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Just before Christ. Time I order some three jackets, all different designs. After 4 days, the message (and paid done in advance) 1 jacket still out of stock (no message under the order stock status = bad). The firm shall credit paid by account, does it ?. I paid extra expense "if the goods were to get customs duties as well). DHL as chatterer must always declare, so what did I paid for? Never good to knew. The jackets come, and it turns out: 1 jacket was not yellow as the category showed, does not Match the color viewed depicted of color in the jacket at the WEB-page. I could clearly see that illustrated jacket photo was yellow. Disappointingly, the color was brown / green! And Light In The Box offering a 20% discount, but was not in my interest, I would have yellow color. Costs for return are up to 80% of the price this jacket! No way! Just keep it for your own stock placement. So, jacket 2, the right color, but the enlightened goals for the jacket was a Disaster! WEB company informs about small size, choose a size twice your normalize. So was done, even that, Light In The Box admits no return for their expense. As customer, you would have to pay for all this no good company performed incorrectly. Sizes . Light In The Box table agrees with my goals, but what comes to it, given target sizes are 2 times smaller When arrived this. I've sent dozens messages, but give up! Never use this web site, you will regret it, as I now do. Argghh, anger standing in line! Keep away !! Better to choose a WEB suite in your own company! (Jacket no 1, see the photo as it is, but not for real, see next what you got).

Light In The Box
Light In The Box

Dec 24, 2015

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