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I ordered jacket and shoes from the website, but I was really upset with my received items. The quality was poor and the things didn’t look the same as on the website. Also I waited for a month, and when I tried to return them, the seller started to goof off and told a lot of promising things. The worst seller I ever met. Please leave comments and share your views about this website. Thanks.

Mar 19, 2014
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  • Ti
      28th of Apr, 2014
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    Ordered 11 bathing suit, got 1 a week later. I was promised every week for the following 4 weeks that it would be shipped. Order never came, opened a dispute with them via PayPal, "item not received". Guess what these snakes did? They gave PayPal the tracking # for the 1 bathing suit saying they sent all 11! I had to appeal and they agreed to send the rest. Next order arrives, it's only 7 of the 10 owed. These idiots cut the tags out of three of the bathing suits to pass them off as different sizes in order to "fill" my order! I ordered various sizes from small-xl in 3 styles, I own a retail store, I have ordered from countless companies and this by far was the worst company ever. I am so happy that I had Paypal to help me, my money was refunded on the final 3 bathing suits. Although the company would not respond to Paypal asking about the cut tags, I am sure they knew that they were exposed.

  • Be
      4th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I ordered one pair of shoes on 3/23/14 & I emailed them because I still haven't received anything. Fist email said my order is in the transit & I should receive it within a couple days. So I waited a couple weeks. Still didn't get my shoes. I emailed them again. They said my order is still processing. . . Uh, yeah I can see that. I check my order weekly! Still didn't get it. It's still to this day says processing. I just emailed them again. We will see what happens. I really wanted my shoes! I will never order from them again!

  • Ka
      20th of May, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Horrible company!!! Ordered swim suite and was immediately shown it was processing. 3 weeks later, still processing. After I contacted them via email, they half apologized and got the ball rolling. Once the package arrived days after it was supposed to, I found out it was late because I OWED POSTAGE! Sure its only $0.18, but what kind of company doesn't even weigh its products correctly before shipping and then expects the already disgruntled customer to pay the difference? Should not be considered a "business" whatsoever. Very disappointed.

  • Nk
      5th of Jul, 2014
    +2 Votes

    Be careful lollicouture is a fake site
    I placed my order and they asked me to provide them my id card picture and other stuffs
    since I started buying online i ve never been asked these items
    i asked them to refund my money in my account and they said they are sorry for my order was considered fraudulent
    they are thiefs so please do not attempt to buy anything from them

    now i cant get my refund im really upset

  • La
      8th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    The worst place to buy anything!! My package was lost by the carrier so I received a sorry there is nothing we can do. Spent $60 on nothing! Never ever buy from this website because you will never receive it!!!

  • Lo
      28th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    The lady who runs this place is Diana, she is a scam artist. Some items never told shipped and was told several times that my order was on the way. then was told i received a credit. Not true!! I contacted my bank and set up a claim to get my money back!

  • Nn
      3rd of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I got scammed for sure. 45% off all full priced items. They ratchet up shipping costs to compensate. I ordered three items and they shipped the two lightest items and held on to a pair of riding boots saying they couldn't ship it because the boots were defected. My refund was $30. The initial order total was $70. So basically I paid $9.99 for a pair of pants, $13 for a tshirt and $17 to ship them. Do disappointed. Never again. And, if I didn't call to inquire, I wouldn't know my boots would never arrive. So, nothing left to do but wait two weeks for my refund.

  • Ia
      3rd of Dec, 2014
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    I recently ordered from on 11/25/14 and I ordered 4 pairs of shoes. I just received the shoes on 12/2/14 and I was so excited. I went to try on the shoes that I ordered in a size 9 and one in a 8 1/2 and none of them fit. These shoes barely fit half of my foot. Seemed as if they were a size 6-7 1/2 maybe 8. I emailed them because calling them no one was answering. I got an email back later yesterday and it basically said that I should have read the description of the item because it states the sizes may run larger or smaller because they use various manufacturers and that if it didn't say it then the product is true to size. I did read before I bought so I went back and on none of the shoes I purchased did it say anything about that. So I emailed them back to let them know that and to let them know I want a refund or the actual size I ordered because the shoes are not true to size. I just got an email from them stating that because they are sale items And either I need to sell them or give them away and that the product that I bout varies in size depending on the style purchased. I got mad as hell cause sale or not final or I want to return them and I want my money back. I spent a lot of money and could have went somewhere else and spent that kind of money. I sent them an email back letting them know that I will not be purchasing anything else from them and my friends will know not to buy anything from this site and if they do its their loss especially if they get product that is not right. Because none of this information is not states on the shoes nor in the site they should have to honor any return sale or not. Poor customer service and I'm irritated that I just took a loss on product I can't even wear. I work hard for my money and they should be ashamed of themselves but I know that scammers are never ashamed. Poor product Poor customer service and I will never spend another dime with them. DO JOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SIYE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE A LOSS OR FIGHT AND MAY NOT EVEN GET WHAT YOU SPENT IF YOU FET IT BACK AT ALL!!!

