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MagicJack / unauthorized storing of credit card data for future charges

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This company illegally and without authorization stores your credit card information permanently in their databases. I found this out when I went to place another order of the product and found that it already had all my credit card data from the previous transaction eventhough I make it a point to never store my CC data on any website that I purchase online from. I always am happy to re-enter my credit card info and was surprised when I found that it was pre-loaded on this site. So then here's my ordeal with their customer service in terms of getting it removed. To summarize, it went nowhere, I have yet to meet more incompement people anywhere else. Their staff is a prized collection of [censored]ess that are dead weight on this planet.

I was transferred 3 times in the chat and still could not get my problem resolved. The chat was ended by the last guy with some random incoherent sentence that did not make any sense, actually none of it made any sense. So Be patient and enjoy - I have changed my name to John in the chat transcript just for privacy's sake. The support personnel's comments are in Blue font.

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Keira'
Keira: Hello, how may I help you?
John: Hi - I just placed an order for 2 magicjacks and have received the confirmation email which states that my account will be charged on 3/24/09.
John: My understanding was that the account is charged after 30 days of service
Keira: May I know what kind of card you are using when you place this order?
John: Mastercard
Keira: Is it a debit card?
John: no
Keira: Okay
John: the card # was already in the system when I logged in and went to purchase which is also a violation of privacy terms as I never asked for my card # to be permanently stored in your system
Keira: Your account is not yet charged it is just a put son hold status on your bank account.
John: bank account??
John: what are you talking about/
Keira: It is just a pending amount and we will get the complete charged after the 30 day trial
John: ok
John: how can I get my credit card information removed from your system
John: why was it stored without my permission?
Keira: I am terribly sorry but we are not authorized to have your credit card info.
John: then how did it show up pre-populated when I went to my account to order additional units??
Keira: You are the only one who can view any personal info.
John: I am not sure where you are going with this. The bottom line is why is that information stored and how can it be removed?
Keira: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.
Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.
You are now chatting with 'Lalie'
John: hopefully you can explain the issue to them
Lalie: Hello John
John: I hope you can understand the problem frm your chat earlier
John: please refer to it
John: so I don't have to explain the issue again
Lalie: about the charge date?
John: no
John: about my Credit card information being stored in your system without my authorization
Lalie: I see, you did order right?
John: yes
Lalie: And gave your credit card information
John: my CC # was already in your system, I did not have to re-enter when I ordered today.
John: My question is why was it there in your system?
John: I should have to re-enter the credit card info as I never asked for it to be saved
Lalie: you made orders previously.
John: yes
John: but that does not give you automatic authorization to store my CC info
Lalie: when you order you name will be save on our database
Lalie: your**
John: I am not taking about name
Lalie: same goes for your informations.
Lalie: I know.
John: do you disclose this to the customer?
Lalie: what I mean is informations YOU provided during your previous orders.
Lalie: yes, but we are not able to view the credit card information unless the customer himself gives us the number
John: Are you willing to guarantee the safety of my CC # and other personal information that could be stolen by hackers?
Lalie: Yes, we are on a secure line.
John: I hope u know that you can be SUED for this.
Lalie: when you order, and receive your magicjack
Lalie: you can purchase International minutes
Lalie: or renew your service
Lalie: this is how your credit card is recognized
John: I can also do that by re-entering my credit card information
John: You do not need to save it.
Lalie: yes, or use another credit card
John: Well then why the hell are you saving my information
John: bottom line is I want it removed from your system
Lalie: One moment please...
John: I cannot remove it myself
John: the my account part of your website sucks
John: is there an 800# I can call instead of this chat that is not going anywhere
Lalie: no
Lalie: we only offer chat support
Lalie: do not worry
John: that s great
Lalie: Your credit card information is safe
John: really, because you said so?
Lalie: Yes,
John: let me repeat this one more time so that you can understand it
Lalie: okay,
John: how can i do that?
Lalie: no.
John: what do you mean no?
Lalie: you can't do that.
John: I hope you have good lawyers. Get them ready as this is not going to end well.
John: Do you have any idea about privacy laws in US?
Lalie: okay
Lalie: Yes.
John: May be you need to transfer me to somebody who knows a little bit more about this
John: let me talk to your manager
Lalie: I see
Lalie: as of now, he is not available
