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My older sister had made an appointment for the two of us to have our make up done at the MAC counter for our younger sisters wedding that morning. We arrived a few minutes early for our appointments and were fine waiting since we could see it was busy.

My sister informed one of the sales girls that we were here and she told my sister to take a seat and she'd be right over to start.

I stood beside my sister watching and waiting for my turn. I had no problems waiting I was watching the sales rep do my sisters make up - this was interesting to me since I cant apply make up to save my life. ha ha

The sales rep that was working on my sister told me that there was a chair open and to go around the counter and let someone know I was there so my sister and I could be finished faster.

I did as she said. I walked over to the register where two reps were. I waited for them to finish helping their customers and then when it was my turn I started to say "HI, Im here for..." I was cut off and they began helping someone else that had just walked up. I was upset but figured this customer may have just been a sale on hold or something... this happened 3 more times until i finally said "excuse me, I just want to let you know Im here for my appointment..." before i could finish my sentence I was cut off with a very rude comment of "there are children starving in africa, i think you can wait"

I could not believe I was treated so rudely I was being patient and polite and this is the treatment i received. I went back over to my sister and explained what happened and asked the rep doing her make up if shed mind doing mine after my sister's because I did not want the rude rep anywhere near me.

She asked me to explain to her again what happened and to point out who it was that made the comment. She informed me that the rep was actually her manager.

I am very surprised that this person is a manager when using comments like that to people who are being very patient and polite with them. I will have you know that while having my make up done the manager came over to us and tried to talk to us and make compliaments etc I ignored her and looked at my sister.

I am hoping that the letter I wrote to MAC and to the BAY have rectified the issue. Although I have not receieved any response or feedback from either company as of yet.

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  • Tr
      11th of Apr, 2012

    Oh you think they are bad in customer service? I worked for one in Canada, Winnipeg. The qualifications to staying employed there seems to be: be awkward, smoker, fully tattooed excessively pierced and horribly dressed, not to mention wearable up like its Halloween. I completely understand your concern about management. We had an orientation and training seminar and this gay man lead it, he touches me inappropriatly, he made me uncomfortable the way he squealed and acted child like. Not toe room the fact that they hiered me in the beginning only to fire me hours later because one of their employees did not like me, and when I threatened to litigate they hiered me again only to fire me in an open office while other staff listened because I did not go back to that seminar that the gay man lead not only because he made me uncomfortable but also because I had swollen eyes do to an allergic reaction to the eye shadow we had been tested. That's Mac. They put on this logo of world piece but on a micro level they are terrible at customer service and they ethically corrupt.

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  • Ap
      2nd of Dec, 2012

    I made an appointment for a make-up lesson and paid in advance. I was then told that actually I would only be receiving an application, which was not what i had asked for or originally paid for. I was then told that my deposit was non-refundable so effectively I had paid over the odds to have 'professional' make-up applied for a Monday afternoon, the only available time. On the upside my voucher was redeemable on their products. Now I am left with make-up I neither need, want or even know how to use because of the ineptitude of their sales assistants. In future I'll definitely stick with NARS!

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  • Ju
      27th of Nov, 2013

    Mac has to be the worst cosmetic company to work for. I have been off and on with them for years, but I swear I won't go back. They put on this fake image that they r so politically correct, when it is the total the other way around. They want you to dress and do ur makeup like u are going to a punk rock concert, and you can't be to kind to customers. The management are a bunch of single gay men, or miserable single woman. Who don't like u if ur a mom with a life outside of them. I'm done!

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  • Th
      5th of Feb, 2014

    Do yall.. Know what Chemical is in the make up? It causes large red bumps under my eyes and face? i read that your eyes had swollen too. The foundation always make my nose run and my eyes water, anybody else?

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  • Sa
      19th of Jul, 2014

    I had the worst and rude experience too.Since I am an Asian.The sales rep were just correcting my pronunciation rather than asking what I want.I some how managed to take on e lipstick and got an impression I am taking it for free. I also mailed to their customer service about my experience.They never responded to me.It sucks..

