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Litton Loan Servicing, LP / Very poor service!

1 United States Review updated:

The case below is the newest Mortgage Fraud that is perpetrated by a new animal called “ Mortgage Servicing Fraud” and along with their predatory attorneys reek havoc on disabled, elderly, hospital patients and now even ''DECEDENTS”. They will stoop to the lowest of the low to steal not only homes, but personal property inside the homes, too. The auction process is corrupt from start to finish. There are no monitoring or enforcement mechanisms in place. These criminals use courts, judges, attorneys and even some politicians to their commit fraud and corruption without any regard for the law of the land and forgo any human decency.

A (74) elderly veteran and longstanding homeowner was sold a sub prime mortgage loan with Washington Mutual Home Loan. On October 4, 2004 my cousin died, but was not in default at the time of his death. However, WAMU was fully aware of sometime right after his death, because the post office was returning his mail back to them, marked, "DECEASED RETURN TO SENDER", After which time WAMU still transferred/sold his loan was sold to Litton Loan Servicing, LP who initiated a fraudulent Foreclosure action March 7, 2005 on a known decedent. Instead, a Petition for Juridical Probate should have been filed with the Orphans Court in lieu of filing a illegal foreclosure on a decedent.

Attorney for WAMU filed a 'LOST NOTE AFFIDAVIT WITH THE COURT. IN ADDITION, ON APRIL 4, 2006, A JASON BOURDEAU SIGNED AN AMENDED DEED OF REMOVAL AND APPOINTMENT OF "SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE AS VICE PRESIDENT AND AUTHORIZING AGENT WITH U. S. BANK, NA. However, manager at corporate offices for U. S. Bank, .indicated they had no one by that name that worked for their company. It is believed that Jason Bourdeau was an employee of Litton Loan Servicing, LP in their Default Unit and purposely left off Litton to circumvent the law with the sole purpose to defraud the court.

Litton Loan Servicing, LP authorized victims home in Baltimore was illegally entered with forcible entry and whole contents of his household was removed without a court order, sheriff's office and his family's permission. 1st Baltimore Acquisition and Prosperity System broke into deceased cousin’s home, changed the locks and stole family belongings, i.e. furniture, housewares, antiques and silverware, computer, televisions, other personal affects, (i.e. insurance policy’s, bank books, other legal document records, money, and etc.) family memorabilia and etc., and other involved by gaining unauthorized access to decedents home without permission of family.

Debra Murray, a former Litton employee who also lost her home at the hands of Litton told decedents cousin and other Litton victims have all indicated BPO's and Field Inspectors are hired out by Litton to stake out and secure homes in foreclosure. These inspectors break locks to do inspections, removed contents of homes and make repairs. Cousin believes this is the case in her cousin’s breaking and entering of his home. Cousin also believes that purchasers are same Field Inspectors that brought into her cousin’s home are the same ones that purchase his home at the Auction Sale.

Purchasers has a business called 1st Baltimore Acquisition and Prosperity Systems run a scam artist real estate outfit are located in Baltimore, Maryland. Cousin has checked records with the Court of Deed and Records and has information indicating that purchasers have many other properties in their name that they acquired from Tax Sales . Victims home was fraudulent auctioned off, April 11, 2005 for a low-ball auction by sub trustee lawyers, “The Friedman Law Firm, attorneys for Litton has unclean hands and is believe to be in cahoots with Purchaser’s named above that bid on my cousins home at Auction sale defaulted on their loan settlement agreement contract for up to (5) months.

Victims next of kin filed her appointment of Personal Representative with foreclosure clerk's office and informed the court that victim was deceased. She also, asks for a MOTION TO VACATE FORECLOSURE, EMERGENCY INJUNCTION TO STAY AND HEARING. The court ignored and/or denied all of her court actions. The court also did not remand case to Probate court as required under ESTATE AND TRUST LAWS OF the state of Maryland. This should have been done in lieu of filing a foreclosure action, since WAMU, Litton, U S Bank, NA, as trustee, and sub trustees were all aware of victims death before filing foreclosure action. Alvin Friedman, attorney for Litton sent written correspondence to the hospital and Shock Trauma unit were victim was hospitalized and also later died.

Cousin of victim, as PR requested HUD COUNSELOR'S to ask Litton and its lawyer's to reinstate victims loan so she could recoup her family members home. Again, lawyer's ignored cousin's request and asked court for a resale that was granted on September 8, 2005. The lawyer has posted resale for October 14, 2005 in the Daily Journal. When cousin telephoned attorneys to verify Resale, she was told at the last minute, attorneys canceled Auction Resale without notifying her or the court. She was also told during telephone conversation that defaulted purchaser had came up with loan financing for victims home sometime in late September 2005 or early October 2005.

