Lotus Leggingsscam + huge delays


For me, the service in Lotus Leggings but it's been everything but nice and I feel sad that I even landed on the page. It all started with: "We'll give you an EXCLUSIVE 50% OFF Coupon Code if you promise to complete your order within the next few hours. Sound fair enough? Click checkout below as we will automatically apply it for you" -message that landed in my inbox, after I had checked their leggings and left the page without ordering anything.
Then I purchased 2 pairs and hoped that they actually did what they promised to do but it didn't happen. I asked why so and they texted me: "In order for us to provide assistance, please send us specific details about your concern and your order #..." but I never received any email or message.
After a bunch of messages like "We do apologize for the confusion. However, you can only use one discount code per transaction. You may use the other discount on your next purchase." e.t.c, I began to receive automatic message (I think) because what kind of human being would ignore previous messages and start all over again with the same thing (asking about the number # e.t.c.), plus adding THIS:
"Please be assured that we will forward your feedback to our appropriate department so that we will be able to look into this. Your feedback would greatly help us in improving our products and services...", NOT GIVING any solutions.

I still don't understand how they can get away with tricking people into buying like this. Also, the reason to be very disappointed is the delay.
They only sent me ONE pair instead of 2. And I had to go through a long process of letting them know that they need to send the other one too. I think it took something like 1, 5 months to get it. Plus the disappointment. Honestly, I got pretty angry too.. which sucks.

I wouldn't recommend Lotus Leggings, even though I like the products. I would rather order from somewhere else until they figure out what's going on in their company and fix it. Obviously, there is something wrong.

Nov 23, 2018

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