Light In The Box / never received my refund (nor my actual item)

I ordered a wallet back in early Sept., the shipping date stated that it would be 5-8 business days. Come a few weeks later I find myself contacting the cust. service only for them to tell me it'd take longer due to transportation. I thought okay...Come a month later, still no item. Cust. service tells me to contact the postal service...turns out it was delivered to the wrong address! Went back and fourth will their cust. service for days...ridiculous. Finally a few weeks later they decide to offer a refund (that now was near a month ago). Last time I talked to their cust. service (11/03) they said it could take a few more days. Smh. I would never order from this travesty of a site again. You're better off using eBay or least you'll actually get the item you ordered.

Nov 16, 2017

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