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Tient - desurara kay beam, tyler, texas 75701
My wife is legally blind, and I am her caretaker. We are both on disability/medicare.
Lincare has been deficient in handling her account and we are reaching our upper limit of patience. First we were told that based on desurara's income, her copay would be practically $0. We were not told of any assistance available. Then after several months and by our own inquiry we unveiled your copay assist, applied for it and was told if approved it would be retroactive (Teresea).See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tyler, MN Lincare only allowed a 40% assist and still will not talk with us about the bill and applying the assistance. We tried calling i-care and have heard nothing. Her latest order for supplies have not arrived. What is going on here and why such disregard for desurara and such total disregard for her as a client? I will not allow this to continue without resolution. I feel that she is being treated poorly and I will get resolution for her sake. Please contact me asap via email @ [protected]
Sincerely, philip n. Beam sr.

Jan 18, 2017
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  • Ka
      Jan 08, 2018

    I use a bipap machine and on oxygen 24/7. I recently received tubing for a cpap machine and the tubing is supposed to universal I was told, however my bipap uses a heated hose and the cpap tubing doesn't fit. I called the customer service number to tell them that they have repeatedly given me the wrong tubing. The first time I called I was put on hold for 20 (+) plus then was disconnected. So I immediately called back and again was put on hold for 15 (+) minutes before I terminated the call. I got on the ICare website and called the [protected], only to be harassed by the customer service rep. I was furious and I never got an apology. The customer service rep tells me that my insurance doesn't cover for the heated tubing and that the universal tubing does fit, so I must be the problem as to why I can't get the universal tubing to fit. I have been using the same bipap machine since November of 2015 and this is the first time anyone has told me that my insurance doesn't cover for heated tubing, and this is not my first time complaining about this situation. I asked her how much the heated tubing cost, she tells me she doesn't know but I can look it up myself on the website I got this number from. I ask her if she could do this for me and she said she could but that wasn't important because we still had to take care of the problem of Lincare sending the wrong tubing. Really?! This is not the first complaint I've had with Lincare and I'm sure it's not the last.

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  • Li
      Oct 03, 2018

    Lincare never gets back to you. I have been leaving messages for supplies for 2 weeks and have not heard back from anyone. My tubing is broken and I haven't been able to use my cpap at all. I have had my machine for 5 years and its not working as well as it used to so I also put a call in for a new one is someone was supposed to get back me a week ago. Bottom line no matter what department you talk to in this company no one gets back to you. These people just don't give a crap!

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