  • Jl
      8th of Dec, 2014
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  • Co
      10th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes

    HORRIBLE experience. Their clothing is so defective and runs extremely small. Asian sizes, but they refuse to admit it or refund. This is the worst business ever! Trust me, do not order from them. You will be wasting your hard earned money. The worst EVER!

  • Ph
      12th of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    HORRIBLE! I ordered a pair of boots on NOVEMBER 30TH and it is DECEMBER 12TH and they haven't SHIPPED yet! i keep calling to receive a DISCONNECTED message for one telephone line and the other line I get through and the girl (who has an attitude) tells me they'll send me tracking number by the end of the week. It is now FRIDAY night and I have NO tracking number. I am going out of town on THURSDAY and if i ever even receive my boots they'll be sitting outside until AFTER NEW YEARS!! HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! NEVER ORDER FROM LOLLICOUTURE!

  • Ti
      12th of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Agree with the other postings. I did a little research and found that the company says they do not charge your credit card until you item has been shipped. However, my card was charged over a week ago and the rep who finally answered the phone after 30 minutes of sitting on hold and several attempts before that of a busy signal said no that your charged upfront. Also said she would call me back after she found out why the order hadn't been shipped. Their policy states most items ship same day or next day however certain items like bathing suits ship after 3-4 days. Today is the 8th day and still nothing. Customer service also seems to be work from home people who have access to no information and the girl kept laughing and talking to someone in the background while I was on the phone it's no wonder they take forever to answer. I am sending the attorney General and any other agency complaints because this company is a fraud. I am also going to dispute the charge with my bank since the product was not received and I print proof of their policy. At least they will have to pay chargeback fees to whatever company processes their credit cards.

  • Pc
      23rd of Jan, 2015
    +1 Votes

    This company is a complete joke! I ordered two swimsuits for my upcoming birthday cruise for Feb 2015. I ordered them on Jan 9th and immediately received the invoice. Cool. I emailed them last week on Jan 14th inquiring about why and when my items will be shipped. They said "Dear customer, We apologize for the delay. There is currently a protest at the port where our cargo is received which has delayed several of our shipments. We are going to be shipping out your order on Wednesday." So thats no fair that the delay which is on them impacts discount, refund, expedited shipping?! So I emailed them on Monday 1/19 and they responded saying that my order has been shipped and I should be receiving a tracking number soon. However, don't most companies provide tracking numbers the moment they send it to UPS? Its almost automated now. I called their company. They have different numbers listed on the website...all the numbers are disconnected and don't work. I emailed them three times today alone, no response. I have no dispute the charge to get my money back.

  • Ki
      4th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I placed an order through Amazon and when it arrived (late) it was the wrong item completely. I called their number and got a busy signal for 2 straight days. I complained to Amazon who tried to call and they received a busy signal, so they email them for me. I went back and forth in emails with them for weeks. I finally got them on the phone and they said "we will send you a slit to return."
    The person was rude and just wanted to get off the phone. I sent them a picture of the wrong item and waited and waited. I called back (took days to get through) and they told me I had to pay to ship it back. I then asked for a manager who said, "I see there is no problem you definitely received the wrong item and we will fix the problem and ship you out a free slip to return and get the correct item out to you." I said, "it shows there is no such item in stock any longer." She said, yes it is and we will get it out to you no problem. I sent it back and waited. I called and asked when it would be arriving and the man said when we get it back. I told him that he has it back, I show you received it yesterday. He then said it will be the following week late. I then waited a week and a half and called back and they informed me it was (surprise, surprise) no longer in stock!!! So they were going to refund me my money. NOW at this point I am wonder why the HELL after all these bad commends AMAZON is STILL working with these scam artists!!!