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  • Ta
      23rd of Apr, 2015

    I walked into Mac cosmetics this morning in hopes of buying a new foundation. I avoid Mac stores because every time I go in the employees are extremely rude to me and act as if they are above everyone else. Which is a shame because I do like Mac cosmetics, sometimes I even avoid the Mac store and go to the Bay because they treat the customers a bit better there. Anyways, I saw that no one was in Mac so I headed into the store. There were 3 employees just standing at the counter. No one greeted me but they all stared at me. I continued over to the foundation section trying to find the foundation I wanted to get. The employees continued to watch me as if I might pocket something. Once I finally found my foundation and picked up the shade that looked closest to my skin tone, one of the employees walked over. She asked if I needed help which may have been helpful 15 minutes ago but I felt uncomfortable and asked if I picked the right shade. I am usually an NC or NW15 or even NW10 so for Matchmaster I believed I would be a 1.0. She picked up the 2.0 and the 1.5 and my face turned bright orange as soon as she put it on me. Not to mention she asked if I was wearing foundation and I said yes and she was too lazy to remove it and put it over top of my foundation. My face looked extremely orange so I said that it may be a little bit too orange for me in a polite way and she snapped back “I told you to wait until it matches you skin tone. Be patient.” I know that the matchmaster does match to your shade but when you apply 2 shades darker than someone needs .. it's not going to match. Anyways the foundations were both way too dark, so she applied the 1 as my suggestion on the other half of my face. It looked better so I said I would take it. My face now had a shade 2 and a shade 1 on both sides, I looked like I had a line down my face seperating it. I sat in the makeup chair waiting for her to fix it as other stores usually do so that you can continue shopping around the mall. She looked at me in a snobby way waiting for me to get up, then she told me I should really wipe my face off and handed me a makeup remover cloth . I had done my eyebrows that morning and was planning on shopping for the day and didn’t want to walk around the mall without makeup on especially considering I get red splotched from makeupremover clothes because of my sensitive skin. She was staring to get fusturated and brought my stuff to the counter to check me out, leaving me behind still sitting in the chair. I did not use the clothe on my face and left with half m face looking natural and the other half looking organe. I felt like an idiot with people staring at me and laughing in the mall. I thought about going to the bathroom and redoing my makeup but I ended up just leaving. When you pay $50 for a foundation and are a loyal customer you should be treated better and the employees should really make you feel comfortable. The employee who helped me also had awful makeup on. Her foundation looked extremely cake and smelt funny, she also had false eyelashes applied crooked, and kept trying to fix them. She seemed very coincided and treated me like I shouldn't have even entered the store. The entire time she made me feel like I was bothering her. She also stared at herself in the mirror rather than seeing if my makeup even matched me. I was very upset with her behaviour she doesn't deserve to work at Mac and unfortunately I've heard many people with similar complaints about Mac workers.

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  • Sm
      29th of Sep, 2015

    Hi, We have received fake MAC products in Mac show room Forum mall Bangalore. We have totally bought 5 products out of only 2 is original.
    Guys please check the code before buying it. but really surprised how fake brand will sell in MAC showroom?

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  • Sm
      29th of Sep, 2015

    Hi, We have received fake MAC products in MAC showroom Bangalore India.

    Really surprised how Fake products selling by MAC.

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  • To
      11th of Apr, 2016

    I went in to buy my daughter powder they was stood around chatting didn't have the colour she needed the assistant said its in stock room carnt go get it 2 many on lunch even thou they was 4 staff and stood around talking !!! Won't be going there Again!!!

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  • Bo
      11th of Oct, 2016

    I also experienced rude female sales ladies. All I asked for was a lid to replace mine on my lipstick that was so loose, it keeps falling off. She said she didn't have any and to just put some tape around it to help it stay on. I would think there would be some sort of better customers service. That is basically a defective product. I get no response from anyone when I write them. Horrible Company!

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