Lincarecpap supplies

I became a patient of Lincare (having transferred from American Home Patient) in September of 2016. I received monthly CPAP supplies, and the supplies stopped coming to me in the mail around December, 2016. I have spoken with Lincare over the phone many times this week trying to set this straight. Today I discovered in a phone conversation with Lincare (Harahan, LA, [protected]) that my name...Judy C. Stutzenbecker or Judy Carol Stutzenbecker is not in the Lincare system. I have no documents at home to prove, as Lincare never sent an invoice with the supplies.
As of now, I am trying to get the proper documents necessary to get back into the Lincare system and am waiting on my doctor to send the necessary documents.
However, even if I am put back into the system, this sudden halt of my CPAP equipment might happen again as mysteriously as it did the first time. I welcome your help in this matter. You can email me at jcarol.[protected]

Jan 25, 2017

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