Litton Loan ServicingPredatory loan practices


(1) Litton added additional charges on to our account after our agreed to loan modification... to this date they have refused to remove the illegal charges.

(2) Even though we paid for our own insurance Litton added insurance to our account costing three times the normal premium charged by our insurance company... they finally removed bogus insurance charges when they found out we were part of a class action suit against them for their predatory lending practices.

(3) They called us recently to say we had not made the most recent mortgage payment... WRONG... when I called them back after checking with the post office*, they were suddenly able to find the check. They said because they received it on a Friday, it could not be processed until the next week... WRONG AGAIN... the check was received at 6:24AM on Friday. They had all day Friday to process the check.

(4) When they call, many of their agents tend to be very unprofessional and abusive.

*Because of Litton's past behavior, I send our payments via registered mail. That way they have to sign for the payments. I also photocopy the checks before sending them. I am doing such to protect ourselves with a complete paper trail.


  • Ro
    Roy Denton Apr 17, 2007


    There is an on going class action lawsuit against Litton Loan Servicing for their illegal loan practices.

    Litton Loan Servicing Class Action

    On October 26, 2005, customers of Litton Loan Servicing, LP (“Litton”), filed a class action complaint charging the company with unlawful and deceptive business practices in its “servicing” of residential mortgage loans nationwide. Litton services more than 270,000 single-family residential loans of approximately $33 billion in value.

    The suit was filed in Federal court in Los Angeles, California. Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, and co-counsel, represent the plaintiffs.

    Summary of Allegations Against Litton

    The complaint alleges that Litton has engaged in a scheme by which it fails to accurately service its borrowers’ loans, including misapplying or failing to apply payments made. Litton refuses to correct these mistakes and uses the borrowers’ alleged default as a basis for charging the borrowers late fees and other unwarranted fees, and for threatening or attempting foreclosure. Litton also charges unwarranted fees for hazard insurance on property that is properly insured.

    The components of this alleged scheme include the uniform and common tactics of:

    misapplying or failing to credit payments received in a timely fashion;
    charging unwarranted fees;
    failing to provide customers with timely or clear information about the timing and amount of payments owed;
    prematurely referring accounts to collections and threatening or attempting foreclosure, regardless of legal and/or contractual grace periods; and
    charging customers premiums for hazard insurance on property that is already insured.

    Contact Lieff Cabraser

    We appreciate receiving information on your experiences with Litton. Click here to contact our firm. However, Lieff Cabraser can not serve as your counsel in any matter unless you and our firm expressly agree in writing that we serve as your attorney. Please read the Statute of Limitations Notice below.
    As part of our long standing objective of advancing consumer rights, we are spearheading litigation intended to halt alleged illegal and deceptive business practices -- often targeted at persons of low income or having poor credit histories -- by several of the nation's top credit card and mortgage loan servicing companies.

    About Lieff Cabraser

    Since our founding thirty years ago, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, has been committed to redress corporate misconduct, to achieve justice for investors, consumers, employees, to promote safe products, and to protect our environment and the human rights of citizens worldwide. As part of our long standing objective of advancing consumer rights, we are spearheading litigation intended to halt alleged illegal and deceptive business practices -- often targeted at persons of low income or having poor credit histories -- by credit card and mortgage loan servicing companies.

    Statute of Limitations and Trademark Notice

    You should be aware that the Statute of Limitations (the deadline imposed by law within which you may bring a lawsuit) may severely limit the time remaining for you to file any potential claims you may have.

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  • Rj
    RJ Apr 21, 2007

    Litton loan has used mental terrorism on my wife and me i'm losing my home after 23 years when thy bought the loan from option 1 its been a nightmare thy give you the runaround tell its to late to do any thing knowing we can not fight them i'm struggling to find a place to live close to work. Need to keep going for my family. Its sad that litton loan needs not answer to nobody. Thy seemed to have more power then the government. When you work hard an honestly trying to stay on top of all expensive's which is not easy these days. Thin litton says get out now you haven't moved yet [even before any legal action was done ] i have a good job but now under pressure to work and look for a place and dreading coming home and seeing my wife and kid locked out of the house. This is not good for me, you the country.more homeless families is not healthy [i might be one soon ] god bless america

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  • Pa
    Paul Gerace Apr 30, 2007

    The way I've been treated and the time it took to get extra monies (almost $8,000.00) out of there phoney
    special accounts gives them the title hands down.


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  • Da
    David Brewton May 09, 2007

    I am having exactly the same problems. They have charged escrow fees for insurance when I pay for my insurance. After we sent a proof of insurance they claim " months later" to not have any proof. How ever they messed up.. They sent me a letter stating that they had received it when it was first sent out. When told about this the "Service Rep." asked me to fax it to him. When I asked, " you guys sent it to me don't you have a copy?" His reply was, "what is the matter? Faxing it to hard for you to do?" Now I have noticed that since I started fighting them on this my "online payment history" now says that it's not available. I emailed them and asked why I couldn't get to my payment history are they trying to rewrite it. They answered, "A number of payment reversals had to be processed on your account. This prevents you from being able to view your Detail Transaction History for a period of 12 months." What a riot... THEY ARE REWRITING IT TO COVER UP THEIR MISTAKES.

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  • Ja
    Jacqie Freund May 20, 2007

    Litton Loan has become our recent nightmare. They really do seem stronger then the government... We need help to stop this company and now! They should be funding the homeless shelters as they are putting people in the streets. We can not seem to even make a payment. They do not want to post payments they want to foreclose. FRUSTRATING and very scary that our government lets this company even exist!

