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Lincare / no respect

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Lincare is one of the most dirtiest companies that I have had the mispleasure of working for. First of all they invade your privacy, they will go in your desk and read your personal notes. They also make you work off the clock. You are suppose to take a lunch and if you don't get it, you still get punched out for it and you must continue working.
Also they try to get you do jobs that you are not licensed for but when confronted they deny it. Now it may seem like I am a disgruntled employee, but that is not it. I gave my heart an soul to this company for 4 years, doing the work off the clock, getting stuff for the company out of my own pocket with no reembursement. Then when they started nosing around in personal stuff that was the final straw. I made a formal complaint and the very next day I was forced to resign. Employee driven...yea right. They will stab you in the back in a heartbeat, so beware potential employees.


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A  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Have u tried drawing unemployeement??? Also if u can prove they were making u workoff the clock u can call the labor board good luck 2 u
A  18th of Feb, 2010 by 
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OH MY GOD I also gave my heart and soul to this company. I was "let go" after 5 long years as a healthcare specialist. the first 2 years we were a satelite office so we had NO computers NO patient files No manager No CSR's then I retired for 2 years then I came back to computers and patient files but we went though 13 managers in two years and threee CSR's. I stepped up after each Manager left. So I was acting manager and HCS for two years then a new manager came in an ( after I asked multiable times for a retraining of just my job since I had NEVER been able to focus just on my job) and after 3 months decided that I wasnt good enough. He rummaged trough my desk to find anything to reoprt on me. I covered three countys and averaged 2000 miles a month (at horriable reimbursment ) and was the stand in manager and salesman. am i bitter OH YEAH Leanne In calif
A  18th of Feb, 2010 by 
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oh and i forgot yea the lunch joke yea you have to clocl out for an hour and I almost NEVER got a lunch how can you drive 2000 miles a month and see 6-8 patients a day and deal with the mountain of paper work. and good luck getting reimbursed for some things. and on call with NO compencation I was on call 24-7 as the only clinician. BAD LINCARE
A  21st of Feb, 2010 by 
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I am a registered Respiratory Therapist who was rehired at a Health Care solutions branch(Lincare Owned) where I had previously worked. I never hid the fact that I had worked for this same branch, there were even people working there that still remembered me.
Anyways, I was hired as a Healthcare Specialist (Respiratory Therapist)and started work on Monday 16 Dec 2009. Two days later I was called into the Manager office (Who Hired Me) and informed since I did not give a two week notice when I worked for the company before I was being "Let Go". I could not believe it!!!

This is how they treat their employees--like crap!!!
Never do business with them--Their reputation is so bad that they hide behind the names of companies they have bought like HCS, MED4Home and many others. They do not protect health care information according to HIPPA Guide lines and put many medically fragile patients at risk with their sub par customer service.
A  21st of Apr, 2010 by 
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Oh my god, everyone on here is right!!! I am a current lincare employee, and unfortunately I am stuck with this job because jobs are hard to come by right now. Mangement is horrible, the will tell you to do one thing, you do it, then they will threaten to write you up saying you didn't do what was asked of you. The only phone the company will give you is a Push to Talk verizon phone which you can only use to contact other employees at the center. You will have to use your personal land line or cell phone when you are on call to contact your customers, they claim to give you a $15 dollar phone allowance for using your phone, but I have yet to see one. You are not paid any extra for being on call, other than ovetime if you are called out BUT expect to get plowed by the manager for getting overtime! You are forced to clock out for 1 hour each day for lunch, whether you get to take a lunch or not, and trust me as a driver you'll be good to get 5 mins to hit a drive thru for lunch so you eat and drive. You have to use a computer to clock in, you may get to your center before 8 am but by the time you get their computers booted up, you finally get clocked in at 810 then you have to beg your manager to fix your time in which my manager told me, "get here earlier!" Depending on the branch there are only 2 or 3 computers at the branch for 8-10 employees to use, so you have to kick the CSR or RT off the computer if you need to use it, not to mention all of the employees are trying to clock in at 800. If you want a promotion forget it! Lincare is in the habit of hiring people with zero experience as their center managers and sales reps. So if you are hired as a driver, thats where you're gonna be until you get fired or quit. Their benifits are horrible, they only have one insurance plan for you to choose and its very ex$pen$ive. I went to the doctor last month for a check up, made my co-pay only to get a letter in the mail yesterday saying my claim was denied! After talking to several people at the insurance co, I was able to get it resolved. You don't get any paid sick time until you have worked there for over a year, and if you take a sick day, you are only paid 60% your base salary for the day you took. You only accrue 3.08 hours each 2 week pay period as vacation which equates to about 9 days per year, and they want you to give a 30-day notice when you need a vacation day yet they expect you to use all vacation time within the year and will not roll over unused time. If you take vacation time over more than what is accrued and you get fired they will take that our of your final paycheck. I have worked for 2 other DME companies in the past, both were great, the only reason I am here now is because Lincare bought out the company I work for, so I am stuck here. My final advice-don't do business with Lincare and don't work for them either!
