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Lobos Reality Owner / Sobol / Rubenoff / apartment and lease handling/making slumlords own up to responsibility lobos reality/

1 North Versailles, PennsylvaniaNorth, United States

Don't ever let your wife daughter mother sister aunt, rent from lobos reality.actullay anyone, they make you think you have a great apartment with there lies, the black mold in there apartments is astounding, even when it was reported in 2010 and now is 2017 and it's still going on they just paint over it and then the black mold comes right back and you can tell them and obviously they don't give a [censor] seeing as it's still the same, we had no hot water for 3 days .we had no bathroom door, I think your allowed a bathroom door ! We had no heat bc they pay for the heat so they control it, when we asked about heat they said you have to make a work order out for it, so they can turn the heat on, you would think when its cold they would be smart enough to turn it on, no it's lobos in Pittsburgh they don't want to depart with there stolen money, and then they have security displayed and intercom when you see it on your apartment wall it would work, but nope it's lobos that's to expensive to fix, so the outside entry doors are propped open 24/7 so homeless people come in and sleep in the hallways, don't they watch the news with the violence getting worse nope mr rubenoff don't give a [censor] he is sitting all safe and sound with security, while his tenants are being attacked and pushed through the apartment door and dam near raped, you would think he would care I mean the tenants make him his money, but nope he don't care he threatens you instead, and makes you sign a gag order under so much duress and gives you 200 dollars and says ok your all better now, nope you have nightmares and you can't leave the house and now you have ptsd but do you think he cares nope, google everybody's complaint bc they are a 💯true ! So don't rent from lobos reality in Pittsburgh and north Versailles!

Jun 16, 2017

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