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  • St
    Stacy Westmore May 22, 2007

    This company is ruining many households. We have paid our mortgage on time for 3 years and for three years they now tell us that we have been behind three months for three years. This is amazing! Everyone should read the article in the Houston Press May17-23rd, 2007 issue. Mr. Litton says that he sleeps well at night! And, so he should he is rich from all the misapplied payments that continue in company.

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  • Pa
    patricia hogan Jul 05, 2007

    I have not seen a more incompetent people as they are. We have tried calling them and we wait on the phone for 10 minutes for a live person to come to the phone. Or we get a recording saying that they will call back but they never do. We were 3 months behind because my husband got hurt at work. We called them and all we got was an answering machine saying they would call back. I sent them a check for half the amt and the check got sent back. We went to the housing authority in our county and she's tried calling them and gets no answer back either.

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  • Ms
    Ms. T S Johnson Jul 06, 2007

    I agree and have gone through the same experience with this company. I had to file bankruptcy in order to try and keep my home. They are modern day loan sharks and something needs to be done. How many other people have been made homeless because of their tactics. I was one of the lucky ones who found a way to stop the foreclosure. Not the best way but I had to do it in order to keep a roof over my sons head. If it wasn't for them I would have never had to file bankruptcy and would be able to afford a reliable car to get back and forth to work. Instead, I pray to god every day that my car holds up. I have already replace the engine once with money I could not afford to use for the engine at that time. It still haunts me every day what they have and still continue to put me through.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Cummings Jul 09, 2007

    The same thing happened to me with - but it was with Escrow. They wanted me to pay for taxes that I paid in January. Because they also paid - they started increasing my payments and when I refused to pay my taxes again to them - they reported my payment as late to the credit bureau. I can not find anyone who will refinance me because of this.

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  • Ne
    Nene Johnson Jul 14, 2007

    The same thing happened to me. I have made every payment on time, sometimes early, paid additional amounts which is lost in their black hole. If the payment gets there before the first of the month, they credit to the previous month and show no payment for the current month, yet they don't show where they credited the "extra" payment for the previous month and show us late for the current month. We have been in this hell for 6 or 7 years now. Every time we pay what they demand, they can't show where that money went, and then a few months later their harassment starts all over again and they don't seem to have any record of those extra payments we've made. We've tried refinancing, but they've ruined our credit. About six months ago, we got a notice that they were lowering our payments and actually refunded an "overpayment" and i thought things were finally getting worked out, but now they have started the threatening phone calls again. How can we be behind when six months ago we paid too much, and we have not missed or been late since then???

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  • Ki
    Kim Sizemore Jul 26, 2007

    I have been dealing with Litton Loan for 4 years, during that time we have been charged for insurance when we have already had insurance just to get the run around everytime I call and tell them I have sent proof numerous times, I even had letters from them saying they received proof of our insurance and they still give me the run around. They raised our payment from 606.85 to 1075.00 without our knowledge then sent a notice if we didn't pay the huge amount they want, they will foreclose, when I questioned them about sending notice, they said they didn't have to, now they are saying we have not made payments for 3 months even though I have a paper trail, I send everything certified with return receipt, print out a copy of the cashed check and keep copies of all contact with them, they have added late fees and many unknown fees to negative equity and refuse to send me a break down of what they are charging us with. Even with all this proof that our payments have been made, they have still reported to the credit bureaus that we have not paid and we cannot even refinance to get away from these thieves!!! We have been paying for 4 years and it is kinda funny, the pay off is greater than the amount first financed!!! How can that be???

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  • Sa
    Sandra G. Dominguez Jul 29, 2007

    I am concerned now. We have had our loan since 1997. My husband is getting ready to retire from the military and I have started planning the sell of our home, etc. I have just requested a transaction history from this company because my balance doesn't seem right. We have consistently paid two months in advance and have also made several "principal only" payments throughout the years. It just seems that our balance should be much lower, especially since we only have five years left on the original loan! I guess I don't have a true complaint yet but I am so worried that this sort of thing has been happening!

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  • An
    Anonymous Sep 26, 2007

    Litton is the worst mortgage company on the planet. I sent them an extra payment to be applied to the principal of the loan. Rather than applying the amount to the principal, they created a 'forbearance account' to cover fees. When I asked the village idiot that answered the phone, I was told it was to cover my extra fees. When I told the ### that there were no fees due, she told me that I would have to write a letter to have them release my extra payment. I stopped that in it's tracks by reciting the law about misappropriation of funds but still had to fax a demand to Litton for the funds to be released and correctly applied. I've been trying to pay these clowns off for a month and I have received different demands for different documents or they will not accept a cashier's check for the full amount. The latest laugh is they want me to get title insurance on the property they are financing and open an escrow account to pay off my own house with my own money.

    BTW - spoke with an escrow company this morning and even an escrow company cannot get a payoff. I'm going to retain an attorney and go to the California AG. Avoid Option One as they are a conduit for Litton.

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  • Ri
    Richard Hutzezon Oct 18, 2007

    How does one start a class action lawsuit in California against Option One the true predators of the jungle.

