LightInTheBox.comI received a shipped out confirm with tracking # - wrong tracking number

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I ordered a wall painting and payment is processed. I received a shipped out confirm with tracking # - wrong tracking number. I tried logging on and now my account doesn't exist. I requested for new password - no response, yet I receive ad emails...all the time!!! Can anyone advise on how to get results - I really love the painting, but how long will it take to get it? does anyone know contact for this company?

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  • At
      Jun 08, 2011 - No customer service phone numbers, will not accept returns, delivery times are erroneous
    United States

    STAY AWAY!!! No customer service phone numbers, will not accept returns, delivery times are erroneous. COMPANY LOCATED IN CHINA !!!

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  • Su
      Jul 26, 2011 - Low customer service

    Hi, I ordered a product from and pay it through western union last July 17, They say that it will take 2 days before they will process my order but until now my order status still pending they don't even inform me if they already receive my payment.

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  • Aj
      Dec 09, 2011 - They take your money and your screwed!
    United States

    They will not refund for any reason, they are impossible to contact after you order. They take your money and your screwed!

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  •   Aug 09, 2012

    Dear Customer,

    Please accept our apologies for all the inconvenience caused.

    Once an order has shipped out, we will send you a Shipping Confirmation email that includes your tracking number. By clicking on the link, you will then be able to visit UPS, FedEx or other website, depending on who shipped your package. But we also have to mention that Super Saver Shipping does not offer tracking service, which means that you will not be able to track your order if you choose Super Saver Shipping as the shipping method.

    As for the password problem, we are sorry again for the inconvenience caused. You can send us your email address by contacting us on Facebook, or replying here. And we'll help you with the problem

    All the best,


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  • Ay
      Jul 28, 2013

    I believe it to be foolish of any company to take customers money and then not give them the ability to track the item that they have paid their money for i wish i would have known this sooner i surely would have refrained from purchasing anything from you all (light in the box)...i do hope my package shows up...i really don't have the energy for legal quarrels...

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  • Sk
      Jan 11, 2015

    How do i track My Shpiment which are shipped from your end through Sweden Post as a Super Saver shipping method against my order No.[protected]. But no one tracking option is there only showing the Tracking Number : RE974466205SE . how do i track online, so give me tracking website name .
    Your showing the Tracking No.RE974466205SE, i am tried to track this shipment on sweden post website but not able to track and no any tracking information on website.
    I want to check wheather it is ship out or not. Plse provide me link or website name for tracking the item, how do i believe it. I have already paid the amount.
    Tracking no. not found in sweden post website which is mentioned on your website.

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  • Fa
      Mar 27, 2015

    I ordered to items using super saver shipping and i didnt recieve any of them, if i cant track it how can i get my order !?
    I will never order from lightinthebox again and i will tell my friends about this

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  • Aj
      Jun 29, 2015

    I agree I paid for a projector from them and it said the same thing, it was shipped out but the tracking number couldn't be tracked. I did some research on the company that was suppose to have sent the parcel over and discovered they were fake.

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