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Living Spaces Furniture Store / selling damaged furniture and fraudulent contract

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Buyer beware!!! Living spaces furniture store fine print tells you that you can refuse to take delivery of damaged furniture. In case that happens, you will not be charged restocking fees.
What living spaces doesn't tell you is that first, they will take back the damaged furniture, and then they will turn around and charge you not only a $99. 00 fee for delivery but an additional $150. 00 "restocking fee, " if they decide that their furniture was not damaged enough to warrant you refusing to take delivery.

Recently, i bought and attempted to take delivery of a leather couch set ans a coffee table, not once but two times. But both times, i got damaged furniture - - the legs of the sofas had major dings, the leather stitching was frayed, and there was even a rip underneath one of the pieces. The table had multiple scratches. The delivery people handled the furniture very roughly, almost throwing pieces down on the road without protection. When i complained to the customer service person while this occurred, he simply didn't care. He even confirmed that i would not be charged for the returned furniture nor for the restocking. Yet, a month later, the bill reflected the charges anyway, and when i called to clear it up, they were rude claiming that "they" did not see the damage i had identified and so, i had to pay for restocking. They further challenged me to go to small claims!!!

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  • Le
      25th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I have the same experience too. And this is a sofa that we have sent back because of tears. The tears were on different places. The customer service employees are rude and i agree, they dont care about it. I took pictures of the defective items and i will be more than happy to take them to small claims court if i get any charges. I will keep everyone posted with my experience. I dont have the sofa yet. . .

  • Pa
      8th of Apr, 2010
    -3 Votes

    I do not agree with you guys. My experience at LSF was wonderful I think you guys are picky sons of ###. You nick pick for the stupid ###. Get a ###en life ###ers.

  • Le
      10th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I dont think that your lenguage is welcome and it will not sove anything. You must work for LSF and your commision is now less. I will report your (bad) comment to the appropriate individuals and investigate if you work for LSF and may press charges. BTW you need to seek help.

  • An
      26th of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I worked in LSF call center and i can tell you I answered over 600+ calls a week, alone in a basketball court size room, we are all over worked, the call center is located at the la mirada area...dont ask for the owner..we cant give that info. After working there a year..the furniture is very low around you will get the same quality as a mom and pop store..
    and forget the warranties...we want you to get when you call...we can tell you that you voided it. I work there and I feel sad for my co-workers
    that would want to give you the service you need, but the owner says different..he wants profits. so well just tell you to please hold..
    hey and the the main guy you want to talk to for call center cant tell you that either. but i think his name is? louie espitia...oops

  • An
      26th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I worked in LSF call center and I can tell you I answered over 600+ calls alone in a week, in a basketball court size room, we are over worked, the call center is located at the la mirada store, dont ask for the owner, we cant give that info and he wont take calls. After working there a year..the furniture is very low around you will get the same quality as a mom and pop store and forget the warranties...we want you to get it, so when you call, we can tell you that you voided it. I work there and I feel sad for my co-workers that would want to give you the service you need, but the owner says different, he wants well just tell you to please hold..and come up with an excuse that wont cost the company any money. Hey and the the main guy you want to talk that runs the call center We cant tell you that either. but i think his name is? louie espitia...oops

  • Lo
      18th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    They sell used furniture for new. We bought a Dresser for 860 $ Went in to pick it up it had dents in it was informed by the person helping us that it probably was a floor model for if it was a new dresser they would receive it in a cardboard box. Well we paid for a new piece of furniture. Went to talk with the Manager she could have cared less as to my satisfaction. But what they did I would call switch and bait or fraud. So buyer be ware this is not an honorable company. For if they try to take advantage of an old lady what will they do to you, never go into store 04. if you do good luck. Living Spaces furniture is not Honorable...

