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unauthorized deduction monthly x 2 since september for a "vip" I never agreed to x 2

This is clearly fraudulent, misleading, information and all of the complaints made against this company are a...

shorts and leggings

I have been trying to cancel a subscription that I never asked for and keep getting items that cost about $100 per item twice a month and I can't afford that nor dI'd I sign up for it. I have 5 pairs of shorts and pants that I have never had any intentions of purchasing. I am only hoping someone could really help me get these pepole to stop sending and charging me for items I don't need nor do I want.


I ordered 1 pair of leggings and have now received 4 pair. I have not ordered any more they just send. .It was some time ago and I do not have the order number anymore and they do not include it with the delivery. I have tried their contact number and no answer or incomplete or wrong number. I have emailed them to cease and desist any more but they keep referring me to phone them (AUSTRALIA Customers): [protected].

customer service

We didn't receive the leggings for more than 21 days, nor the pair that we thought we ordered (Apparently there is a pair of the month which is NOT advertised!). However, there is apparently some small print that if you order, you are signing up for a monthly fee of 49.99 for each item ordered, which begins after 13 days of your order! Even though you don't have your items. And note carefully***** all sales items ARE FINAL!!! They refuse to refund you. Be forewarned...I paid $110.00 for a pair of shorts and a pair of leggings and believe me they are NOT WORTH IT!
Don't order, and if you do, CANCEL the next day!


I ordered them as a birthday gift for my daughter about a month ahead of time. She pulled them out and...

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unauthorized charges fraud

I never ordered anything from this company. I never subscribed to anything. I have never heard of this company. On my Visa account is a charge of $89.97 on Dec 21 and $88.99 on Dec 22. They refuse to drop the charges.

I have called customer service 5 times and emailed 8 times. They tell me to call customer service who days they cannot refund my money because I dont buy their stuff. Exactly. Refund my Visa starts with 4147 and ends with 0321.

unauthorized charges fraud

  • Po
    Positive energy Dec 25, 2018

    This company some how got a hold of my debit card number. I was charged $22.47 from my account today. I have never heard of the company or ordered anything from there. I had to close out my card and get a new one re issued. What a hassle this is for me because of cruel people that have nothing better to do then steal from people!!

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complaining about it all!!!

I do not reccommend anyone to buy from them!!!

I saw their ads on social media a few times so, I decided to try them. It sent me to a site 'trylotusvip4.com.' it showed items under 5$!?!?!?!? Gave me about prolly, 10 items to choose from as a trial. It automagically sets you up for vip membership. So, I sign up... Read the fine print!!! I was ok, knowing the price and was 50 percent off. The site showed full price leggins at 49.99. It stated 14 days to cancel membership. 2 weeks past its about 19 days total. I still havent received my trial of products. I notice on my bank that they charged me about 45 and 49 two time for the 2 products I ordered as a trial. I called and asked them why did they charge me 2x. Supposedly, after 14 days theyll send you your monthly membership shipment already. Now where did they say itll be in the same month of the trial!?!?! I havent even received the shipment yet and its been 19 days. They said it just touched down in usa. Supposedly, it comes from china and shipment takes longer then 2 weeks!?!? So, they never actually give you time to receive and test out the try part of their products. Then, theyll charge 2x for an outfit at about 49 each. They lady said vip comes with a monthly charge of $4.95 and top they charge you for the products they sent or chose for you if you did not choose it yourself. They do not offer returns or refunds they said. So they trick you and give false advertising because the site shows their leggings for about 49 each as a full price. She said its discounted once set to me becausw im vip. The products are naturally 99$ each she said. She said they offered me a 50% so came up to $49 each on the items they chose to send me. Yet I received no 50%.

1 shipment may take 2-3 wks (past trial)
2 they charge you full price with no vip discount
3 poor customer service = she was rude.
4 management poor = the supervisor was rude.
5 product = never recieved it

their cheap and ugly legging

I stupidly went for the 4.95 price for a pair of black leggings I finally got them I noticed that they had actually taken 49.99 out of my account the leggings were actually a piece of [censored]!!! I have tried over and over again to get them to listen to me After the first pair a second just as ugly and Black pair of leggings showed up Again they took another 49.99 out of my account Ok now for the really sucky part they have done it 2x more in the last two weeks except this time they sent me XL ugly leggings all black They suck as a company their customer service does not exists!!! If I could I would take al of those ugly trashy and CHEAP M-----f_______ leggings and cram them down r their ugly faces!!! totally disgusted Laura Frasier

charged for product never authorized/ or received!!!