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  • Jo
    jose rosado Dec 05, 2007

    I took up this loan with litton loan back in 2005, was told that I would have 60 days to make my first payment being that the loan was transfered over, I receive a notice in the mail saying that my loan is in collections due to a non payment, called litton collections department they stated that I had a payment due, when I told them about the 60 days grace period they stated that I have been misinformed that I have to pay or they will report me to the credit bureau and slapped me with a late charge, not only that now my payments have been adjusted, talked to a rep who said that my payments wouldn't go up till 2010 to find out that my payments jumped up from 1,700 to 22,00 after they said it wouldn't happen. This company has been nothing but a nightmare, unprofessional, poor customer relations skills...I just read that there is a class act law suit that is in effect, which I can say I do qualify for being that the same thing happened to us back in 2005. I contacted litton today on 12/05/2007 in regards to them raising my rate, requested some type of hardship program being that I'm having such a hard time coming up with this huge amount, littons reps informed me that they can't defer any payments, that all they have is a modification program which I will still have to make my payments because it takes 60 days to process the paper work, the rep terrance informed me that there are too many applicants trying to get assistance do to their mortgage rates being raised, I still have to make payments on time while they review this mean while I'm in hardship..This doesn't make any sense..Does any one have the same issue with litton as far as them lieing to us,the customer? misinforming us, rates being adjusted when they state it wont happen? poor customer relations communication? If anyone has any information on what I should or could do in regards to reporting this companies fraudulent acts? would appreciate any help I can get...

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  • Bi
    biggerbyte Dec 18, 2007

    I feel sorry for you folks who have loans with these barracudas! I don't even have a loan with them and I can't get them off my back! I had the misfortune of inheriting the phone number of someone who does/did have a loan with them. I told them, twice, that this is not the number of the person for whom they're looking and that it may have been his number at one time, but it's my number now and stop calling. I understand that they have people who try to skip out on loans all the time, but I'm telling the truth! They asked me my name, I told them it was none of their business - and it's not- and to stop calling me. They continue to call, so I reported them to the attorney general's office of the state of Texas. I hope they'll get them off my back! My sympathies to you folks who have loans with them!

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  • Ra
    Raymond Wieck Jan 18, 2008

    Our Loan was sold by CountryWide in 2005 to Litton. We were on a repayment plan that we were current. Litton sent us a paymnet coupon for the same amount and we responded as normal paying our payment ON TIME! A few and calls . We tried to call them and explain the situation and no one responded to help us. We fianlly got an attorney here in Texas who sent them letter to cease the threatening letters. They never stopped. We have never missed one payment on our agreement . Last week we were sent a notice that our home was in forclosure and would be auctioned off on 2/5/08. We panicked. Howevefr for the first time we were able to talk to a real person who looked at our account and took us out of forclosure. They are still raing our interest rates and chargin ungodly late charges and forbearance fees. We are at our witts end and feel like bankruptcy may be our only options. We are not able to refi because they are reporting our payment late every month. This has been an emotional upheaval as we are not able to come to any solution. your help would be appreciated and are we able to take part in the class action lawsuit.

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  • La
    Laura La Plante -Boersema Feb 20, 2008

    It's now Febuary 20 and where, dear Litton Loan is our form 1098(mortgage interest statement)Also please get people to answer your phones who can speak english. Poor Litton Loan, with the class action, they like Countrywide are coming crashing down!

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  • Lw
    lw Mar 26, 2008

    I agree with all remarks above. They are trying to take my home and I am not even behind on payments. They say I am. I have contacked the Ohio Attorney General's office and they are worthless. I am now trying to get in contact with Michael "Sicko" (Movie about our health care system(. Maybe he can do a movie just on Litton and how our government officials are just in there for themselves and not the one's who voted on them. They need all replaced and we the people need to fight back. Litton Loan has forclosed on many loans by greed and illegal practices. It is time we close them down. I am never going to give up and we will prevail even if we have to take down the whole government.

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  • Mo
    Moxy K. Livar Apr 14, 2008

    Litton Loan Servicing repeatedly places lender placed insurance even though I pay my own taxes and insurance. What they do is take my mortgage payment and place it in the so-called escrow account which in turn makes me late in my mortgage payment, they add fees and report me to credit bureaus. Thus, I am not able to refinance to get away from them. I now sent my payment via western union. By the way they do reimburse me the extra money they collect from me but do not correct my credit report. My credit is ruined.

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  • Di
    dione Apr 28, 2008

    I agree Litton loan servicing is a blood sucker. I have realized that all of us are having the same problem. Litton always charging his customer a bogus charge of insurance payment that don't even exist. I have already paid my insurance and taxes litton still want to charge me escrow in which i don't need anymore. I am asking some to help figure am I supposed to stop these from taking my hard working blood money. I don't think it is fair for these people to think that they have the right to over charge for no apparent reason. Please help me before it is too late. They are of liers this people I wish I never get involved with them.

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  • St
    stephen ivey May 16, 2008

    Does anyone have any information regarding pending law suits against Litton Loans. I am in Bankruptcy
    and my house has been auctioned off. Because of them. They ruined my credit and ruined my marriage.
    they started by trying to sell me insurance that I already had, and when I didn't agree they took the money out of my payment anyways then said I was late paying then charged me fee's
    I want to nail these ### to the wall.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Linenko May 31, 2008

    Litton Loan has completely distroyed my life. I have owned my home for 23 years. In 2005, Litton bought my loan. Since then, they have forced placed over $28, 000 in Homeowners, Foreclosed 5 times. I had a flat rate note of 7%. They have incresed my payment to 10 .5%. Destroyed my credit. They have shown me 90 days late since the beginning of the note. Offered to do a loan modification, to include an additional $39, 000 in accumalated fees and charges. Yah! let's do this. Put me in forclosure for the sixth time, I am now fighting for my home of 23 years. Sad isn't it. They can do and say whatever they want and account to none. I want to make sure that they never will be able to do this to another family. ENOUGH!

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  • An
    anna upano Jun 01, 2008

    I recently lost my home in forclosure to Litton. I do not belive they properly did the lawful servicing of the loan/foreclosure. I am in the process of maybe loosing a 2nd home . The 1st is serviced by EMC and the 2nd by Litton, help. It seems both are crooks. I need help so I do not loose my 2nd home too. Who can help review the loan docs and all the possible fake charges I m incurring? I live in San Diego Ca.

