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Once you are a member of Lifetime Fitness, they make it almost impossible for their customers to leave. They intentionally make it difficult to cancel to the point of absurdity. They incorporate trickery and unfair methods to confuse and guilt their customers and try to squeeze every last dollar out of them. They need to be stopped.

Attempt 1 to Cancel: I made the mistake of thinking I could call and cancel. The membership specialist told me that he could not accept my cancelation over the phone even though he had my membership pulled up on his computer. He gave me his fax number and told be to fax the request and he would take care of it.

Attempt 2. I wrote a letter and faxed the request to him as he requested. The transmission report showed they received it. I specifically asked for a confirmation that they received my fax - I received no such confirmation.

Attempt 3. Went to their website thinking I could get another fax number for their corporate office, but no such luck. They have an e-mail for customer service but specifically state that you can't cancel using e-mail. I used their form to try and cancel by e-mail anyhow.

Attempt 4. I called the corporate office and spoke to someone who told me the only way to cancel my membership was to walk into their office and sign a cancellation agreement or to send them a certified letter. She also advised me of the 30 cancellation policy... and that I will still be responsible for an additional month...

Ok, I think this company needs to get sued. The 30 day penalty provision is nothing but an unearned fee. They are not inconvenienced in any way for which they need to bill for another 30 days and penalty provisions are often illegal. We need to band together and play them at their own game and sue them as a class for every single extra fee they stole from consumers.

These guys are crooks and they know it.

doug from Minnesota

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  • Gy
      Sep 13, 2009

    I got a new credit card and sent them a letter letting them know my account was closed. The jerks continue to try an collect for services not rendered... It'll be a cold day in hell before they get any more money from me.

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  • Ob
      Nov 21, 2009

    Im going through something with them now. My membership was suspended after two months non payment. im ok with paying that back even though i used it only 2 times that period. when i cancelled the next month they charged me for that month and tried to charge me for the following month. i called up the head office to tell them im willing to pay off the whole balance of the 2 months but i need 3 months to do it since im in college and times are hard now. they said no and that the whole balance has to be paid off by the end of next month. this after they made me an offer to wave 90% of the whole balance if i signed back up. Thats wrong to do this to former customer even when im agreeing to pay off the 2 months i used it. i could of just said F U and catch me if u can but i am trying to do the right thing. they can at least work with me. just because im not going to be at the gym anymore doent mean customer service goes out the window. i just paid $50 this week on it. Hopefully they dont use the card i gave them to take out more money later without permission.

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  • No
      Mar 19, 2010

    Based on my recent (and unfortunately still ongoing!) exchanges, I can only surmise that Lifetime Fitness has really gone down hill and are in deep need of funds. Jackie and Becky (Bloomington, MN main office) as well as others have continually harrassed me via telephone calls and voice mails not for my account (which thank God I don't have with them) but for my exhusband's account.
    They sent me an email addressed to my husband to which I, out of courtesy, called to inform them that this was no longer my exhusband's email address, nor was this my bill, nor was I responsible for his debts. Being courteous was a huge mistake since they have been harrassing me ever since. After a multitude of harrassing calls and voice mails, my attorney informed me to demand a copy of the bill for which they were harrassing me. Jackie informed me that since I was not on the the account, they could not provide me with that information. Guess next I'll next be getting a bill of Jackie's since that makes as much sense as me getting my exhusband's bill.
    They apparently are a cheap collection style operation and they don't care if its your debt or not - they WILL continually and repeatedly harrass you, no matter what - and offer reductions on the debt that is NOT your debt to begin with! lol
    Buyers be aware.
    Boards like this are great for communicating tactics of unprofessional businesses!

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