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Litton Loan Servicing LP / Dealing with Litton is a nightmare!

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Litton loan has used mental terrorism on my wife and me I'm losing my home after 23 years when they bought the loan from option 1 its been a nightmare thy give you the runaround tell its to late to do any thing knowing we can not fight them I'm struggling to find a place to live close to work. Need to keep going for my family. Its sad that Litton loan needs not answer to nobody. They seemed to have more power then the government. When you work hard an honestly trying to stay on top of all expensive's which is not easy these days. Litton says get out now you haven't moved yet [even before any legal action was done] i have a good job but now under pressure to work and look for a place and dreading coming home and seeing my wife and kid locked out of the house. This is not good for me, you the country. More homeless families is not healthy [I might be one soon]. God bless America.

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  • Rj
      1st of May, 2007
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    I really don't think i can help, but they use mental aggression and big bucks on there side. So far on my side thy use legal bs and turn it around to make them look like the victim. There very good on flim flam. I'm 50 with a handy cap wife and a 12 year old i'm doing what i can to keep a roof over there heads. Your kids are very important. The unsettling truth that a company can do as much as it can to destroy a young or older persons life's future is beyond my reasoning. I don't have the fond's to fight them [not yet but will in time] hang in there it only gets better but it tacks time. Your young ones future is very important stay strong or thy will take all... I wood like to know what politicians or big wigs have holdings in litton [dem or repu ] interesting thought ... Not much help... Good luck and god bless america [we need our country back ]

  • Ba
      4th of May, 2007
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    My loan was sold to Litton Loan Servicing back in December 2004. Before the loan was sold I had made my December payment to the old company Providan.

    Litton clam they never receive that payment. Even after sending them a receipt showing that payment was made. Litton has been charging me $89.00 a month for 3years because I refuse to pay for that month again. I can not refinance my home because my credit score is so low because of this. Every loan company tell me that it looks like I can't make my payments on time. I have been fighting with Litton concern this matter for 3years and is still fighting. I have even joint a class action.

  • Bo
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    My daughter has loan with LITTON, I wish I never heard of them. Never return calls, never nofity you of a problem, etc. They have a real neat way to steal your money. Modify your payment and always report you late to the big 3 credit services.
    They send you papers after waiting for days and then state that you must sign then immedately or your agreement is void.
    I read a modified payment agreement and sure enough there it was, we do not have to notify you. At least honest crooks have a gun, these people live under a rock. They keep charging you late fees even after you sign the new agreement, so even if you make a payment on time to them they still charge you a late fee and report it .

  • Da
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    after waiting a Year for my loan mod to go through, and numerous papers sent in over a over..i was notified by litton that i qualify for their modification and the government modication programs. I reuested writing detailing the two programs so that i could review my options. they will not send me my options in writing, and I was told I have 24 hours to decide if I want to go with Litton's program!!! I am convinced this company is run by a bunch of drunks working out of somebody's uncles basement!!! i have been told one thing by on person, and then a completely different thing by another. I have spent countless hours on the phone with them, done everything that i was supposed to do...and waited and waited..all to be told I have 24 hours !

  • Pr
      25th of Aug, 2011
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    Litton is a total and complete nightmare. One person tells you one thing and another person tells you something else. Nobody has the story right. We made every single payment on time per our agreement and they still insist we owe thousands of dollars in late fees. They are insane! I spoke to one of their reps about a month ago and ended up in an argument because she was honestly the most insensitive, evil person I have ever dealt with in the mortgage industry from any company EVER! We are going after them big time- writing to our attorney general, our state and federal senators, the list continues. I pray that justice will be done with them.

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