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  • Ge
    Georgia Mittendorf Jun 19, 2008

    I received a payoff letter in 2004, but couldn't get financing and had to file bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure. My loan orignated at 8.44 % but rose to 13.625%. That was the only way I could avoid losing my home. I have been in the bankruptcy for three years now and was checking on trying to convert to a fixed rate. I was told that my payment was current to April of 2008, (it is July) and that my payoff now was $3000 more than it was four years ago. I called to get them to explain to me step by step where my payments went for the last four years and why my payoff would be $3000 more. I waited three weeks and today finally talked with someone who told me that they did find mistakes where my payments were not applied correctly, and that I am currently caught up to July 2008. So, now I wonder, were my yearly interest statements correct? If they had applied monies correctly, could I have avoided filing bankruptcy?

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  • Ch
    Charles Kelley Jul 15, 2008

    I agree with the people on this board because this is what we have gone through with Litton. Me and my wife purchased our home in 2006 through Suntrust Mortgage, who then sold our account to Litton Lending Services in April 2008, well they have sent us Intent to Foreclose paperwork after we were with them only two months and were late with one payment. When we bought our home, we had payments set up to be made weekly through automatic payment with our bank in which we had no problems making. I am a disabled American vet with a diagnosis of PTSD and major depression, when we started having problems with them, I started having my nightmares again, mood swings, anger troubles and insomnia, so I called them and tried to set up a way that would benefit us as well as them but they were very unprofessional, gave me the we don't care attitude, more or less what I got from them was we don't care what or who you are, we want our money. We live on a fixed income and I have tried everything to be kind to them but enough is enough. I am trying to get my home refinanced and the last thing that was needed was confirmation that we were current with Litton Lending, the account was bought in April 2008 and this is July and they are trying to say that we are approximately three months late on our payments, it strikes me as odd, seeing how our May 08 payment was made to Suntrust before Litton took active control of our account, at one time I had called them and was told that our account was current and this was in May. We were late in June due to a death in the family but again when we called to resolve the issue, we were again treated like yesterday's newspaper and totally disrespected by the service agent. This is not what anybody needs, especially when there is a death involved. I am a third shift worker and they are constantly calling our home between 7:45 to 8:00 in the morning which from what I understand is against The Fair Debt Collection Act. Something needs to be done, and they wonder why there so many foreclosures in the country, with lenders like Litton Lending Services predatory loan services. They should be blacklisted and sued.

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  • Ed
    Edward Hanna Jul 19, 2008

    I canceled ALL of the escrow services. Why are you still trying to charge me an additional escrow service. I will only pay the account of $569.54 monthly payment.
    Edward Hanna
    Acct # 19487875
    I Have tried to call and talk to someone but only can get a recording.
    Why won't someone talk to me to settle the mistake you are making

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  • An
    angela Aug 05, 2008

    I have had the worse treatment with this company. I was in the middle of a modification with Fremont when I was transferred to Litton. I gave $5000.00 as a ccontribution towards my modification with Fremont and Litton turns around and tells me that the money was used as a forbarence. They offered me a new modification but I have to add $1900.00 to it in order for my modification to be considered, and they gave me 3 weeks to come up with the money before my home is set to the foreclosure dept. and if my account goes to the foreclosure dept I am responsible for any fee's. When I call every person I talk to tells me a different story. I hate Litton!

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  • Li
    Litton Loan Client Aug 26, 2008

    To: Larry Litton aka Larry Blake
    c/o Litton Loan Servicing aka C-BASS
    5373 West Alabama, Suite 600
    Houston, Texas, 77056

    335 Madison Ave., 19th Fl.
    New York, NY 10017
    United States

    Harris County Appraisal District
    13013 Northwest Freeway
    Houston, Texas 77040-6305

    Office of the Attorney General
    300 W. 15th Street
    Austin, TX 78701

    Attorney General Terry Goddard
    Office of the Attorney General
    1275 West Washington Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

    You are either part of the problem or part of the solution, and you sound like part of the problem.
    The following letter are statements in order to increase awareness amongst Litton Loan, C-Bass and the average homeowner.

    To: Larry James F. Schneider, Managing Director: C-Bass, Larry B. Litton Sr.President Litton,

    [email protected] (CEO)
    [email protected] (CFO)
    [email protected] (Senior VP)
    [email protected] (mort retention mgr)
    [email protected] (loan retention mgr)

    I am writing for help in my current situation. My original loan was transferred over to Litton loan servicing, after signing with Home123 about 3 years ago. Litton is also known as C-BASS, or Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization. C-BASS, purchased and securitized credit-sensitive and nonperforming single-family residential mortgages, investing in whole loans, subordinated securities, and properties that were are on the verge of being foreclosed upon. I have kept close records and documented my experiences with names, dates and also comments. I also have actual voice recordings of the people I have spoke with in the retention department. For months I tried to make a payment arrangement with the man in charge of "my case" and I was denied every option. My mortgage has been raised from $1210.00 to almost $1600.00, I then called and wrote letters and found someone to actually help me. His name was Benny Hibler. I have to say he was very helpful and nurturing to my concerns. So, I go on thinking everything is fine, I continue with a loan modification program. The terms were that my loan payment is now at a fixed rate of 7.5%, up one full percent than I originally signed for years ago. And I was instructed to pay two payments to get the new loan started. Benny Hibler was assigned to my case and this letter is in no way directed at his mistake, but Litton never made me aware of the upcoming charges that would be tacked on to my loan balance. I have been paying good for 3 years, I also put down $25, 000.00 in order to avoid a second I find that my loan has had a $10, 000 charge on the end of it, with also a $3.000.00 charge for the paperwork to have my loan modified. So basically although I have been thinking I have been paying the loan down, but my payment as well as my balance of the loan have both gone up tremendously. Even after while originally signing I was promised by my loan officer that I could refinance in two years and cut my payment in half and not to worry that my payment was already so high. It was all a lie, I am unable to refinance the loan due to the depreciating market and other circumstances. After the loan modification went through, here I am thinking I am in a better position with my loan, while the entire time, I was basically paying $13, 000.00 to buy myself a few months. Only as the result of being paranoid that they would harass me into paying anyway. The letters, the phone calls, the automated messages every ten minutes, even numerous times when a rep of Litton hangs up on you after hours of being on hold, not to mention when certain charges have been placed on your account and reps cannot give you a straight answer of what the charges exactly are, but you just have to pay them to avoid the trauma and hell they will put you through if you don't.

