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Long Island Rail Road [LIRR] / conductor

1 jamaica station, Jamaica, NY, United States

On sunday December 30th, 2018, i got on the 9:45pm train in Jamaica going to Babylon. i had a long day standing from activities so soon as i got into the train, i sat in the smaller side of cart near the conductors station. i was in one of the last 3 carts where i stretched my cramp legs on the seat. The male conductor checked my ticket and commanded me to take my feet of the seat. i explained to him i will and i needed to get a relief from the cramps i am experiencing. He told me he will not leave my area until i do what he tells me to do. he stood right by me ranting and treating to throw me out of the train or my belongings out if i don't listen to him touching my shopping bag. i then got upset and told how hurt i am by his actions.
i am a monthly customer and i have seen all sort of riders putting their feet, making noise, spiting and drunk even do worst things when the trains are really full and no one tells them anything. this conductor told me i'm crazy and i should make a new years resolution to have manners. the conductor sticked his fingers up at me. i cursed at him and ask him to call the police.
i don't think i deserve this just because i have my feet stretched on the seat. i know i cant have my feet on the seat, the fact that i look so simple and a woman of color doesn't mean i am just anybody, you do not know the customers who ride the trains, that conductor is not up to my personality level. i am not an illiterate. my level of education is far more than a conductor. i do not need to be respected. can this be addressed pls? thanks
Gloria Safo

  • Updated by gloria s, Dec 30, 2018

    no feed back received from company

Dec 30, 2018

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