Lufthansa German Airlineslack of adequate food choice


As I am a senior citizen, with health concerns, red meat is forbidden, your choice of meals online in the new delhi-frankfurt-washington sectors ( and return) is inadequate. With no choice I had to ask for, in writing, the least offensive one as non vegetarian meal, hoping I wouldn't be offered mutton, ham or beef.

However, encouraged by your Miles & More profiling, and putting my best foot forward, I called and instructed customer care in India for a sea food meal though it wasn't on the menu, and really wished this would be served.

Imagine my horror when on board, I was served a Hindu meal instead of a sea food meal! Couldn't have been a worse deliberate mistake made by your staff! Soured my experience of lufhthansa.

As my return journey continues from July 23, could you please make certain that sea food is provided on both the Washington DC to Frankfurt and from there to New Delhi sectors?

When flying British Airways on the same sectors, sea food is an integral option, and with the hope that you'll be more customer friendly, I'd like to remain flying with you this trip, and in the future, with sea food being offered.

Awaiting a quick email reply, no later than a week from today,

Sincerely, Rajesh Malhotra
June 5, 2018

Jun 05, 2018

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