Lincare Holdings / ongoing issues with supplies and oxygen delivery.

I've had numerous problems with this company regarding supplies and oxygen. I've also had problems reaching someone at their local office on more than one occasion. I have addressed the issues locally with customer service, however the branch manager will not return my calls. I've been trying to talk to him for 3 months! I've made complaint with the ICare team with no resolution. I have asked for contact information for a person at the corporate level only to denied the information. Something has to be done regarding this company. I found this thread with 13 pages of complaints. No wonder Lincare has a ICare team just to handle complaints. Its the only way they make an effort to appease patients. As I read through this thread and someone has similar issues being unable to make complaint be heard, I noticed the best way to do that is talk to the company that provides their accredidation (CHAP). I highly recommend you reach out to them to place your complaints. With enough complaints, maybe this company can be helped or ceased from doing business.

Nov 22, 2017

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