Lotus Leggingsunauthorized credit card charges

I owned a Bank of America Credit Card for almost 4 years and have used it often for my regular purchases. recently on 9th of June 2018 I responded to an advert on facebook from Lotus Leggings about about buy one get one lotus leggings for $4.95 and I felt it was a good offer and went ahead to purchase it using direct link from FB. on the Lotus Leggings page I placed the order and received receipt for $4.95 and an email stating that my order is through. but there was no mention of my end pair of leggings. I promptly sent email to Lotus Leggings on 12th of June 2018 stating the bill is incorrect coz I placed order during offer. There was no response to that and I wasn't sure what to do. I hadn't received the product until September 2018 and on 3rd of September I wrote to Lotus Leggings that the leggings were not my size and I don't k what to do. again there was no response and by now I had numerous charges on my account from lotus leggings and I tried to call them @[protected] but there was no response and then I reached out to bank and requested them to block the merchant which they couldnt and then I asked them to cancel my card and ship me new one.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in High Point, NC which they did I had changed my credit card thrice and somehow Lotus Leggings got hold of my new credit card and kept charging me $49.99 monthly and by now I had 5 transactions of $4.99 and 3 transaction of $49.99 totaling my bill to $174.72 and they shipped me 3 leggings without my consent. and there was no response to my emails or my calls I explained this whole thing to my banker and they raised complaints but kept closing them on me and also said the time has gone by when they could have acted upon and merchant claims that I enrolled in some VIP program (Which I did not and their claims are base less and they have numerous complaints on BBB from folks who had issue with the way lotus leggings in doing business). am attaching document which has more info about my claims and amounts charged by Lotus Leggings. I got another number of lotus leggings from BOA and contacted them and they assured to refund me $64.84 and I did not see that coming through. BOA says they cannot do anything in this matter coz merchant delivered product, whereas I never authorized those transactions and I changed my credit card too. so this is unauthorized transaction and I should be getting refund of $149.97 from Lotus Leggings. Also out of frustration I closed my account altogether coz this is becoming never ending saga for me.

Nov 28, 2018

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