D  23rd of Jun, 2010 by 
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Wow! Disgruntled employees like you must really bring a ray of sunshine to the clients you care for! There are several inaccuracies in your lengthy complaint, but you fail to mention if you have tried to resolve any of them by talking to your supervisor. I recommend you try that rather than just bashing the company as a whole. As far as the personal phone goes, Lincare allows you $25/month for work related calls. You just submit an expense report detailing the calls you've made. The key here is, YOU have to be take responsibility to get reimbursed. Many companies don't give sick time at all - they give PTO which is a combination of vacation and sick days. You are correct that you don't get sick time until you've been employed a year and you only get paid 60% of your base salary. This amount is pro-rated based on your years of service and increases the longer you've been employed. Vacation time is accrued @ 3.08 hrs/per 2 wk pay period. This comes out to two weeks vacation/year or 80 hrs. (not 9 days). This is fairly standard for non-professional workers throughout the industry. If you use more vacation than you've accrued and you leave Lincare's employ - of course it would be deducted from your final check. Why would you think you should get paid for time you haven't earned? By the same token, if you leave Lincare and have unused vacation - they will pay you for the unused days. Lincare is big advocate of promoting from within, but they will look for employees with leadership qualities and will avoid those who exhibit a negative attitude. I have worked for Lincare for over 7 years, and respect both the integrity and the commitment of service to the patient the company stands for - especially in the current economy. If you really are 'stuck' in this job, I suggest you try to resolve your issues by talking to your supervisor or their supervisor if you don't get results. I guarantee you won't be any happier by complaining and not taking action.
N  18th of Oct, 2017 by 
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@schmapa I completely agree with the above complaint as aemployee. I've tried to talk with my supervisor, but he's a narcissistic [censor] who discriminates, makes serial comments, & violates policies & ethics. A discrimination suit has been filed on a govt standpoint. People need to see Lincare for the company it really is.
N  11th of Jul, 2010 by 
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I agree with schmapa above, I started at Lincare 5 years ago as a service rep./driver and was recently promoted to manager. They do try to promote from with-in if they can. Are there issues and problems...yes. Every company has them. The Local center is what the employees make it. We have always made ours a great place to work and truly put pt. care at the front of everything else. Change your attitude and make it better instead of complaining about it. I LOVE LINCARE !!!
D  12th of Jul, 2010 by 
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Well I can't speak for the rest of the complaints but as far as mine goes I tried working with upper management it was just alot of bs is what it all boiled down to not saying everything in the company is wrong but a handful of [censor]s is driving this company into the ground!!!
