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I rented a car from the Auto-Europe website and thought I was getting a good deal. We flew into Venice Marco Polo and the agreement I had printed off from Auto-Europe said to pick up the car from LocAuto. We were trying to keep costs down so said NO to any extra things like extra insurance and collision damage waiver to the lady working behind the counter.

I specifically asked how much the excess would be if we had an accident the lady said it would be around 750 Euros without collision damage waiver. I turned to check with my travelling companion and we both agreed NOT to take the CDW.

Since we were going skiing we decided to get chains for the car and that was the ONLY extra we AGREED to.

Stupidly, I signed the agreement trusting that it was filled out as discussed. What an idiot I feel like now.
Upon my return to home, my credit card was charged an extra 189 Euros for collision damage waiver and for snow tyres. The snow tyres were laughable as I had never rented a car that slipped around so badly in my life. We’d agreed to chains which the agreement clearly states but the invoice they sent us specifically says “Snow Tyres”. I realise there is a language difference but if a car rental company can’t tell the difference between chains and tyres then they are most definitely in the wrong line of work.

When I checked my receipt, I noticed that underneath the areas that say “Collision Damage Waiver” and “Collision Damage Waiver Plus” there is a place that actually has the word “Signature” which did NOT have my signature but the word “Accetto” which apparently means “”Accept”, printed where it clearly states the need for a SIGNATURE.

According to Auto-Europe that means I accepted it and that I have no actual claim for a refund. When they can’t tell the difference between a signature from the customer and a printed word (which clearly is NOT a signature) let alone chains and tyres, the all I can say is AVOID USING THEM AT ALL COSTS…….CAUSE IF YOU THINK YOU’RE GETTING A GOOD DEAL THEN YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN.

What a load of bollocks! PLEASE REMEMBER TO NEVER USE AUTO-EUROPE OR LOCAUTO. They are a pack of scam artists.


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  • Fr
      Mar 05, 2012

    I have another similar story played out at Locauto Rome Airport. They are running some kind of scam where they get the cheapest prices on price comparison sites and agencies, then make up their revenue through spurious damage claims.

    Customer service is well versed in deflecting complaints and you won’t get your money back, so better to AVOID LOCAUTO AT ALL COSTS.

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  • Ma
      Mar 08, 2012

    Real rip off merchants - got charged near 500 euros by Locauto Milan Malpensa for alleged damage to the windscreen (oh how coincidentally one of the exceptions to the extra CDW insurance I took out). There was no damage to the car when we dropped it off, but neither was there anyone available from Locauto to inspect the car. Kicking myself for not taking photos but hindsight is a fine thing. Locauto doctored the return document to include the damaged windscreen after we had left the country. Booked through Carhire3000 who have been pretty unhelpful with regard to my complaint - effectively they provide the camouflage behind which fraudsters like Locauto can operate. They find you the lowest cost deal but you do not know the actual hire company until only a few days before the rental start date. The number of complaints they must get against Locauto means they have to know the company is dirty. Avoid;

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  • Jp
      Oct 05, 2012

    Hired a car from Locoauto at Rome airport to drive to Siena.
    Before setting off I did an inspection (make sure you do one) and found a scratch on the rear door, which I made them note down before I left. During the hire period the outside of the front passenger tire tore by a couple of inches. We changed the wheel ourselves and reported it when we returned to Rome. What a fool for my honesty, when I returned to UK I was charged another 189 Euros for 'Damage' to the wheel. I have been fighting them on this and they are less than responsive and try to converse purely in Italian. I have gotten them to admit the 189 Euros is for a damaged tire only, which I have claimed is exhorbitant and demanded a breakdown of cost. I have just been told 50% for the tire and 50% for the administration costs to change a tire!!!
    Scamming, cheating, robbing barstewards. DO NOT USE. I continue my fight with them because if nothing else, I'll get my 189 euros worth of admin time out of them.

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  • Vi
      Sep 17, 2014

    Just got back from Italy and used Locoauto from Milan Malpena - never again! They provided a seriously dangerous car to us, below is the complaint I have sent to them...

    1.5hours into the journey we could smell petrol coming through the AC and when we stopped at toll gates. On arriving at an Autogrill 1.5hrs after leaving Milan Malpensa Airport we got out the car and found the fuel pipe had split and was pouring onto the entire engine - it was covered in petrol.
    I believe this car was not checked thoroughly by your company before issuing the car to us.
    We started trying to call your company from 11:30am It took over 45mins to speak to someone who would agree to send a car but that it would take 2 hours to arrive. It actually took over 3 hours to arrive, the whole process took over 4 hours.
    When we switched cars and I spoke to your office in Milan and asked about compensation for this incredibly dangerous incident I was told I was lucky that you sent us a replacement car and she hung up on me when I contested. I was told the only way to resolve this was to write a declaration via your website.
    Your company issued us a car that put our lives in serious danger not to mention the appalling customer service that we received. I therefore hope that in order to avoid legal action that your company issues a full refund for the entire hire period.

    Will see what response I get but based on the above complaints...

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  • Vi
      Sep 17, 2014

    and low and behold the response...

    Dear Mrs Easton,

    thanks for contacting us through our web-site.

    We investigated upon the matter and sincerely regret about your comments.

    We delivered you a vehicle in good order and conditions and suitable for the intended use. The vehicle broke down for reasons not depending on us but rather for a mechanical fault.

    We would underline that, pursuant to the contract conditions that you declared to acknowledge and agree, "The Lessor does not guarantee the replacement of the vehicle in case of accident, damage and, in any case, out of Italy." (art 10) and " The Lessor shall not be liable to the Renter, the driver or their family members for any damages suffered, including economic loss, both for personal injury, subject solely to the latter, the application of Articles 33 paragraph 2 letter a) and b) and 36, paragraph 2, letter a) of Legislative Decree 205/2006, and for damages resulting from failure or malfunction of the vehicle or car accidents. " (art 14).

    We applied our selves in order to offer you the best service, delivering you another vehicle on-site, in order to demonstrate our attention to Customers satisfaction.

    In order to the above mentioned we regret not to be able to accomplish your refund request and we regret to inform you that the towing service cost with connected administration fee has been charged you, according to the agreed terms and conditions: infact the extra coverage RoadSide Plus was not included in your contract.

    Hoping that you could re-value our Company in the future, we send our best regards

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  • Mi
      Apr 01, 2015

    I was connected to Locauto after using I rented from Locauto from Rome's Airport, 14-12 March 2015. When I met with the agent she charged me 1250 Euro in case I damaged the vehicle. They then provided me with a VW Golf. The vehicle was new and appeared fine. I dropped the vehicle off with a full fuel tank, on 21 March at 450am to catch my flight. There was no attendant to do a joint inspection with. A few days later I get an email stating that I damaged the car to the total amount of 290 Euros. I asked for proof - on 1 April I get another email stating it was "slight dents to the rear bumper" no evidence provided. After reading reviews on webpages similar to this one and TripAdvisor I am certain that Locauto is in the business of scamming customers and happens to also rent vehicles. AVOID LOCAUTO!

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