Louis Vuitton Outlet On Linethey stole my money

I have tried to solve for going on 5 mos' ', I am new to on line purchasing. My husband bought me my 1st . computer last may . Dec. 9th. of 2010 I went on line and purchased what I thought was 2 REAL Louis Vuitton handbags . within @min of my purchase I felt as though I got taken (that they were not real, because of the price)I go straight back in to the computer and it would not let me take the purchase off . I immediately contacted my CC company. They offered me little to no advise, except to call back in 3to 4 business days to see if it had gone through, which it did . The fake company ( I call it fake because the co. goes by more than one name ( so says my cc company . ) I have E-Mailed the Company 4, 5, or 6 times. Still nothing . I have called and written, my cc company, to which each and every time they have ask me for something different . been there and done that . sent every thing that they ask for . I even went as far as getting the Post Master at my little P.O. here in my town to write them letter that explains ... I received a pkg from the fake co, did not open and on the advised of him I SENT IT BACK RETURN TO SENDER. The co has my money, I have no product, and my cc wants me to pay !! This is computer rape . Our government lets anyone and everyone make up a name and put Fake and fraudulent merchandise on line for the consumer to loose their money . Where does the buck stop ? Who monitors the internet to keep us safe? ...The amount was $427.52. Earlier I also lost $ 500.00 To a travel company' Cruiseland Promotions' I paid down on a cruise for my mothers 83rdbirthday for 2 cabins . I tried on 3 occasions to book it each time I attempted to do so they were so nasty, I just don't want to do business with them and they refuse to give my money back !! Clark I am SO TIRED OF GIVING MY MONEY AWAY WHAT TO DO ? My name is janus pope [protected] . You are the only person that I know I can turn to . One more thing I also lost 300.00 to Delta airlines this year we booked a flight to N.O. La. and within 5 min decided not go and lot our money for that as well I AM NOT GOING TO LOOSE ANY MORE MONEY

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