Luna Flooringlying thiefs!

Is it possible to give negative stars because they aren't even worthy of one?! DO NOT EVER use these scam artists! I called for a "free in-home estimate" and was greeted with the pushiest salesman I have ever met, Jesse Funk. He told me at the end that I was required to give him a $60 deposit, and sign an "estimate" so that IF I moved forward with them he wouldn't have to come back out to the house. When I asked him what the cancellation policy was he stated that I could cancel at any time, and they would send my money back. I also told him multiple times that I didn't want to be locked into anything b/c I wasn't sure of my decision yet. He assured me that I was only signing an estimate, and again, could cancel any time. NOT ONCE did he ever tell me that I had to cancel, in writing, within 3 days. He knew that I was getting another estimate the following week, after the 3 day time period, and still failed to ever say a word to me, even when I specifically asked what the cancellation policy was. I cancelled a week and a half later, and have been fighting with them ever since to get my $60 back. Senior project manager, Kate Zilke, called me back after sending an e-mail expressing my dissatisfaction, and all she did was argue with me, over $60 - worst customer service I have ever received. LYING, STEALING THIEFS!!! Expensive lesson learned on my part to read the extremely tiny print on the bottom of the page, and NEVER trust a Luna salesperson. They have lost my business, and any future business of my friends, and family, over $60. DO NOT ever call Luna!!!

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