    As the economy keeps shooting down in order to accommodate the banks ever growing success, my condo has depreciated from $210, 000 to $68, 000 in a matter of a year. Which reflects a negative balance originally going from a positive equity position and excellent financial standpoint. I continue to make monthly payments to the escrow account, unexplainable charges, late charges every month, and statements that seems to tack on just a little more to my final balance instead of lowering the actual cost. What did C-BASS make down on paper last year...over five hundred million dollars...sounds to me like the recession isn't affecting everyone, yet helping banks to grow even further until the final takeover of the world...I guess it helps when you have outside associates and developers, whom after the foreclosure sale, contact Litton/C-Bass to buy the house for less than the foreclosure sale price and inflate the resale price to once again another victim. Litton was instrumental in setting up REO's, and also Litton Jr. sits on the board. I recently became aware by Gary Wait, that According to the "Master Policy" 30 days prior to the foreclosure, CBASS becomes an additional named insured on the policy. Thus assuring what ever the sale price is the insurance will make up the difference. But why is this? Are Litton Loan and CBASS "Double Dipping" here, selling the house at loss below the amount of the loan? Then recouping the difference on the insurance claim? Thus claiming a loss on the sale of the home, but having a complete "Made Whole" insurance policy that is paid to Litton Loan and CBASS? Why is Litton Loan and CBASS the only "NAMED INSUREDS" on the policy? Why not add the home owner? ITS CALLED INSURANCE FRAUD!

    They claim the loss on the books from the sale of SOME homes, while pocketing TAX FREE money from the insurance claim! Just one of many observations of how Litton Loan and Larry Litton are committing fraud, and terrorism here in America every day!

    It is rare for me these days to have a conversation with someone making them understand my sensitive situation and to look out for any type of "sub-prime" lenders, no matter HOW desperate they think they are. It is MORE LIKELY to find that you have re-financed yourself into a LESS attractive arrangement and will remain at the mercy of the mortgage investor aka "The Mob".

    To sum it all up:

    They have raised my payments after re modification on a fixed rate mortgage and have added almost $13, 000 in costs for this after 3 years of ownership and payments and also a down payment of $25, 000.00

    My property has depreciated from $210, 000 to $68, 000.00 in 3 years of ownership and good payments.

    I am now in a financial hardship with a payment that I could rent a house 3x the size of my own property for.

    I am stuck in a fixed loan for the life to live in a property that is 990 square feet, built in 1973 for basically the rest of my working life.

    Tell me Larry Litton aka "The Mob", what part of this situation is beneficial to me again? I am asking for another modification program that explains all costs incurred to my account PRIOR to the signing of your documents, and also a breakdown of all of the costs involved in my modification. As of right now, I am in the thought process of bankruptcy and feel that it may be a good time to rid myself of the mortgage fraud that was committed against me. I felt taken advantage of by your company prior to all of this, but now that I have sat down and documented the final stages of going through loan mod, I understand that once again I have been taken advantage of by your company.

    I expect a letter explaining to me how your are going to make this right. My next step is sending you yet another hardship letter, followed by contact of [redacted] & BBB update and a call to my attorney and also a certified package of all of my logs and records kept. I will be contacting every news station attaching my letters and concerns of fraud on my account due to lack of explanation on your part. I want my loan modified correctly, I want the charges that just don't seem to fit refunded, I want my rate as well as payment lowered, and most of all I want to be in a financial standpoint that makes sense to NOT only YOU but myself included. If not, I will have no other choice than to submit my story to the court of law and also relieve myself of the outrageous loan that was so SOLD to me in such a premeditated and scandalous form.

    On July 30, 2007, Judge Morrow issued a 56-page order granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Certification of a Nationwide RESPA Class. (Note: the Order is not a determination of the merits of case.) The Nationwide Class is defined as:

    All persons (i) who presently own, or during the Class Period owned, property (including mobile homes) in the United States, (ii) who entered into a mortgage loan transaction which was then transferred or sold to Litton or for which the servicing rights were acquired by Litton Loan Servicing, LP or its predecessors, directly or indirectly, at any time between October 26, 2002, and the present, and (iii) who made timely payments to the transferor servicer and were charged late fees related to that payment within the first sixty (60) days of the loan transfer to Litton.

    “No man who continues to add something to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives is left long without proper reward. Honesty in business brings good karma."

    Frustrated Loan Client

    I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Previous Letter written to Litton in order to HELP my situation.