  • Hw
      20th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have also had a horrible experience with this furniture company. They too sold me a damaged used piece of furniture that I was told was suppose to be brand new in a sealed box. The $820 server I purchased was not in a box and only covered with a thin piece of saran wrap. There was damage all over and scratched glass and warped doors that did not close. The back panel had screw holes that were re-drilled numerous times and drilled right into the veneer.
    I refused to accept the piece and called the operations supervisor for the Rancho Cucamonga store where I purchased it and he said he would refund my money. He refunded my money after 8 days but not the full amount. He did not give me back the $69 delivery fee.
    I called him and asked why and he said it was because upon inspection of the returned piece, they found that their was nothing wrong and therefore I had to pay the delivery charge. I told him that was BS and he knows it and the little twurp hung up on me...he couldn't handle the heat and wimped out.
    This company is a scam and yes, they sell nothing but used low quality furniture. I called the call center and reported the operations supervisor, his name is Charles BTW, and they told me that they are going to refund the delivery charge.
    I have already notified my charge card company about these scammers and if they don't refund back the delivery charge, they will take it off anyway.
    People, don't buy anything from this company, they will rip you off and when you confront them with a problem, they don't have the balls to deal with it. They either put you on hold or hang up on you.
    I am telling EVERYBODY I know about this company and their practices. Everybody they hire are all low-lifes...appropriate for the low quality furniture they sell.
    Please stay away from them!

  • Lo
      14th of Jun, 2013
    +1 Votes


    So I bought a dining set from them worth $2k+. Their sales guy offered me to buy the VIP warranty for 5 years so if something happened to the furniture, they'll fix or replace it, no questions ask. They will even send a technician to my home to fix it without any costs - parts and labor. And so, I bought the extra warranty.

    After 3 months, 5 of the 7 furniture (4 chairs, 1 table) broke. The legs became loose and they shake -- table and chairs. My wife even almost fall when she sat on the defective chair. And so I called their Warranty department. I reported issue, they asked for photos which I sent to them. Then, after a few days, I received an email from them that it will cost me $99 for them to pickup the furniture. I was like "what the hell!?", I bought the extra warranty for this. Their explanation was, transportation - pickup was not part of the warranty!?!?!?!. So I told them, okay then, have your technician come to my home to fix the furniture. They told me that it will still cost me $99 for the technician's transportation to go to my home?!?!?!?! what the hell?!?!? They said the only way to get away with the $99 fee was if I drop off the furniture to their facility in Rialto, CA. I told them are you guys nuts, your facility is about 90 miles away from me and why can't I drop them off on the store? They said no and it has to be in Rialto. What a nightmare!

  • De
      10th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    Good service inside the store but the worst service after they deliver your furniture and breaks two weeks later. I submitted an email Monday with pictures as I was told, along with detail summary of the problem and no phone calls from living spaces warranty dept yet. I sent a second email yesterday too. Purchased a memory bed and after two week my box spring broke. This tells me what cheap product this store sells. I had my previous mattress and bed for 17 years and never had any problems. I will never ever buy at living spaces again. They sell trash.

  • Me
      28th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    They delivered an end table with teeth marks in it from a saw blade, since I signed the delivery release they, would only replace it if I paid a restocking fee and another delivery charge, that was a lot more than the price of the table.

  • Ei
      13th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Has anyone had any success in getting their money back from Living Spaces for defective furniture? And if so, how did you do it?
    Has anyone taken them to small claims court? Has anyone put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?

    Please share any successes you have had so we can follow suit.

  • Ma
      19th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Please don't buy living spaces furniture they sold me defective furniture and they wanted to
    Charge me 500$ after 2 weeks of waiting for a manager call back and dealing with horrible customer service . I went to the showroom with pictures of the damages they wanted to get rid of me so they agreed to exchange the furniture . Now three weeks later the send me the wrong furniture and now they want 600$ to take it back I really feel they did this on purpose they were going to keep my money no mater what. I spoke to Martha the manager and she said we have your signature so you have to pay..
    How can they get away with this:(

  • Cd
      8th of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I just bought a recliner and 6 weeks later it stopped reclining...motor broken I guess...cannot get anyone to help...ultrashield will not respond and living spaces just keeps telling me to call ultrashield...never never buy from this place and do not buy any silly warranties because they do not honor them...

