue the coupon with no condition. DO NOT BUY FOR THIS ON-LINE SELLER. website is a SCAM!

I went online and did a search for a 10″ tablet. I found a droid 10″ screen tablet via and purchased it. It took almost 3 weeks to get here, but the website offered an overnight option. Turns out, they are located in CHINA, so overnight was not even really an option to me anyway. The product I received was a 6″ screen, not even a droid (as my receipt indicates it would be)! I have been trying to get them to respond to me about this issue, and they have been non-responsive until I contacted pay-pal. Now they are sending frivolous emails, acting like this is the first they’ve heard of the issue. They send emails as if they never read my last TEN, yet it’s coming from the same email. This has been dragging on and on. I simply want them to send me a prepaid shipping lable so that I can return it to them at no cost to me, and I want my money back. This website is a SCAM! Don’t buy from them!!!

Priceangels.comI placed an order for three tablets ninety (91) one days ago and never received my order

I placed an order for three tablets ninety (91) one days ago and never received my order. The tablets were gifts for my kids. The total amount I spent was over $500 U.S.. Price Angels must have some sort of scam gong on as they gave me an airmail tracking number, for an order shipped standard shipping. My package supposedly arrived in New York four days after I paid for it. It never left New York at any time.

Price Angels has done nothing to help me at all! They claim they shipped it to the correct address, but I live in California and the package never left New York. I asked my postal rep how they can state in New York that a package is not deliverable in California. Her response was; They can not. If the package was addressed correctly it should have at least made it out of New York which it did not.


Priceangels.comPriceAngels is too good to be true, don't waste your time

I could swim to China and back faster than their 'shipping' methods take. I ordered something small to test if the site was legit on November 2nd. I'm writing this January 11th and still it hasn't arrived and the only resolution customer service, or 'Amy' will give me is a coupon for the purchase amount toward my next order. I've taken the problem to PayPal in hopes of some resolution.

PriceAngels is too good to be true, don't waste your time. — Multimedia player arrived dead

Multimedia player arrived dead. None of their web site works apart from the order and payment area. Clicking the link on their own web site, to report defective items results in a...

PRICE ANGELS — Price Angels will Rip You Off

Do not buy from! PriceAngels sent me the wrong product and refused to rectify the situation unless I pay to ship the useless item back first. Customer Service...

Priceangels.comPrice angels cheat and lie and steal peoples money

Price angels cheat and lie and steal peoples money!!! I bought a nokia n97 so i thought anyway. Its so cheap chineese copy crap without my language on. I sent it back to china and recived it again still without my language on. And the money is is just gone. I cant get it back. Its over a half year now and the still wont give me my money back. Yes if i will sent the phone one more time. it only cost me 30§ every time.

  • Ch
    Chashow Jun 18, 2013

    Purchased E Cig Clearomizers pack of 7. Delivered, 1st one leaked all over the place. 2nd one, no vapor. The rest sit in package.Customer Service responded to do a report, send information, which was not listed on my purchases. I have order numbers, etc. Could not submit information which they wanted picture attached. Picture of a non working Clearomizer? Really... Keep writing service dept. But I doubt this will be resolved. JUST DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH PRICEANGELS.COM.. Period. Out 15.00 plus.

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