    My letter to Litton:

    To whom it may concern:

    After months of frustration with your company as well as Titanium Solutions. I have finally decided to write this letter and send it to all departments of
    your company. I am hoping that one person will take this matter seriously. I will also be sending this letter certified to you as well as faxing the information
    to the department supposedly handling my case. I have been ignored. Not listened to. I have been trying to make a payment to your company for almost two months now. (FULL PAYMENT) of the past few months I have been unable to pay due to the constant problems of Litton telling me I cant make payments certain ways. I am trying to give you my hard earned money and you wont accept it. I have put all of my Loss Mitigation paper work on file with Titanium and when it came down to me making the payment they told me I wasn't making it to them I was making it to Litton. When I spoke with Daryl of Litton Loan, I explained my story about what had happened and the time wasting of trying to go through Titanium and how frustrated I was and just wanted to make a payment. Well Daryl told me he would get back with me and I called for three days straight trying to get through to him. When I finally had to have someone at your service email him he called me back with a "payment plan"...Apparently my mortgage has gone from a 6.5 - 8.9 in a matter of months and also his payment plan was my payment going from $1210.10 to up over $1600.00? I hardly believe this is a payment plan that someone who is trying to come to agreements with your company is to help? So when I asked him how this would help me he said, well have you discussed your situation with Titanium. I just about flipped out on him because for a half an hour I explained to him how I couldn't get through and get anything done with Titanium and how I wanted to get this handled through Litton. It was as if he didn't listen to anything I said and came back with some payment plan, that a person in foreclosure can hardly afford- and just expected me to deal with it. I am able to pay what is over due and I have been for almost a month now and I keep getting harassed, my house is now up for trustee sale and I have people banging on my door to try to purchase it. I recently had an appraisal done on the property and due to market conditions the 990 square foot 1973 condo is going for a little over $114, 000.00 The 1214 square foot unit just short-saled at around $52, 000.00 I believe. My loan is for the amount of $210, 000.00 in which I have put $25, 000.00 down and also have been paying only on interest to your company. It is amazing to me that you are going to raise my rate now to an 8.9 and continue to change my payments every 6 months. I am willing to pay you the amount that is overdue if we can come to some sort of agreement, and also if someone in your company WILL LET ME MAKE A PAYMENT!! I am begging you to let me give you money and I am being tossed from one part of your department, to a loan solutions company (Titanium) that sounds like it is being ran from someones home!
    I want to give you money to pay my past payments. My notarized paperwork is on file with Titanium. I no longer want Daryl working on my account as he does not listen and is 100% unreasonable. I have asked to speak with corporate and they will never give me the number or transfer me to complain.

    They will not return my phone calls and they even have hung up on me. They have also been rude. I have sent them a payment and they even sent my money back and said that it was not enough and that they do not take personal checks. They will not even take a bank transfer from my checking account. Every time I call I pay a ONE time fee of around $14.00. How am I supposed to recover and get you the money on a depreciated property if you wont accept it?
    What was the point of sending all of this to Titanium when I finally got the payment it wasn't even a correct payment. She told me that the loan would be at 7.4% when I spoke to Litton it had went to 8.9%? I have a job and I can afford my payments if we can come to an agreement, but at this point with my property being worth around half of what I purchased it for and my payment on a 990 square foot OLD condo being $2000.00, tell me why I am not just going to walk away and go rent a larger condo down the street for $795.00? I'm trying here! I'm trying to pay you, I have the money I can make what I am past due on if you guys will work with me also. The amount of 3% which you will have to pay a realtor and also the money that will be lost on this condo in trustee sale or foreclosure will much exceed what you are trying to squeeze out of me. I am a hard working person, and this is why America is hurting so bad and banks are going under. Its people like me that if you would just try to hold up to your side and not try to scrape every last penny out of a poor single female who is trying
    her dam nest to give you all of her money, we could see a huge change in everything if your customer service would actually listen and resolve our problems.

    Its no mystery that all of our taxes go to pay the interest loaned from large banks. Give me a break here. Take my house out of trustee sale and let me at least try to hold up to my end of the bargain before you go and place this home for not even a third of whats its worth because your employees don't take the time and effort to help people PAY YOU. I will send ten copies of this letter to all of your departments until I get a response from someone who actually cares about the fact that I HAVE THE MONEY TO GIVE YOU and YOU WONT TAKE IT!

    I had come out of my deep depression from being an unemployed Realtor, I have managed to get everything back on track and get the money to tend to my obligation and Litton put me right back into depression again with their total lack of cooperation. I am not able to refinance nor take out a home equity loan which was promised me from the time I have taken out this loan my payments are now $500.00 more than when I started. I used my entire inheritance from my dead grandmother to make the down payment. My property is now worth HALF of what it was. Can you imagine my frustration? Please I am practically begging you for help in this matter.

    Litton constantly mails foreclosure notices and has sent my information to random people who wont stop contacting me. They have put my whole world on blast with the trustee sale. I have random men knocking on my door at all hours. I can be sure at any time Litton can claim we owe them extra money and if we cannot come up with the money while we dispute their claim we may lose our property. Its a threat that will only force YOU to lose money as none of this makes any sense on why its been so hard to resolve this with you!

    Please help!

    Worried and frustrated Litton Loan Client.

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  • Ji
    Jim Leone Nov 10, 2008


    I can’t believe so many people are shocked and surprised by our current loan default crisis. And now we are using MY tax money to bail these ### out?

    Here is what happened to me.

    I had a home for 13 years, made timely payments and was a god citizen of this state. But then I went through a divorce and had to re-finance my home to buy my wife out of the home.

    A few months later, I became unemployed due to downsizing for 5 months, and since I was unable to make my loan payments, they tacked on so many fees and charges that my loan became unaffordable.

