Louis Vuitton / the staff at the bangalore lv store don't care to attend

bangalore, India

I had purchased a LV suitcase and on the first use the lock broke and I took it to the store to ask them to fix it. They said its not possible!!! After a while a senior employee came by and apologised for the other and said she is from delhi store but will take a complaint and let the local employee Vidya know about it and someone will call me and advise.
I waited and waited for 2 days before making a call to the store to enquire. was told she is busy and wil call back. I waited and waited no call so I called again a day later and was told they r still busy will call back. I waited and waited again and called today for the 3 rd time and yet again I was told they are busy.
Busy to not have the courtesy of calling a client back.
I think its downright rude and am sure LV is not paying its employees to act this way.
I want this attended to asap pls as its beyond rude.
Ask the staff to call me.
And maybe look at employing ppl who are loyal to ur company.

Jun 22, 2017

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