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Good day, on 2 november 2018 I bought a hi sense 359l fridge with water dispenser online from macro order no (mak455005) which have 4years full product warrantytwo weeks ago when I switched my fridge back on after defrosting it over night I noticed that my fridge is no longer making cold. My husband then foned macro cape gate to report the faulty fridge for repairs that was on the 28th november 2018. Then he was told by a consultant that he will log the call with hi sense and that they will contact me letting me kno when they will come out to fetch my fridge. Not hearing from hi sense by the next morning, my husband called macro again the afternoon of the 29/11/2028 and was told that its on the system and hi sense will contact us before they come out. It went on like this from 29/11/18 till 07/12/18 my husband foning every morning and myself foning them again in the afternoon and everytime they telling us the same thing that hi sense will make contact with us. Then on friday the 7/12/18 I decided to fone hi sense who then told me that macro never locked the call with them. My husband then fone macro again and the consultant that he spoke to then told him that according to the system no call were locked with hi sense... This after 1 1/2 weeks of foning macro twice a day can u believe this. He then said that he will log the call and that we will soon hear from hi sense. By sunday 9/12/18 still no word from hi sense, my husband decided to go to macro cape gate personally, where he spoke to the manager second incharge of the store, who was totally surprised about the whole ordeal. He then told the manager incharge of that department to immidiately sort this out. Well today is the 12/12/2018 and still no word from hi sense. Im still sitting with a fridge thats not working and no word from macro or hi sense. Most of my food went off. Christmas is around the corner and I have no fridge. This is totally unexaptable. Ive never ever experienced such bad service in my life.
How long do I still have to wait before I get service from macro???

  • Updated by Ursula Starling, Dec 12, 2018

    Fridge bought 02/11/2017*

    Today Wednesday 12/12/2018 - still no response from Macro and according to Hi Sense, Macro still didnt logged the call with them. My husband then dealt with Hi Sense directly speaking to a guy called Clint who assisted him by emailing him the necessary paper work to fill in which my husband returned to them today and by the end of today i recieved a sms from Clint from Hi Sense confirming service call tomorrow 13/12/2018.
    Thanks to Clint from Hi Sense for your quick response in this regard.

    Where Macro Cape Gate concerns im highly disgusted with there service. Poor service indeed. I cant believe that after 2 weeks of phoning the store atleast twice every day and even went into the store to lay the complain i still havent recieved any response/service from Macro Cape Gate. This is pathetic and unacceptable!!!

Dec 11, 2018

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