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I had the worst experience in living spaces the past weekend. I found a couch I really liked and was also looking to buy a bed and box spring. The woman who helped me was so out of it. I was in LA just finished telling her I was moving to San Diego on Tuesday yet she attempted to make my delivery same day. I just stared at her. I'm sitting in front of you, just gave you my SD address, and told you I wasn't moving until Tuesday. What in that makes you think I'm going to be there same day. Also didn't schedule the right couch - I had to confirm with her for the LAF verses RAF- she was clueless. When I asked about financing options they didn't give me my options instead opened a credit card without my authorization. I completed a financing application to determine what I was approved for not an authorization for a credit card. You would think if there is only one option they would be pretty trained on explaining that to customers it's not like they have to know a whole bunch. Overall terrible experience. When I approached the managers both of them shrugged and walked away. I work in customer service and if a client says they are taking their business somewhere else, I don't shrug I do everything I can to make the experience better for them. When I was talking to the manager the sales person I was complaining about came up and started laughing at me VERY unprofessional. They lost all my business...thousands of dollars and likely more to follow. You would think in a world of online shopping they would want as many customers in the store as possible.

Jun 04, 2018

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