Locauto / manner and cheating

Last weekend I travelled with my family to Cagliari (Sardegna). We rented a car at the Airport with Locauto. First of all there were two people in the office when we arrived and after handing over our reservation they told us to wait and left. We thought it would be only a minute...Half an our!!! When one of the persons came back he was really rude answering our questions, apparently he had better things to do than completing our contract and resolving our doubts (?!). He ended up throwing us out (literally). By the way, he affirmed very proud he was the boss of the office. He got all cocky with us.
To make matters worse when we returned the car we had another confrontation because he told us to pay 62 euros for the baby seat and I asked him to show the list of prices to me (I had been asking other companies to have an idea and all of them told me it cost 35 euros per week), but he didn't have such a list (strange). Finally we asked for a complaints book and he told us to visit their website and also started saying in Italian something like "Spaniards go home!!!"

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