N  14th of Jul, 2010 by 
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I currently am employed at Lincare. I have been here a little over three years. I love working for Lincare. Sure there is a ton of coporate b.s., however, that is how most large corporations operate. I was hired on as a driver. After about a year and a half, I started going around our area helping train new employees, doing hazmat/fda training and equipment check-offs. I took these extra duties without question, or a raise. I waited until it was time for our annual reviews, I was given a very nice raise for making sure that new hires were trained and ready to handle any situation. Now I am being talked to about running a center. I never complain, and just work. Very rarely do I work through lunch, and the few times that has happened, I was paid for the time I worked. The time off here is the same as Apria. Apria had no phone reimbursement, which lincare is twenty five dollars a month for Service Reps. It takes about three minutes a month to send in an expense report. Also, through Lincare you can obtain a ten percent discount off of a verizon wireless phone. Lincare has never asked me to do anything that a clinician is supposed to do. Perhaps your center is doing things illegally. Instead of complaining online, have you actually mentioned anything to the corporate office? They have people that monitor wrong doings at the center level, if a person follows regulations and contacts the proper person via email, or the 1800 number. I had four years in at Apria. It was nice getting compensated for taking call, however, they had more problems than Lincare does. Maybe it all boils down to what center you work at. I know that the Lincare center I work at, I enjoy my co-workers, the center manager, and the area manager. By far one of the best jobs I have ever had!
N  8th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I am an ex-employee of Lincare after only seven weeks of service and I can honestly say they did me a favor!!! I failed one of the tests at the QP3 training and they humiliated me in front of the whole class by making me leave the class room and sending me home and fired me!! Well since then I am still in the industry working for a competitor and have never been happier, I have made more money in three weeks with the new company than I did in seven weeks with Lincare, I have the same territory and the referral sources for all of the O2 and everything else have supported more than I can ever imagine... The other interesting fact is that the company I am with there are over 15 ex-Lincare employee's!! I am still waiting on getting paid for mileage for use of my car, the AX CC meals, cell phone use and commission's the best part of everything is how much more business I am doing instead of doing damage control for all of the poor service Lincare is known for...
N  13th of Jul, 2017 by 
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@WAJC I am a patient of Lincare and reading your post really scares me. If you flunked a test this means you are not qualified to even work with the patients. If I were a patient of the company that you work for now... I would LOVE to have read this and know who and where you work now... THEN I WOULD NEVER USE THAT COMPANY THAT YHOU WORK FOR NOW...I am so glad you don't work at my Lincare providers office. This is really scary to read being an oxygen patient.
A  19th of Feb, 2011 by 
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I work with a minnesota Lincare
Yes they tell you $25.00 for your personal phone... but really... I have done this twice. the "lincare" way is to bring your phone bill in, all pages, and go through every call made (if your like me, its hundreds and hundreds a month) and you have to highlight the calls made for work. it would literally take you an 8 hour day to go on the lincare computer and match numbers to patients called. I use my phone 10-15 times a day for work... so my boss tells me just start highlighting a bunch of numbers, just what ever numbers you want. so i did that and i got my reimbursment... $2.62... ha! i laughed and the next bill i did it again this time i marked about all calls. $5.10... its ridiculous!!! and all my phone bills are online so that means i have to print out like 30 pages on my home computer and waist all my ink thats about $30.00 a cartridge. when i first started at lincare my phone bill was 49.00/month but my 1st month at lincare i had a 300.00 bill so i had to up my plan from 49.00/m to 89.00/m... so ya the supposedly 25.00 we should deffinately get with no questions asked means nothing to me!!! shame on you lincare!!
On-Call: ha, i work on call 1-3 times per week and once every 4 wknds. and do not get a dime for the nights and wknds i work, unless i have to go somewhere. so that meens i have to stay home cant drink cant leave town cant get a part-time job, im grounded to lincare and what ever they say, i do. with no pay!!! shame on you Lincare!!!
The beginning: i had 3 jobs i was weighing out when Lincare came about. and i was sold on what Lincare had to offer. My now boss told me quote "we get quarterly bonuses that range from 200.00-800.00 never less than 200.00" he said that to me.. im going on 4 years with Lincare and i have only gotten 2 bonuses in 4 years for a total of 250.00... (I have been with this lincare through the biggest quarters on record)my boss also told me quote "great great bennefits, they compare to UPS's" insurance he told me, since i have been with lincare the insurance has changed 3 times, getting worse every time... and i pay out of my [censor] to get it... Next is raises, wow. i was told i would get a 6 month review raise and a year raise and than a raise every year after... in 3.5 years i have gotten 2 raises, a total of about .70 cents...(you have got to be kidding me!!! i work damn hard and am a reliable worker for them)... no respect... slap in the face... yea yea its a tough economy, but seriously its us that get you your million dollar bonus checks you ceos and big wigs. shame on you lincare!!! if i would have known how disrespectfull, dishonorable Lincare was, my options i had in the begining would have been alot different... shame on you Lincare...
