Louis Vuittonreturn and exchange (customer service sucks!)

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I just recently purchase a LV bag (favorite mm) my first time at Louis Vuitton Portland OR store, it wasn't as nice as the other shop but who cares it's tax free in Oregon :) so I just purchase her but I'm kinda in a hurry coz my baby is getting fuzzy so I let my husband take. Are of the baby and mind my business in the LV shop, I don't think the service is that nice but I kinda don't care at that time coz I know what exactly I will buy and its tax free plus my baby is getting crabby... So I just bought it but I felt that it's just a regular store without any special treatment or what, they just boxed my bag and I really think that she just put the display bag in there, I feel bad by not demanding to give me a new bag but then let's continue with my experience... So I took a lot of picture after arriving in the hotel, the next day I used it and while I'm in the car i stare at my bag very happy then I saw a scratch in the metal plate, it makes me feel bad because you know spending a thousand dollar and you'll see a scratch right away will make you feel questionable whether they gave u a scratched bag or its either it's my fault, but eventhough right... So I tried to go back to the store and tell my experience and they checked it and said its not resaleable there's nothing they can do! Wow! Who will feel good about it??? I'm not trying to return it for a cash I just want to exchange it for another product coz I wasn't happy about it! The SA and cashier just left me without even putting my bag back to the box properly!!! I think it's so rude, I wasn't able to get their name to, I felt like I spent A thousand dollar to a shop that doesn't really care about their customer really!!! They are just after the sales but not in solving the customer satisfaction and not just that, I think they are trained to be rude! I just can't believe it, I left the shop real furious, my blood was boiling!!! Still now when I look back I feel really bad! So this is somehow to make me feel better to voice out my complain! I'm always a big fan of Louis Vuitton and wanting to buy more because I love the style it's so classy but maybe what happened to me is also a blessing in disguise to end my admiration to LV products and probably never purchase anything from them anymore... I love my LV bag now, very happy about it, it's just the customer service that realize that the company itself doesn't really care about you! A lot of people are very proud of their LV bag and lots of comments about how they are treated well in store, yes I agree with that but try to return or exchange your purchase and see their true color... It's really upsetting and reading complaints makes me feel better atleast I know that it's not really racism i recieve but that's how they really are, and their experience with LV customer service is much even worst, mine is basically a normal bad experience...

Dec 25, 2014
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      Dec 27, 2014


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  • Ja
      Sep 26, 2015

    Ordered Thursday from live person at Luis Vuitton to avoid counterfeit long story short was promised I would have bag before Saturday for my wife's birthday needless to say bag won't arrive till Monday! I could have drove an hour to store to buy which I told the online rep she obviously wanted the commission so she lied to me and ruined my wife's surprise! For a $2000 handbag one would think customer service would work for me and allow me to pay ups to upgrade to Saturday delivery... Well nope LOUIS Vuitton customer service basically said FU! I will never buy another product from this company again! I would rather spend more money on a real handmade artisan product anyway! I have spent over $20k this year on this brand for friends, family and office gifts when I told them this the customer support still did not care. All they needed to do was call ups and authorize me to pay for Saturday delivery so I could drive to ups location and pick up the bag sitting in the warehouse waiting to be delivered Monday morning and they denied me of this service!!! Absolutely not the white glove experience I expected from a "premium" brand!

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