  • Ma
      23rd of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    i bought a living room set and after a month the couch broke i called they came and pick up i paid $100 service fee its been 6 months they have not fixed or returned

  • Na
      10th of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I am going through the warranty hoops. I bought couches that disintegrated in less then a year . paid my 99 dollars service tech came out, not repairable on site. They picked them up today . if anyone has any tips on getting replacement, please share . I do not want the same couches back for piece of mind

  • Re
      22nd of Jun, 2015
    +2 Votes

    We walked into the Vista Living Spaces and found a couch we liked. The sales person said it was bonded leather and not 100% leather that is why it was cheaper. We bought the VIP warranty and they circled the leather items that were covered on our paperwork. A few months later the back of the couch started cracking and peeling. I called right away, we only had the couch a few months. Finally after two months someone came out and took a picture and said in 2 days I would be called on a date to be fixed. After two months I started calling and calling. The VIP warranty people and the gave me the McCuster people they said made the finally decision. I called the for months and now its June and I had a message left on my recorder its not covered. No explanation, no name, no number . I started calling again. No return calls and no one could help me. Finally talked to "Charles" at McCuster. He said my couch was "plastic" and therefore would fall into fabric and not covered. No one from the sales person to the warranty people and all the calls I made ever mentioned that! I googled the couch and there it was "plastic" I would have never bought a plastic couch. We were furnishing a cabin and wanted something not too expensive and did not mind a "bonded " leather. They said sorry you were told wrong but oh well too bad. Don't buy the warranty its a waste of time and money and you can clearly see reading all these comments. Don't even shop there. They didn't care that I am calling the BBB, consumer affairs and a attorney friend that just happens to work with consumer problems. They did not care one bit!

  • Er
      10th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I bought a lot of new furniture in Feb of 2015 inclding the warranty package for VIP. Our one couch was broken, called VIP in late April to report, received a claim number. I've called them back several times to find out status of someone coming out and looking at the damage but as of 7/10/15 no one has called or emailed us to see the damage. Called Living Spaces several times and complained of the lousy service from VIP and to make things right by either coming out themselves to look at the damage, or replace it. They told me the management can't do a thing until VIP gives them the go ahead. Finally had to file a claim against them with the Attorney General of California. I'll never buy from them again.

  • Di
      11th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I loved your magazine...because I loved looking at the rooms styled by Jeff Lewis. He is my dream designer! Simple but sophisticated. Edgey but traditional. He is a master at pulling it all together. Totally agree with his distain for the employee that dropped the ball, or the plates, pitchers and candles for the shoot he was asked to style. You let him I let you go! Goodbye Living Spaces. You blew It! Jeff...if you ever need a house to make over...find me...I am your biggest fan. Love Jenni too!

  • Mi
      5th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    Do not buy furniture from here.When you buy new furniture, they send you used items. They trick you and fool you, thinking that you will never find out that you got used and worn out furniture. They clean them really good so it is hard to catch. Hoping that they will never get caught. Well I caught them. So watch carefully

    I bought 2 new boyd sofa and they send me 2 used sofas. The inspection guys came and took it back and apologized for the inconvenience because it is obviously used and worn out furniture.(They were good about the situation).They charge you full price for used furniture. Ridiculous!!! I went back to the store and complained.They said they will compensate $80 with free delivery but later a guy named Lyuben change it to $40. He was talking to me like he was doing me a favor, take it or leave it like that way talking very manipulatively!!! very rude and ugly attitude. They don't think about you or care about you or even feel sorry for what they do to the people. They have no heart, no moral, or any shame for what they do to the customers. Stay away from these guys and from this store. Filthy liars. There was a sales person named Jenna. She said to buy one sofa furniture VIP furniture insurance so I could trick the company to cover the other sofa for free, since they are same identical ones. My husband said "don't they scan the barcode to check the item before they send them out from the warehouse to customer to check which is which and where it was purchased to know the history of the merchandise since we are buying vip furniture insurance?" and she said that's right and she quickly changed by saying yes you do need to buy vip furniture insurance for each of the sofa even though, they are same identical ones and said that they scan each merchandise to keep the record of the history of the item and for the vip furniture insurance record reference. So this means, when the warehouse sends these 2 identical sofa to us according to what Jenna said they should of known that these were 2 used sofa indeed because she said they scan them for the record since we are buying vip furniture insurance. She said clearly, they scan the furniture to see the history of the furniture. So they did know that this was indeed used items and still choose to send them out to the customer who paid for brand new item price. So be careful and watch out.

  • Br
      6th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

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