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The worst company ever!!! My loan was transferred over and 60 days later they were able to locate my loan. Sent my payments to the old company and it was returned to me a month later!!! By the time I was able to make a payment with them they informed me I was 2 months going on 3 months late, was unable to use the online banking was informed that they can only take the 3 month payment only to start. No payment arrangement was available while I waited to receive the money from the other company. This company return2 full payment made from western union, without informing me, since it was clear from my bank and western union never called me to inform me, I didn't know it was an issue. I found out a month later causing my account to go into foreclosure, no warning, spoke a representative twice to inform them of my payments and nothing was said about the rejected payment!!! Worst company ever! Drove 7 hours to process a full payment during the hurricane to prevent foreclosure on my home no longer behind. Now I can get a hold of these people. I 've called 8 times since my last payment, money still in my account and I cant get a hold of them. So here we are again I am late on my mortgage!!! Payment was received on the 11th! Today is the 17th!!!

Oct 17, 2017

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