John: well then how are we going to resolve this? You don't seem to have a clue
Lalie: are you able to chat us back later for this?
John: NO
John: I have already wasted 30 mins, I don;t have all day for you
John: I need this problem fixed and your No answer is not going to get it done
John: You need to go and find a supervisor
Lalie: none is available as of the moment
John: so what do you suggest we do?
Lalie: try to chat us back alter
John: did you read my earlier response to that?
John: John: NO John: I have already wasted 30 mins, I don;t have all day for you
There may be a problem communicating with Lalie. Please wait while your chat is transferred to another operator.
You are now chatting with 'Jamie'
Jamie: Hello, how may I help you?
John: Great.
John: u could go through the chat transcript and let me know when you are ready to talk
Jamie: Yes.
Jamie: One moment please...
Jamie: Are you using a debit card?
John: no
Jamie: If you placed an order using a Credit Card, the amount will be put on hold for 30 days and when it's over, the charge will be completed. However, if you returned the magicJack within it's 30-day trial period, the on-hold amount will be released and you will not be charged.
John: dude - did you even read everything, that is not even the issue - go spend some time reading about the real issue after that
Jamie: What's the real issue then?
John: go check the chat
John: I have already explained it to 2 people
John: u are the 3rd one
Jamie: You are asking if we have good lawyers here?
Jamie: Yes, we have.
John: is that all you could find?
John: from the 2 pages worth of chat?
Jamie: Once you placed the order in our system, your information is automatically saved.
John: without my authorization?
Jamie: With regards to your CC info, what we can view here is just the following.
Jamie: Payment Method
Jamie: Card Type M
Jamie: Credit Card 5401 **** **** 1290
Jamie: And nothing else.
John: my question is WHY is it being saved without my authorization?
John: I never asked for it to be saved.
Jamie: Now, if you feel insecure about this, I assure you your info is safe.
John: your assurance is not good enough
Jamie: That is system generated/.
Jamie: Then that's all I can do.
John: that is not good enough
Jamie: If you can't feel assured in the things I am telling you, it is up to you John.
Jamie: Your info is safe.
John: If I did not authorize you to save my information and it was still saved without my permission then what you have done is ILLEGAL.
John: that is the bottom line
John: I want it to be removed
John: Can you send me an email from your company account guaranteeing me that my information is safe?
John: I want it in writing
Jamie: You can save this chat transcript if you want.
John: not good enough
Jamie: Okay.
John: again we are back to the same question - why was it saved without authorization and how can it be removed?
Jamie: It is system generated.
John: you need to talk to your supervisor and explain this problem
John: or let me talk to them
Jamie: I am a supervisor.
John: well then what more do I need to explain? Simple matter is that you are not allowed to save a customer's Credit card data without their authorization and that is what you are doing.
John: Every online vendor asks you whether one wants to save their CC info for future purchases and I have a choice to say no to that. Your site never asked me that and never told me that my CC info will be permanently saved.
John: That is ILLEGAL period.
Jamie: Are accusing us of doing such thing?
John: YES
John: It is a fact - not an accusation
Jamie: Before you allege try be sure you can dignify your allegations or else you'll take responsibility for it
John: your company needs to do that not me
John: I know my rights and US laws
John: you have yet to offer me a solution for my problem other then telling me it is system generated - which is not a solution
Jamie: You are you not making any sense John.
Jamie: We know what we are doing and of course we wont put magicjack in risk
John: Okay thanks that's great customer service
John: Can you please tell me how to solve this problem?
John: what is your solution?
Jamie: What exactly do you want?
John: I want my CC information removed from your system. That is all I want as I did not authorize it to be there.
Jamie: Okay.
Jamie: Let me make a report about your concern to our Admin.
Jamie: Contact Email Address is this correct?
John: yes
Jamie: Good.
Jamie: One moment please...
John: next time I loginto the system I do not want to see my Credit card #'s in the system
Jamie: We'll send you updates about your concern via e-mail.
Jamie: Thank you.
Jamie: Is there anything else I may help you with today?
John: when will this problem be fixed?
Jamie: We'll send you updates about your concern via e-mail.
John: You need to give me a timeline not just some open ended answer
Jamie: We'll send you updates about your concern via e-mail.
Jamie: Thank you.
Jamie: Have a great day!
Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

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  • Da
      23rd of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    John - I got the same problem as yours. This morning after I renewed my magicjack subscription for another year using a credit card, I logged on back to the system and saw my credit card information in there! Would you please update us on whether/how the so-called "Admin" ever removes your credit card info? Thanks.

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