The auction purchasers multiple listed victims property with real estate outfit name Icon Realty located in Baltimore put home back on the market for a resale for twice the price, which is PROPERTY AND LOAN FLIPPING. Defaulted purchasers did not transfer DEED OF TRUST or title out of victims name UNTIL NOVEMBER 11, 2005. However, it was a deliberate and intentional act Litton, its lawyer's and with the aiding and abetting of the court kept cousin from intervening to save her victims home. Even though under the law as Personal Representative she had full rights under the law to take control of her family member's estate and protect his estate.

Finally, an attorney claiming to be an auditor whom the Baltimore Circuit Court clerk claimed they did not know, as well as the City Comptroller's Office was hired by The Friedman Law to handled the Accounting Report for the distribution of Auction Sale. The Accounting Report he compiled was flawed and fraudulent and did not include the theft of my relatives personal property.

So called Auditor overcharged late fees, interest, foreclosure/auction fees, and attorney fees which is illegal racked up over $17,000 illegal fees. I requested that he include in his report the theft of my relatives personal property. However, he became very agitated hanging the phone up on me. Since there is no monitoring by the court or any one else for that matter, he was aloud to get away with this.

After stealing the decedents home and all of his property inside. The poor deceased man didn't even received a decent burial. Instead of the hospital trying to locate his family, they use his body for research and then cremated him leaving his ashes at the Corner's Office with a bill rendered for their services.

The cousin said, she will never rest until she and her cousin get closure and also justice for what happen to him.

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  • Ju
      9th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree with you fully. I too have a matter just a unscrupulous.
    We here in Pennsylvania must take action on our own. No federal, state or county office has agreed to assist. May God bless you in your aid to bring not only closure but to expose these culprits for who they are. Matt. 18:19 says when two or more agree we can ask anything in His name and He will come in the midst and (handle it) my words...


  • Dw
      29th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I really would like Mr. Larry Litton to receive this information. Is it possible to submit this email to Mr. Litton?

    My name is Dwana Washington, Acct #0040023640. New loan customer from Freemont Investment.

    In March I had a tragedy that occurred that was totally out of my control. I was diagnosis with having an aneurysm on the left side of my brain. I was hospitalized and treated. Well over 5 months I was ill before and after the emergency procedure. During this time I lost my car and possibly losing my home. I called today trying to figure out what can I do to save my home. Friends informed me during their bad times the requested a modification. I called today regarding a modification and I was told my property value was 63, 000 and the limit was 58, 000 and I’m a couple of thousand dollars beyond the assistants in having a medication done. She assured me it was not based on my income but the home. Which is totally out of my control.

    I’m a single mom with 3 kids and was able to provide a loving home for my family and me after my divorce. My family and I would really like to keep this home and I’m asking for a miracle at this time, please, is there anyway a modification can be done. The agent has all my information regarding a modification.

    I’m sorry but this situation was totally out of my control. I’m just asking for you all too please work with me. This sort of tragedy can happy to any one of us which can change each one of our lives like it has done mine.

    I pull the below information off the internet and hoping Mr. Larry B. Litton, Sr. can make a modification possible.

    At Litton Loan Servicing LP, we are committed to high quality loan servicing and top-notch customer service. Current Founding Director Larry B. Litton, Sr., who is dedicated to serving the families of the Houston area and helping them maintain their dreams of homeownership, founded our company during the economic recession of the 1980s. Our company has grown considerably since then, and we now service customers throughout the United States. However, our dedication to Mr. Litton's vision and mission is as strong as ever.
    Our employees are the key to fulfilling our vision, and we are committed to their training and development. They are our most valuable resource.
    We invite you to use the menu on the left to discover more about Litton's history and philosophy, as well as find opportunities to join the unique corporate culture that defines Litton Loan Servicing LP.
    Copyright Litton Loan Servicing LP. © 2008. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

  • Cm
      19th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I think for what I have seen with Litton loan, the times i have delt with them on the phone or via email, they are the must RUDE people of all, no matter if u pay your bills on time every month with my mortgage, still i constanly call them because every 2 month they ask for proof of my flood insurance and there i go and provide this information to them, and when i called them tol ower my interest becaue i do pay my bill ontime, but my mortgage is too high the interest they say plain NO, no wonder are so many peopke that are walking away from there homes, and letting them go of foreclosure is bercaue they don't give a damm about helping p eople at all...shame on Mr Litton and shame on our president.

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