Logan's Roadhouse / gift card scam

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They send email just before Christmas stating that if you order a $50 gift card you get a $20 bonus. We bought into it and went to the restaurant after receiving them only to find out that they had closed our restaurant and the nearest one was 30 miles away. (Like we are going to travel 30 miles and pass by at least 300 restaurants getting to yours)

We did a simple charge-back on the credit card and got our money back. But, out of pure courtesy, they should have informed their customers (especially in a email with their scam offer) that they had just filed bankruptcy and that they closed several stores and to please check your store before ordering.

WE WILL NOT EVER EVER BE GOING BACK TO THEIR RESTAURANT, as they have way to much competition to be doing folks the way they are. But hey, just wait and you will see them closing for goo, as the same Incompetent management is still in place that got them into BK to start with.

When you DO NOT care about your customers, soon you will have NO customers to care about.

Jan 29, 2017
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  • Sy
      9th of Jul, 2018

    I bought an email on line went to use it and it had zero balance. The card had never been used. Checked the balance and it showed it had been used two different times (the last time was a few days before I checked and I knew I hadn't been to a Logans on that day). I had given it to a waitress with another gift card to pay for a previous meal and she'd brought it back and told me she didn't have to use that card that there was enough on the other card to cover the ticket. Did this waitress take down the number and cash it out later, I don't know, I just know I'm out $50 and Logans doesn't seem to care. I have sent emails, I have called and I have yet to be able to correspond with anyone in any way.

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  • Sy
      9th of Jul, 2018

    @Sybil Cole Should read gift card, wouldn't let me go back and edit (sorry).

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