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Before i moved i went to lucilla roberts on Myrtle ave to get transfer to new location, but they told me that i don't need to do anything, just pay $10 in the new location. When i decided to join the gym on St.Nicolas, they send me to the old location. I got pissed because it's too far for me, so I called customer service; you can not believe NOBODY pick up the phone and no matter what time you re calling, there is no chance somebody gonna talk to you. Finally I called 1-800 they said that i need to go to new place and bring $10 in money order. After i got to new place again!! They send me to old place.Can you believed? can you call this whole mess a Company? I'm so disappointed...

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      May 22, 2008
    Lucille Roberts - not enough room
    lucille roberts
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I joined the gym to loose at least ten pounds, also signed my 15 year old daughter which she is 220 pounds and recommended by her doctor needs to loose weight. I work in the morning and go to school at night only having 2 hours to work out before going to school, when me and my child go to the gym there is a 45 to an hour wait for a machine and the excercise floor is beyon walkable can't do anything there eighther. im very unhappy.they knew who i was when i registered and as soon as i signed the contract now it seems to bother them about my comments of me not beeing able to work out like if they never saw me before. i want out im paying for service thet im not even using, my daughter is not interested in going anymore. i really need a gym to take my child to for her health someone needs to investigate and see for them self how over croweded they are.

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  •   Jun 06, 2008
    Lucille Roberts - wow - you want to lose that much!
    Lucille Roberts
    United States

    I just went to the Lucille Roberts in Forest Hills, NY. I loved the idea of a woman's only gym that I could walk to & the combination of a work out place & a weight loss facility in one. I mistakenly thought the staff there would have received sensitivity training. I intended to join tonight until the woman giving me the tour looked at the paper they'd asked me to complete which included the amount of weight I want to lose -- I wrote approx 140 lbs. which would bring me down to a healthy weight range & she loudly exclaimed "Wow - you want to lose that much! That's a lot of weight! I guess it's doable." I walked out the door & will find another gym in the area.

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  • Ki
      Jul 17, 2008

    these gyms are to small!!! not enough machines then the price its not worth it i would spend that much on a gym that when i go i dont have to keep looking at my watch i wanna relax and enjoy!

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  • Ek
      Aug 24, 2008
    Lucille Roberts - cancelation problem
    Lucille Roberts
    New York
    United States

    Im having the same horrible time trying to cancel continues payments from Lucille Roberts. I sent them some paper work proving that I attented school away from NY and was not able to go to the gym. It was so frustrating sitting on the phone for a customer service rep to help after 10 minutes of waiting on the phone!

    I was just wondering what did you do to follow up on canceling? I need help in this continous problem with Lucille Roberts. I've been trying to deal with this for over 6 months. Is there anyone I can speak to other than their customer rep managers? Please let me know. Hope your issue with Lucille Roberts is resolved.


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  • Fr
      Mar 30, 2009
    Lucille Roberts - bad service
    Lucille Roberts Health Spa
    United States

    I have been trying to reach out to Lucille Roberts based on the firing of Cindy Yearwood (instructor) by Angela (district manger of Pitkin Brooklyn). First off, it was unlawful, and unprofessional. Angela fired Cindy because she was teaching a class with a hood on which part of her workout outfit as stated by the people who was in ear shot of her reprimanding Cindy in the front open area. Those people went on to say that Angela spoke very nasty to Cindy and all Cindy told Angela was OK. They also said Cindy asked who she was because she NEVER saw Angela for the year she worked at Pitkin ave Brooklyn. Then recently I called the location and the manager Rashanda answered the phone. She was very nasty and GHETTO on the phone she basically told me Cindy was fired and spoke loudly saying, "AND SHE IS NEVER COMING BACK." In addition, the story changed and Angela said Cindy was dressed in appropriately and spoke to Cindy several times. The women never saw Cindy until that day. How come she told her that? The matter was never appropriately investigated. (Workers for the company informed me) They just had a meeting with the managers and Angela passionately expressed that she do not want Cindy working and for all the locations she worked at, the managers must take her off the schedule. Angela sealed her fate.
    Angela the district manager and Rashanda the Manager set Cindy up to get fired because of personal reasons. I have been a member of the gym for a very long time and I watched the evil people in action when the want to fire people. If they are investigated they will see that they fired instructors in the past because they did not like them.
    Barbara Palante was sent petitions with about 300 signatures but she have done nothing to reach out to the members. There are two side to every story and both side need to be listened to. The managers got there meeting. How about listening to the other side of the story?
    Cindy is one of the best instructors Lucille Roberts ever had. She should not have been fried because of Angela's and Rashanda�??s personal feeling. It is unjust and unlawful. We the members will fight to the end. Good always prevail over evil.

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      Oct 24, 2009

    I signed up with Lucille Roberts January of this year. In that same month I was diagnosed with Fibromialgia. I kept it up until October in hopes to one day be better and able to use it, but being unable to lift my arms of turn my head still to this day, I called to cancel the membership. The rude customer service lady said I needed a Drs note that needs to state I am unable to physically use the gym for an excess of 6 months. Which was fine, I got the note mailed it to headquarters in NY and just recieved a letter stating they are not cancelling it because now it has to have different language in it written by the DR. It NOW has to state "the patient cannot physically recieve the services because of a significant disability for a period in exces of six months." This is ###, my DR wrote what was necessary as per what it states on their website and what the customer service woman told me, they just want me to pay the $99 fee to cancell it. If they pay my medical bills I will pay their fee.

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      Dec 04, 2009
    Lucille Roberts - no answer
    Lucille Roberts
    United States

    I have been on the telephone for 1 hour, & no answer. i have call several times & never got an answer. i requested a statement & never received it what is the problem? I have tried several attempts to contact the customer

    service department and there seems like they don't even answer the phone. What do I have to do to get someone to answer my questions? It is so upsetting that I have been trying to talk to someone at lucille Robert, and futhermore I have been waiting for my statement and have not receive it. I also notice that you are trying to increase my monthly payment and thats not in the agreement.

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  • Tr
      Jul 03, 2010

    Ihave had exactly the same experience. You will probably haveto change your checking account number or let your credit card co. know not to accept charges fromLR.

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  • Le
      Dec 28, 2010

    wooooowwwww that suks...i mean i understand u want to be in a sensitive environment and what the girl said hurt ur feelings but y are you going to let that discourage you...i know its been a few years and i hope youve reached your goals... ive been attending lucille and have lost a few pounds females we are supposed to support each other so i wanna show u support get fit get healthy and frget the positive.. i havent had that bad encounter infact i find the staff at my gym is all over my business lol...they dont see me for a week or two they ask me what happened the start telling me i have to get back on track and if they see me sitting down they put me to work i cant complain...try it again u just might find the right place for u...

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