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First of all, I have been a member of Lucille Roberts Gym for 2 years now. It is smelly, the equipment is old and often broken, and their hours are less than convenient for anyone with a full time job. However, the membership fees are $20 a month, and being a student, this was the only gym that fit my budget.

For my birthday in April I got money from family. I decided to purchase a number of personal training sessions to get myself in shape. My first trainer constantly forgot my appointments, kept no record of my progress and talked on his cell phone during sessions. He was finally fired and i learned that he was stealing my sessions, marking them used on days that i never even set foot in the gym!!

So, I was paired with a different trainer who was better and given back my stolen sessions...

Now its a whole other story!!!

I was injured-I have a slipped disk in my back and will not be able to work out for at least 6 months. In 4 months I am moving to a place where there are no lucille roberts gyms anywhere close by. I got aDOCTORS NOTE and I sent one copy to the headquarters to cancel my membership. that was 3 WEEKS AGO! I have since been billed for another month!! I have called and they say that they havent recieved anything from me.

i then sent documents and a thought out letter to the gym itself, asking for a refund for my unused visits with the trainer. The manager was on vacation for 2 weeks so it took forever to get any response from them. I called everyday untill finally, she could speak with me. At that time she was very short with me and said "Oh yeah i think i got that. I think i handed it off today in the meeting to customer service, call them." I WAS TOLD 2 TIMES TO TAKE THIS MATTER UP WITH THE GYM LOCATION AND NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! she said it was MY responsibility to call them and make sure that my paperwork made it to the district manager. It has been 3 and a half weeks now with no progress made on either one of my inquiries. I am hurt and feel taken advantage of. This was my gym for 2 years. I was NEVER LATE on my payments. I knew the manager by name and told her in my letter that my injury was keeping me from working and this money would help me SO MUCH right now. They simply do not care about their members. DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM. The higher monthly rates of any other place with be worth all the trouble in the long run.

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  •   Aug 05, 2008

    I have also had horrible problems with this Health Club. I called the 'corporate headquarters' at [protected] in 2/08 to inform them that I was pregnant and would no longer be able to use my membership (which was due to expire in 3/08). I was told 'OK, we will take care of it, thanks for calling'. In 4/08, I received a letter stating that I owed 78.72 for delinquent dues. I once again called 'headquarters' and spoke to Colette and her 'supervisor' Carolyn, both of whom were completely rude repeating that a call had never been made to them and that my membership would cancel at the end of 5/08. They also stated that I would be responsible for late fees totaling over 100.00. I can't believe that a company or it's so-called customer service dept would operate this way!!! I will definitely be filing some complaints against this company.

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  • Lu
      Oct 03, 2008

    I tried to call customer service they are Horrible I called around 9am and is 10:30am I'm still on the phone they are lousy... My advice do not join this terrible gym

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  •   Oct 24, 2008

    I have been a member of a Lucille Roberts gym in Manhattan for two years now. Even though I no longer work near this gym I did sign a 2 year contract (stupidly) and I did not move more than 25 miles away. Therefore, for the past year and a half (I stopped going there after 6 months after I found a better gymn) I have paid my dues even though I no longer go to this gym. Now my two years are FINALLY up. I have been trying to set up cancelling my membership for WEEKS to no avail. I have called the [protected] and hit the customer service button only to receive a busy signal from it's hours of 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. then a recording letting people know they are closed from 12 pm - 1 pm then another busy signal until 5 pm. I get the same busy signal when I try the number my gym told me to use [protected]. Also, I called my gym on Wall Street only to be told too bad about the busy signal there was nothing they could or would be willing to do. Therefore, after posting here I am forwarding this to SHAME ON YOU as well as the better business bureau of Manhattan. I work for an excellent Manhattan law firm and I urge anyone who has a similar complaint to email me at lmarino84 AT as I am thinking of drafting a class action suit against Lucille Roberts. This is unethical & I believe illegal as well.

    Also, I have read some previous posts and if this "John Roberts-President of Lucille Roberts" is still reading and responding to these posts...know this: I will NEVER post membership information on a PUBLIC FORUM. Therefore I urge you to STOP telling people to do so. My email is included in this post so you can get in touch with me without requiring me to post private membership information.

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  • La
      Feb 02, 2009

    This company really made a dirty mess in one of the most, best INSTRUCTOR... Saying bunch of lies so that... There is so many hersays hersays but there we're no proof and grounds upon firing a BEST INSTRUCTOR... Just of what is said by the manager @ BROOKLYN in PITKIN AVE. and her name is ANGELA and reported the incident to the DM w/c her name is JESSICA and I was there either and witnessed the commotion how did the DM showed her manner to the instructor...And the worst thing is she just went out on her RAGE screaming, yelling and take note using PROFANITIES infront of the other members/clients out there... And to think she's the boss of the DISTRICT... Where is her CODE OF ETHICS will be labeled? You the math... And of course the instructor felt so shame and DISRESPECT w/out anything that she can do and power to say anything of course she just left of course she can't handle no more... But still she was still there on the site but what she did she called the DM of BROOKLYN I was there to be witenessed but the thing is the DM didnt even gave her a chance to talked and even listen onher side of story and the just said that THERE'S NOTHNG ON US TO TALKED ABOUT IT " YOU ARE FIRED "!!!

    And w/ out any written papers was been done.. There is no BLACK & WHITE PRINT is just only over the phone...

    After all this happen is just easy as like that?

    She just got the conflict on that particular gym w/c is PITKIN AVE. BROOKLYN but we do all suffered here in QUEENS, LONG ISLAND we do adore her and love her so much... But because of these people who are involved had a BIG MOUTH TO LIE AND USED THERE POWER TO CONVINCE THE HIGHEST POSITION THAT THIS BRILLIANT INSTRUCTOR WILL BE REMOVED IN THIS COMPANY...

    To tell you honestly you can just have only 1 of the few INSTRUCTORS give there HEARTS out w/ out thinking the salary that you all paying them as long she shares her achievements to us and motivate to the point that we have to appreciate every single part of our body... Where on earth you can see a person that work like that?

    So if you still do care on our voice you have to do something bring back CINDY YEARWOOD in LUCILLE... dont let her work in BROOKLYN no more but dont let us suffer the rest of the other gym that depends totally on her...

    The work out awhile ago that supposed to be packed? Is totally WHACKED...

    The gym that suffered we're FOREST HILLS AND JAMAICA...

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