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We have had and enjoyed using our LL Bean visa card for years now, last year around March of 2013 I noticed our credit limit had been decreased without any form of warning or explanation. I contacted LL Bean directly and they explained it was a computer generated audit and after reviewing our LONG EXCELLENT credit history with them they would return our credit limit back to the amount we had EARNED. Funny that this year rolls around and it's end of March approaching "April" again and our credit limit was again decreased without any form of communication from, you guessed it, LL Bean or Barclays Bank. I contacted LL Bean who after several long phone conversations referred me to Barclays Bank, stating that they handle all credit inquires now.
I contacted Barclays and encountered one of the most incompetent customer service reps to ever walk the face of the earth, not only was she sarcastic and rude...but her information concerning our account was absolutely WRONG! I tried to explain the situation in detail, however, the credit card GOD on the other end of the phone was not having anything to any type of rational.
The bottom line here is to drop your LL Bean card period!!! LL Bean wouldn't even listen to my complaint when I called them back to complain about Barclays customer service, of course I could go on and on. My wife and I pride ourselves on having a very respectable credit score and paying our bills on time, this will not make a bit of difference with a company that practices dirty business such as customer profiling and playing GOD with your money. As stated by the customer service rep on the phone... this is a random audit of customer use of their credit card, not a chance... 2 years in a row. I paid the balance off that night, I will never purchase a thing from LL Bean again! If Bean can't monitor their company that they are using to represent them card wise...then others will fall prey to these extremely unconventional and insulting methods of poor business practices. Mike in NY.

Mar 30, 2014
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      30th of Mar, 2014

    how much other credit debt do you have? has your income changed?

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