Now i like my job at Lincare, what i do and its purpose... its wonderful. but the manager i have is worried more about moving up the lincare chain than what his task is...thats controlling your group that was given to you... and showing a little respect and listen to what is told to you... like firing a guy that is a disease to your two faithfull employees...lol...
If i was promised all that was told to me, lincare wouldnt be that bad... you need to fix on-call and pay the ones that make your pockets heavier and stop being so selfish... i dont know i could go on and on and on... i just wanted to say a little somthing and alot more came out... sorry and thank you... feels good to vent!
N  19th of Feb, 2011 by 
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FYI schmapa guy/gal. Disgrunted...maby... but my patients love me and i respect everyone that i deal with and ya i maby a ray of sunshine for most patients...
N  28th of Feb, 2011 by 
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I hate to break it to you but there are SSR's that have given there heart and souls to this company for over 10 years and still not making $15.00 an hr. This company gives you a title to try and make you feel important and you go to all of these regional meetings to have them tell you that your the best but it is never reflected in a bonus or paycheck. When you ask about money they try and make you feel like an a-hole because you should be focused on the patients, not your wages. It's funny though how they don't care about the patients until they show up on their compliance report that keeps them from being able to charge for portability or M&S. What happens is that they find employees with big hearts that get attached to their patients so they just put up with the crap! The service department is the heart and soul of this company but yet is grossly underpaid. It's no wounder the life expectancy of a Lincare employee is 2 years! By the way, when is the last time any of you received a bonus of a notable amount? They have you out there trying to sell neb & ud and delivering oximeters like mad to get people qualified but yet no bonus.
N  1st of Jun, 2011 by 
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Can anyone who works for Lincare tell me who the health insurance is through? I am having issues with the insurance coverage in Colorado Springs...help please.
A  16th of Jul, 2011 by 
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I have to agree with a lot of the complaints here, I have been with lincare for almost 2 yrs. I do a Dbl LOX run plus tanks on my route servicing 180 pt's in a 2 week span. I don't complain and never had a complaint against me. I do the job because the office I am covering for cant keep and drivers.I work a ton of hrs and my checks average 126-132 hrs every 2 weeks. the money is good but I don't see my family as much. In my time I only missed 5 days (sick ) 4 were forced because I contracted pneumonia. I sold the UD and never looked for thanks. Now we are selling INR and this seems to be taking off, when I first heard about it the incentive was $100 for the office to divided up among eligible employees. then it went to $75, got 1 check, then it went to the PT had to be on service for 3 months to recieve your incentive, well that time has passed and no money, I asked and was told the Area Mgr is with holding the incentive and applying that to held sales.90% mind you was there before I started.The sales rep gets his commission regardless, but the drivers dont. Like I said i dont ### but I will not ask who is a candidate for INR any more. there is no one more committed to Lincare than me! but why should I sell the product if I dont get paid. My area Mgr is a relentless ### who is numbers driven. They know I have been covering 2 centers and not once does he say thank you, or great job for helping out. Instead he reminds me with a dirty look I am #1 in the state & #9 in the region in OT and I need to go faster. seriously?? when I started there was on average 6 complaint calls a day, ppl were considering changing companies, now? the calls stopped, everyone is extremely happy, I do 13-18 stops a day, 8-10 are LOX and if I am running on low pressure( 25-35 psi) it makes along day longer. I do my job well, I consider my self a model employee, and throw in my conc cks, M&S cks are 95% each month. the average life of the other 2 drivers in the center I cover is 3 months, its been a yr since anyone had a hazmat. so some of these complaints are spot on. some of you are lucky to work in good centers, the perspective of Lincare is they ### on the drivers who make the PT's happy, who in turn tell the Dr's who lincare depends on for refferals, they low ball us in salary, and work us til we cant do it, The average salary for an area Mgr is $120k, regional Mgr is $450k. If lincare wants to make more money why not scale back there outrageous salaries they pay the upper echelon Mgrs and offer more to the drivers who keep Lincare running
A  31st of Jul, 2011 by 
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Sounds familiar. They want nothing but employees who are afraid to lose their jobs. I am filling an EEOC complaint and encouraging all others to do the same. This company needs to be shut down!! My RM never set one foot in my center until the day after I was fired. My AM always helped other centers, but not me. These people are horrible to work for and they pay their sales reps 11.00 an hour!!!
