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Lucille Roberts / offensive customer &service&

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Now that I'm over half way to my 100lb weight loss goal, I decided its time to add resistance training and classes to my running regimen. Lucille Roberts is literally around the corner from my home, and couldn't be more conveniently located. In fact, if not for a bit of a hassle regarding canceling a previous membership years ago, I would have rejoined the club much earlier. Finally, after a year of debating, I decided to officially take the plunge today and went in to sign up. But instead of walking out with a membership card, my interaction with the salesperson was so negative that within minutes I felt compelled to change my mind. Hopefully, it was just an isolated matter of an ill-mannered staff person, but if it IS a reflection a company-wide ethic, then Lucille Roberts should be advised that they've lost at least a sale today due to what I think is an obnoxious policy.

I walked in and received a friendly greeting from a staff person and her child behind the front desk. Before signing up, I just wanted to quickly glance at a class schedule and asked if I could please take a look. Unsurprisingly, she asked me to first fill out an info card, have a seat, and meet with someone for the requisite sales pitch. Not a big deal - I jotted down the basics to comply and handed it to her. She followed-up Do you have a phone number?"

I shook my head (I deliberately left my phone/address blank).

She persisted, "Don't worry, we won't use it for anything, and I'll write 'do not call' on the card."

I declined but she continued exerting pressure, "We don't use it for anything and I'll write "don't call' on the card!"

(I thought to myself - isn't that a little silly? If you don't use anyway, why pester me?)

And then the deal breaker - "You HAVE TO GIVE ME your number IN ORDER TO GET ANY INFORMATION."

What?! "You won't give me ANY information UNLESS I give you my phone number?!" I asked, taken aback.

She said flatly, "Its COMPANY POLICY. We don't give anyone any information unless you give us your phone number.

I thought that that was utterly ridiculous and with no protest from the staff person I turned to leave. It seemed she couldn't care less. I cannot BELIEVE that I walked in that club literally TO sign up, simply asked to see a schedule and ended up feeling pushed out of the door mere minutes later. If I was a manager and knew that I had just lost a guaranteed sale for no reason, I would be furious. Hopefully she was misinformed, and it is in fact not the company policy to coerce potential customers into disclosing private in exchange for the privilege of knowing what classes they offer or their membership rates, and instead this was just an isolated incident of obnoxious customer "service". Regardless, I found her lack of concern for my wishes and the rigidity of this "policy" to be so disconcerting and offensive, why would I want to return? What a disappointment!

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  • Le
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    this girl is an idiot...i highly doubt that if you wanted to join a reasonable person would have let you leave. im in sales myself and know customer service goes a long as far as it being a company wide experience it isnt i can assure you . i have recently joined a location in the bronx and refused to fill out that sheet all together i thoughty it was rediciculouse if i only wanted prices. now athe young lady explained at first it was only to know my fitness goals and i was still a little skeptical but she just showed me the gym and asked me some questions... whts funny is tht i realized the questions were from the form and she was writting my answers in..she gve m the prices and when leaving asked for the number in order if they had any sales available soon theyd call me to notify me. i still didnt provide it but they were understandable and instead handed me a business card and told me when i felt redy to call again i say i dnt think that experience would speak for all try uit maybe for this new year maybe they have better customer service or at least complain to the manager...idk good luck though

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