    I tried to re-negotiate over and over. Asked to extend the loan period to keep payments affordable, but they insisted on going through foreclosure steps. My loan was 320, 000, and they tacked it up to 350, 000 to be back on track. It went up 30, 000 in 5 months! that can;t be right!
    I found that they had tacked on fees that were imaginary, and purchased me insurance that was 5X's what I had for insurance!!!
    they pretend not to get payments, push for default, to collect on the insurance!!
    this is no different than burning down a house for the insurance or taking a life insurance policyu on somone and then killing them.
    How do they get away with this?

    I even submitted all of the forms to do a 'short-sale' which would have saved everyone lots of time and money. I had a purchaser interested in the home for 330, 000. But they denied the short-sale.

    So instead, the foreclosed on the home, ruined my credit, and sold it at sheriff auction 6 months later for 225, 000!

    Is there any wonder why when tactics such as these that lack common sense are allowed that there is the crisis that we have now?

    That’s 120, 000 less than what I was trying to short-sale the home for just 6 months earlier.

    Guess who my mortgage company was?
    Litton loan services. A predatory loan company! they purchase my load AFTER I was late 3 months!

    THEY decided, on their own, not to renegotiate payments with me, someone that WANTED to keep my home and pay, even if I had to pay for many years longer.

    THEY decided to not take a short-sale of the home which would have lost them 20, 000! And it was only in surcharges and interest! Not even the principal amount!

    Then THEY decided to auction sale it at 120-130, 000 less than was offered, 5 months later!

    And now they screw me, decided willingly to incur losses such as these, and now we are bailing them out? Huh?

    thanks for listening.


    Jim Leone

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  • Ra
    Ramona Reyna Dec 02, 2008

    I am not sure that I have enough space to type everything that has happened between Litton and myself. Sadly enough my story is very similar to the stories I've been reading. To make a very long story short they waited for 2 days prior to my sale date to advise me that they are not able to help me. I am a 43 year old woman with a husband who just had a brain tumor operation, a 81 year old mother with alzhiemers, 3 young grandchildren(which i have custody of) and a daughter. They have been working on a modification for me for the past 2 months while they continued to tack on late fees and attorney fees that are out of this world. The only solution they can come up with is not a modification but a repayment plan for just $5000.00 down and 3300. per month for 11 months at which time I will have to repay a payment of over $15, 000.00. Now I have done this re-pay back on more then one occasion over the past year and I am not able to keep the high payment current and they knew this when we made the agreement and I told them! Of course everytime they added more attorney fees making it impossible for me to catch up. I hope someone reads this and is able to help others that are going to follow my misfortune..As I am sure there will be many more. I am now forced to make the toughest decision I have ever had to make for the people I love the most in my world. God knows I will not be easy to find housing for my family of seven...Good luck to all of you and I hope you all have better luck than I did with Litton

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  • Lo
    Louise Mendelson Dec 07, 2008

    Litton Loan Servicing skillfully rips off customers. They do this by deliberately lying to their customers. They do this by deliberately making mistakes in their own favor. They do this by deliberately ignoring customers’ rightful protests of indignation. And finally they deliberately cause their customers to spend inordinate amounts of uncompensated time attempting to correct these costly mistakes.

    Prior to 2008, I had never heard of them. Then in May of 2008 I received a letter from Fremont Savings and Loan stating that effective June 1, 2008, my loan would be serviced by Litton Loan Servicing.

    No big deal I thought! The terms of my mortgage are all elaborated in my promissory note. I’ll just continue to make payments in a timely manner.

    Then in August 2008 my ordeal with Litton Loan Servicing began in earnest. I received my first incorrect letter from them. My loan payment, they stated, would increase by more than $800.00 per month because as per the terms of my loan with Fremont, they are required to escrow my property insurance.

    Immediately I faxed Litton Loan Servicing a letter explaining that I had never escrowed my property insurance with Fremont.

    This explanation was not satisfactory to Litton. Their next letter stated that it would take up to 90 days to research this. In the meantime they stated I should “pay the additional $800.00 per month...”

    Again, I called them. $800.00 per month was a lot of money for me to add on to my mortgage payment for their mistake. I refused to make the additional payment.

    In August and September of 2008 Litton sent me statements showing the additional funds due. I ignored their statements; I paid only my normal monthly mortgage amount excluding the insurance.

    Then began the incessant telephone calls from Litton... Every time they called, I patiently explained over and over again to them that this was their mistake.

    In September 2008, Litton mailed me a letter making reference to my note which they stated was enclosed (no note was enclosed) and that in fact I did owe the additional insurance money. Again I wrote them a letter requesting a copy of the note that they stated was enclosed in my letter. Now comes October another letter requesting yet an additional 60 days to send me a copy of the note.

    More telephone calls from Litton. More patient explanations.

    I kept on thinking that my protests would merit the attention of some supervisor who would straighten everything out. But that did not happen. I kept calling them.

    Finally On October 16, 2008 someone partially listened to me. I spoke with a woman who stated that she could straighten out this “entire mess.” In order to do this, I would have to fax her letter authorizing her to transfer escrow surplus funds to my mortgage payment and pay Litton an additional $60.00. I asked her why she was charging me $60.00 more and she stated that I needed this amount to have my account balanced properly. I paid this sum and then immediately requested an accounting of my mortgage payments.

    What I shock when I received an accounting. Litton had the nerve to charge me a late penalty!

    That was not the only repercussion from my involvement with Litton. My credit reporting agency has now advised me that Litton filed a derogatory report on me.

    I have no ending to this story. Like a long running soap opera that never ends the issues go on and on.

    Who owns Litton Loan Servicing? Who is responsible for setting policies? Does any governmental agency regulate them? If there are so many nightmarish stories reported on the internet about them, why can’t something be done?