N  2nd of Sep, 2011 by 
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I work at a Lincare in Washington. Our manager feels that 3 service reps can handle over 800 patients. I work 14 to 16 hours a day. I enjoy what I do but it would be nice to have more support. Patients are the priority and without the proper manpower they suffer. Our shop has lost dozens of quality employees due to being overworked and injuries.
N  7th of Jul, 2012 by 
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How much do the different Lin Care drivers make in Texas?
N  23rd of Aug, 2013 by 
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For all those that think Lincare is just the greatest, no it is not. I am also an ex employee (left of my own accord, so no, I was not under disciplinary action/fired, so I do not have that disgruntlement.). I worked in one of the Held Sales offices, where we work reports for multiple centers to help resolve issues that are preventing us from billing insurance. Multiple problems I encountered include: patients being deceased for multiple days, weeks, and yes even months, but the center manager does not want to go pick up the equipment b/c it 'counts against their numbers'. My god, the patient is 6 feet under...do you just WANT to go to jail for billing Medicare when the patient is D-E-A-D???????????? Last time I checked, that's not legal. And no, this is NOT just 1 or 2 centers here and there...it's EVERYWHERE. Secondly, paperwork such as Pt Agreement/consent forms, needed for permission to bill pt's insurance, is rarely, if ever obtained, and even if it IS obtained, it's consistently incorrect. A 5 y.o. could handle this, but the folks on the front end of things are apparently uninterested in seeing to it this is handled properly, in spite of this 1 being the easiest thing to obtain. I had a woman on my Held Sales report for nearly $1000.00 due to an incorrect form being obtained, and I had tried multiple times to mail it out to her, with no response. When I went to the Area Mgr to see if he could get a driver to go over there and get it, he asked me if I was on crack. At that point in time, I was so pissed off, I let everyone know that this was not my G.D. money, and no longer gave a damn if Lincare ever saw 1 red cent from this or any other situation. Oh, and this also occurred after one center consistently had no testing results for patients on O2 - and were consistently sending out O2 to patients...as for us, we had no valid records on hand showing why these multiple patients needed O2 - once again, a serious legal issue. One poster asked why we didn't make it known. I did on several occasions to the area manager, and the comment about smoking crack is all I got. So, what do you do with that? You choose to get out of the ### before these people go to prison and take you with them.
N  2nd of Oct, 2013 by 
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Lincare - Different set of rules for everyone
United States

I worked for Linacre for 6 years...I never missed a day of work and I busted my A@@ for this company...I averaged about 55 to 60 hours a week due to lazy co workers and spent most of my weekends doing concentrator checks. I have seen 6 drivers..5 sales reps and about 10 clinicians go through that door. The manager I had for 5 years busted her ### just as much. I have no complaints against her...but then we get this ...kid and he couldn't manage a Wendy's...The last straw for me was when they went through my desk and personal stuff...so yeah..I got fired...however Premier, which is another company who is slamming Linacre where I live, and they want me there...I have talked to several of my former patients and they have already called that..."manager" and told them they are going to switch if I am hired...If I can help bring down Linacre...then so be it
N  18th of Oct, 2017 by 
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@X Lincare Going through your personal stuff is a violation of privacy. Somebody needs to shut this company down for the communist abusive [censor] they are. Worst company I've EVER worked for.

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