In late July, 18, . Paid $4.99 for promo. Offer from LOTUS LEGGINGS! PRODUCT NEVER RECEIVED! Cust.Svc. NO HELP! NO REFUND!
Then, around August 5, 18 chg'd my card $29.99 for Membership I "Never Signed Up/ Or Requested", ...for products I've NEVER RECEIVED OR ORDERED??? They never ans. phone or return left messages?

This is pure Fraud! I want refund NOW!!!


lotus leggings

I Would like to give them 0 out of 5

Unethical, rude phone manner, disrespectful to customers, poor quality for the price and false advertising - lowest of the low

Other have had the credit card continually charger even after cancelling - an absolute feaud

I have cancelled my subscription that I received no notification of joining. The people on the phone spoke to me like an idiot because they obviously answer these calls very often. If you give them your credit card details, they will take money without asking and send you a cheap pair of leggings
I did not wajt ... But charged me $70. And they use the symbol of lotus - I hope karma gets her revenge on you 😊

4.99 legging short deal that is just thieving

I tried Joe deal for the shorts and the leggings for 499 and I'm going to tell you right now I did not want your subscription and I would love to have my 4989 and 34.99 you learned this event you took money from my kids Christmas how do you feel Robin a man whose 105 years old who is a war world 2 veteran and you know he's a real good friend of mine and you know he knows Bush and he knows the senator and if I don't get my refund on myself I will make it nationwide known and I will make you I'll go bankrupt you're robbed me of my kids and their Christmas and I don't appreciate that or take that to kindly my name is Cassidy Young I live at 1662 Arnold Road Osceola Arkansas 72 370 and I do not want no discount I do not want nothing else from you I done had my subscription cancelled and by God I want my money back all of it I won't even send you back your trashy piece of s*** close you hear me I want my [censored] money back don't make me go global I had the connections to do it don't test me

  • Su
    Susie Brazeau Dec 12, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same thing to me! The leggings snd shorts were supposed to be free with paid shipping, around $12. Instead they took $100 out of my account. When I called to question, they said I didn't read the fine print and didn't cancel within 15 days so I was charged the full amount. Seriously? What a scam! Oh but they were "kind" enough to refund me half of what they tricked me out of. Wow!

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  • Me
    MelissaVT Dec 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The 4.99 is VIP for purchasing the leggings of your choice with a discount I have never had problem I think these leggings are the bomb you must not read very well it's clearly stated what your buying

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When you get a "trial" pair they sign you up for a monthly subscription that you're unaware of and will not refund it stating you agreed to the terms of service when ordering. It's not shown anywhere or anything for you to initial stating you read it. I ordered a pair 11/9/18 for $4.95. On 12/7/18 they charged me $49.99. I called. They said they'd cancel but no refund since I "agreed to the terms."

vip lotus leggings / I asked 2 months ago to cancel order

HI, In the month of September i asked if you could please cancel my order via email, I also stated that i had...


I DO NOT want anymore leggings sent to me!! I never got the right pair the first time and I don't want them now. If anything gets charged to my card the Better Business Buera of America will be contacted. I will social slam this company on every social media outlet I can use. Remove me cancel me whatever you gotta do I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT ORDER OR WANT!!! THANK YOU

unauthorized credit card payment.

Cancel any future orders now! I don't want anymore. I never intended to have future deliveries. This type of...

they are sending small legging and I need large legging

I receive legging from lotus leggings i need large and they are sending small i get a pair every month can you please fix it my name is donna hart 13 hardesty dr. Shawnee ok 74804 phone number is [protected] thank you i have been having to give the ones i have been getting away i need these for my daughter for jimnastics class please let me know what you can do

charging my card without authorizing it!

You charged by account 2 times on 12/ 3 for 49.99. My name is Lauren Marshall. Thank god my bank noticed this fraudulent charge and notified me. Looks like this is a normal thing for this company to do. After reading the other complaints. I dont want anything from this company. You dont have my authorization to charge my card, not today or ever again.

unauthorized payment, and never received a shipment.

Ugh, the same thing just happened to me! I accidentally clicked the order now button while I was just trying...

mailing of the lotus leggings

How do I get off your mailing list. I don't need any more leggings. My name is Barbara Slaughter 4110 Melody Lane Odessa, TX 79762. Please stop sending them TODAY
The leggings are very nice but you can only wear so many of them and I am an elderly lady so I wear them very little because they are very hard to get on. I also prefer the plain black ones not so much with the patterns. I have nothing more to say but please stop sending them. This was the only way to contact your company.

unauthorized credit card charges

I owned a Bank of America Credit Card for almost 4 years and have used it often for my regular purchase...