Louis Vuitton Manhattan Pm / falsified claim to get refund

2748 White Pine Court, Chula Vista, CA, United States
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This lady is a cynical liar!!! she bought my LV Manhattan Bag on ebay, Immediately after she received the bag she claim and swear up and down the bag I sold her was a replica. In her emails she informed me the leather should not patina as they don't?? are you kidding me, anyone owned a real LV knows in time the leather patina to a brownish color! only the fake one does not patina like a real one. She requested do I have proof, I uploaded a purchase receipt on ebay. She turn around and said the bag is not in good condition. I got tired of it and agreed to refund if she return my bag. She requested I refund her for shipping it back and the full amount before she ship it back. I knew she is up to no good. She file a dispute on ebay and I immediately agreed buyer have to return seller's item for a refund. She must return with tracking info. She provided a bogus tracking info and claim it was shipped. She pursued to call ebay customer support claiming she ship it out and some how she manipulated ebay (live ebay customer support person is the most stupid and have no clues what is going on) to refund her. And they did, now i am out of the bag and money. I emailed her several times request the return of my bag. she claim it's lost at postal. First of all the tracking info was bogus cause it does not show transit info or it was scanned. Second, i requested her to provide postage receipt, she never did. This lady is a low life scam artist that reside in Chula Vista, CA. Her address is above and she goes by ebay user: upscaledesigns69. I filed a IC3 with the FBI and local authorities. I hope this lady will be put away.

Apr 16, 2014

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