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condom breaking

as soon as i got home i pulled the condoms right out of the package they came in, freshly bought never been...


my husband and I have used Trojan products before and never really had any problems but we do have a problem with the tandem and would like to have it resolved My husband and I were in the act of using the product the tandem when the batteries started to go dead therefore we went to change them as it was still around his penis and the battery exploded causing slight Burns in his handcan someone please contact me so we can solve this matter I can be reached at [protected]@gmail.com thank you

Classic lubricated condoms

Last night (february 13th 2019) when it was time to pull out the good ol classic trojan my boyfriend said he felt something weird and immediately took it off. Go out horror the condom has this little skin tag type defect. Obviously we didn't use it just in case but this is quite annoying. I've always used trojan and I honestly don't want to switch. The quality is usually great and it's decently priced. If at all possible id like for someone to reach out to me and possibly a replacement box of condoms or something as a reimbursement!
My email is amber. [protected]@gmail.com
Thank you!

Classic lubricated condoms
Classic lubricated condoms

charged condoms

This isn't a complaint as much as a suggestion. The lubricant on the Trojan Charged condoms is awesome it would be great to be able to purchase it as a stand alone lubricant could Trojan please look into this possibility. I certainly would be purchasing it and I am certain that I am not the only one who is questioning why this type of product is not on the shelves.

the employees

Most of the employees working for Trojan labor are crackheads who think they deserve the world for putting...

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unprofessional harassment discrimination

The gentleman running their Somerville office at the Trojan Labor is unprofessional races harasses acts like...

trojan xoxo breaking

I've used this twice. The first time it was perfect, had a low odor as advertised and went well. However, the second time I used this condom, it broke! No, the condom wasn't expired, it wasn't damaged, and I know how to properly use a condom. Unfortunately for me, I didn't read reviews before buying the product, but after looking into them, I've learned that I'm not the only one who experienced an incident like this. The question that now comes to mind is- why haven't these been recalled? Can a person sue Trojan for not taking action on their defected product?


Please I'm begging please stop your commercials. Because they are very stupid like really stupid like extremely stupid. After seeing your commercial I wanted to scream out on how stupid it was so please take it off tv .. I am talking about the trojan condom commercial with the young couple at the pharmacy... Real people are not as stupid as the characters. It is insulting.

trojan vibrations 2 in 1 vibrating ring + massager

So me and my hubby decided to buy the 2 in 1 vibrating ring + massager for $16usd, figuring we were buying a new little toy only to find out upon opening the box that 1 it's a one time use product and 2 the batteries were basically dead. I am so very disappointed if I would have known it was 1 time use I wouldn't have gotten it.. Then when I was trying to find an email address to write a quite review instead of blowing up there spot and I couldn't easily find one had to google a couple of times. I am disgusted that they make it so hard to get in touch with them about their products... I would like my money back for this horrible product so we can get one that is worth the money and were able to use it more than once, but i'm sure that won't happen... We're definitely going to review the products from now on because we were left very unsatisfied! Oh and I love how while writing on there site there is a black box with what you can and can't write especially the prices and how if you have any specific or immediate questions for customer service contact our customer service team but does not tell you how too or give any info..

ultra thin

I buy the same condoms every single time. When my boyfriend and I went to use the most resent box of condom...

I used them all and they all have been defective

My husband has HIV and the doctors told me i we have to use protection so owonr get ot i am on the Pill Prep...

trojan ultra thin and enz condoms

I've used both and have had them both break 33% of the time. I just came inside my girlfriend and checked the...

trojan ultra ribbed ecstasy

Hello, my boyfriend and I normally use the ultra ribbed Trojans, but thought we'd try the ecstasy this time...

reservoir tip condom

So... Me and my girlfriend we're getting it on and what do ya know, I hear a loud snap. I instantly pulled...

chain reaction lubricant

I bought this with a pack of condoms and when my boyfriend and I went to use it it was burning to the point...

trojan treadmill

Dear All,
It was very unfortunate when I made the worst decision of buying Trojan brand treadmill of USD 800 from Game Ghana. At the time of buying they had assured me of the brand being very good and also had promised to provide service but now I have realized that they don’t have any technicians or they don’t keep any spare parts for the machines they sell. Whenever you want to buy any machine or appliances from Game, ask them to give in writing that they will provide service and also supply spare parts at reasonable price. The present system they have is you can buy the machine even costing more than USD1000 or 2000 but if anything goes wrong with it, you have to throw it item similarly like we use shaving blade and through or spend nearly the price of a new machine even if there is a small problem. It is better to buy machine from road side shop instead of game. I was not aware of the quality they sell being third grade and the products are sneakily made in China with trojan painting it with South Africa label. The treadmill was having problems after only one year. I had to repair the machine with the help of a local technician. After I contacted game about the issue, they had registered my complaint and called me only after three months to enquire about the problem with the machine. Recently, the machine has stopped working completely. I have tried to discuss with game regarding this issue and they informed me a technician may come to check after a few months and if the problem is with the motor, it will take long to arrange. I decided to contact Trojan South Africa for the help and they too have promised to send technician to solve the problem and subsequently disappeared. After I sent a mail complaining about the negligence Trojan customer support has shown, they replied and promised to send me the quotation of Motor. The cost of motor they sent me is around USD200. It means I have to spend USD200 cost of the motor, DHL charges USD200 to 300 and custom clearance USD 200. The total cost of motor will be USD700. I don’t know if its just me or any normal person would find it difficult to come to terms with that a person has to spend nearly the price of a new machine to get a fraction of the machine repaired. After I sent mail to them, then someone called me and informed that they will bear the DHL charges and I can go and collect from Game Supermarket in Accra. After I transferred the amount they sent me a mail that I have to come to south Africa from Ghana to collect the motor even though I had sent mail to them that I stay in Accra and will collect the motor from Game. This is robbery and I will make sure this is known to every past and future Trojan customer so they do not get cheated again. It is my request to everyone to kindly share this message with as many people as you can, so that no one should get cheated like I got.

pure pleasurenaked sensations

I recently bought a box of trojan "naked sensations pure pleasure" condoms, only to find out later at home...

Vancouver Health & Beauty

bad reaction

These condoms give both men and women a chemical burn or bad reaction called nonoxynol-9. The spermicide used on these condoms is unsafe and should not be allowed. My boyfriend had a reaction which lasted just a short while but mine much longer. It is very uncomfortable and not worth the use of the brand. Please be cautious about the contraceptives you use for sexual intercourse. I have seen a lot of other complaints about this particular kind.


My boyfriend and I used the lubricant from Trojan company for the very first time. No warning that a huge...

Resolved brakes every time I use one

I've use 3 of your naked sensation condoms and every time so far they have broken half way into it and I...