  • Li
      13th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    There was poor communication and poor consumer service. There was a shipping mix up, and no help was given. 0/5 Don’t buy anything from here, save yourself.
    I ordered a pain of boots from them, they were a good price. But there was a address mix up, and they did nothing at all. They could of helped me get them to my new address, but they just said there was nothing they could do. Never buy from them, just take your money else were.

  • Kh
      14th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I ordered a pair of the taupe faux leather distressed quilted knee high boots, an ivory peacoat, and a dusty pink scarf from them 02/06/14. I recieved an email from them stating that my order was placed on hold for verification purposes, along with two phone numbers to contact them. I tried both. Only to be placed on hold for 30 minutes and talked to no one at their store. The second number they provided me with I only got q busy tone and then a dial up tone like you hear on the old school computers. The next day, they tell me that it is still on hold to make sure it isn't a fraudulent order. How could ky order be fraudulent? I provided them with all the information on my card, along with ky billing and shipping address. I finally received their so called " confirmation email" on the third day, with a tracking number. I checked ups to see where my order was and it hasn't even been shipped. I took screenshots of each email they sent me. I have also now taken screenshots of this site with all the complaints aswell as the one I am posting right now, as proof in case ky order never coes. I am very close with our UPS workers, and in court they will back me up %100 that my order was never sent to tyem. It is now days later, 02/14/2015, and my order has still not arrived. If I do not receive my order, I will he seeing this company in court and suing. According to my card, it was charged $80. All three of ny items only cost $60 combines. The site also stated that it would be %50 off all domestic orders over $50, which mine was. I read all the fine print, stating that you cannot get the discount ONOY IF you have 5 or more heavy items, I screen shot this statement aswell from their websit.e I however only had oneheavy item and Didnt receive the discount. So, if my order is not here within the week, I have photos of everything, a whole UPS store on my team, all the emails, recordings of the calls to the fake phone numbers they sent me, and I WILL bring their company down, hard. They really don't know who they are dealing with.

  • Pa
      14th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I've been on their website before though never placed an order as of yet. Be careful! It seems like also works under the name/website And, customers appear to have endured similar negative experiences with the company.

  • Sp
      18th of Feb, 2015
    +2 Votes

    The company is going down hill fast, The exact products they sell are often found for much less on e-bay. The customer service department is a joke and it is next to impossible to get them to answer the phone at customer service. The customer service e-mail response is always 2-3 days after the fact.

  • C0
      4th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    So I ordered 2 dresses and a pair of shoes from this website. One of the dresses I ordered was for an event I was attending so I placed my order almost 2 weeks in advance. I get my package which was packaged nicely but then realized my shoes I had ordered were not the right size and I was missing one of my dresses (one I needed for my event). I called and called all day long at this store and I either got a busy signal or a voicemail that said call b/w the hours which I was calling b/w the hours. I took it so far to start sending emails and they were not helpful at all. They kept telling me to call or send them my order # but still wouldn't reply back when I did. I had to buy a whole new dress for my event.

    Finally, got in touch with this store 2 weeks later for them to tell me that the dress I ordered did not come to their store till a week later -_- Then why would you all advertise it!! I was pissed!! And to top it off, my friends ordered from here also (thats why I decided to try it out). And their dresses were for their birthday party. My one friend's dress came but other friend did not get the dress she ordered. BTW it wasn't even a was a see thru material that you couldv'e sewed together from a gift workshop or something. Remind you she got her dress the DAY of her party smh so it was horrible.

    I never, ever, ever write reviews to no other store but had to just for this store to inform people to never shop here. They are a spam and rip off. Don't take any chances. Horrible customer service as well

  • Pc
      11th of Mar, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have hope for those that ordered from this terrible company. I dispute my order through paypal and after going back and forth for almost 6-7 weeks, Paypal was in my favor and gave me a full refund! So when disputed my order through paypal, they give the seller like 2 weeks to respond. Lollicouture waits until the very last day to respond (before Paypal automatically closes it and the buyer wins the case) to respond. The response was that they will issue me a refund as long as I ship all the items back. So I ship 1 of 2 items back because I ended up wearing one on my cruise and I stated to Paypal before I wore it that I will be ok with a partial refund and full shipping back (for inconvenience). So I ship the one bathing suit back and ironically I received a FULL refund! So I got a bathing suit for free then...however the pain and agony was not worth it for all of that. NEVER order from this site, dont get caught up by the low prices...the material is cheap, the clothing runs drastically smaller, and its just never worth it

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