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  • Pa
    paul & gladys Cosby Feb 12, 2009

    We have had a loan in the amount of 350, 000.00 that was process in 2005. Our broker negociated the loan for us, and it had a starting rate of 6%. What was not revealed to us was that it had a cap of 13%. The loan is currently at 9.0125. We have paid 32, 000.00 in interest for 2008. We were deceived by our broker, but Litton loan approved the loan and has drained us of all that money paid to them. Also, we are senior citizens, and we want to have this loan examined for illegal processing.

    We would like some direction as to where or who can we contact to have this reviewed.

    our home addres is

    Paul and Gladys Cosby
    1559 Acacia Circle
    Vista, California.

    Loan # 0015540800

    e-mail address [email protected]

    The home value has dropped significantly, and we are bound to this contract.

    Please reply so we can get some help.

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  • La
    LaVerne Peak Mar 31, 2009

    I am in the same boat as most of you with the problems I have had with Litton. Won't somebody Help Us!!! What can we do to get the Government to take a look at this company? Please somebody, Help Us..

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  • Bt
    btsams May 15, 2009

    Litton sucks! I have tried (unsuccessfully) since October 2008 to get my loan modified. Have submitted ALL documents requested in a timely, legible and professional fashion. They have given me the run around and just informed me TODAY 5/15/09 that I will be denied again due to too much income! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! They also told me my payment was only $643 but the notices that they sent me (and I have) say it went to $824 and jumped again to $900+. If my payments had been $643 - I would have paid! This is an ARM, interest only loan. It went from 7% to 9.125%. They based our monthly income on our gross income (before taxes and deductions). We DO NOT get that money!!! I was laid off work and have been unable to find employment (due to the economy) Our mortgage was affordable and sustainable before the rate adjustment, now it is not. When I asked for other alternatives to foreclosure they did not have the information available and could not tell me what the attorneys fees are or anything else. Since we have been in foreclosure we have accumulated over $10, 000 in fees! How in the world are homeowners suppose to keep their homes if these predators continue to give us the run around. Our house, since the economy has fallen, is not even worth what they say we owe on it, yet they will not do a modification! Doesn't sound smart to me! Anyway, I would like to file some kind of charges against this company and hopefully keep them from continuing their MOB-like way of conducting business. IT IS TIME THAT LITTON IS OUT OF BUSINESS AND PEOPLE LIKE US ARE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS WITH SOME DIGNITY!!! If anyone else wants to get together with some type of legal procedures you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Roma Woodard May 31, 2009

    We have been trying to get a loan modification for the last eight months. My husband was laid off from his job in 2007 and then had two heart attacks in 2008. He had to have a pacemaker implanted this past December. We are three months behind in our payments and our home is in foreclosure. I have sent the paperwork Litton requested 5 times. They only acknowledged the last three. I have the paperwork to prove that it was sent. They have strung us along saying that Obama's new criteria were the problem. Then it was the problem of trying to figure out which of their 3 programs we qualified for. I was told 3 times that the paperwork was going to be here within 10 days to two weeks. We never received anything except the foreclosure papers. I responded the same day we were served. I know that we have tried to work with them the way they requested and all we have received for it is a runaround. We have been in our home for the last 33 years and now we don't know what to do. I guess we are going to have to file for bankruptsy. The only way to stop these folks is a class action suit. My husband's health hasn't improved and I know the stress is killing him. We also have three grandchildren who live with us who will be homeless if we don't have a home.

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  • Ar
    art Jun 03, 2009

    Litton Loan Sevicing is the most disgusting and racist organization that I have ever seen in my life, the agents lie on the phone, they are rude, and uncompassionate. We are doing everything we can to get out of this loan with them and this has been going on for the last 4 years and we still keep trying, we always pay our mortgage, and if you dont watch these people they will put extra charges on your account without your knowledge and then threaten you with foreclosure, instead of shooting abortion doctors they should hunt the Littons.

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  • Pa
    Patrcia F Jul 08, 2009

    We have expereinced that same challenges with Litton Loan Servicing. We can not get anyone on the phone. We have been left on hold. We have been giving false information about a possible sale date of our home. I am in New York and am filing a complaint with the attorney general office. I also have send request to Litton in writing throught certified mail as proof that i am communicating with them and that i am requesting the original note of the mortgage that is with Fremont Investment and Loans. I had to hire a lawyer and no longer dealing with them directly. Eventhough they have sent me for the last three months letter that they want my financials to be considered for a modification. All this is bogus. Why? because I orginally appilied for a modfication back in January and was denied for insufficient income. Ever since the Stimulus plan was passed they have been sending me letters notifying me they are participating in the Stimulus Plan so they cover themselves and say they have offered to me several times. These company is a predator and suggest that you go through a attorney to work out options for you.

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  • Sr
    SRW Jul 15, 2009

    I found that Litton Loan Servicing will offer a loan mod but good luck getting it. I went thru Accorn Housing to get a loan mod thru Litton and was denied because they said my income would cover the rate adjustment and I could afford the new payment when the paper work sent to Litton by Accorn Housing showed I was Upside down by $900.00 a month after the rate adjustment. Litton is owned by Goldman Sachs and cares about bonus money more than helping home owners. If they did they would use the Making Home Affordable Plan and do some good . Maybe Goldman Sachs could use some of the $10 billon loan they got from the goverment and buy Litton some adding machines. They could use them.

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  • So
    soon to be homeless Dec 02, 2009

    Litton Loan is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the most powerful finacial institutions in the world. We made our
    pre-trail modification payments and they still auctioned our house with no prior warning. We need some large organization to file a class action suit! Also Litton Loan was given 1.1 billion in TARP funds.
    I now have to leave my home of 23 years in two weeks!

    [email protected]

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