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LifeCell South Beach Skincare / All in one anti-aging treatment

1 Flordia, United States
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This product needs to be taken off the market. I understand everyone's skin is different but I've never had a face product do what this one did. I had applied the product to my forehead, under eyes and lines beside my lips and just a dab on each area. I've never been one to use a lot of a product. Well half way through the day my face started turning bright red, itching and burning so bad. Like I felt like someone had taken a fire to my face. It hurt so bad I ended up having to leave work and go to the hospital because I was in so much pain. I only had marks where I applied the product. The doctor told me that it came from an ingredient used in the face cream. It was not a an allergic reaction. I mean my face looked so bad I didn't even leave my house for 2 weeks. I just want people to be aware of what this product can do. My friend actually tired the cream also and it done the same thing that it did to mine. I think mine was a little worse but still burnt hers up also. I have read several different reviews of this product burning faces but they will never let the comment be left for people to actually see on the website they will delete the comment so people wont see and then not buy there product. That is very LOW. I mean my face is very important to me that's why I was spending almost $200 on a face cream. I still have scars on my face several months later. PEOPLE NEED TO BE INFORMED OF WHAT IT COULD DO!!! I HAVE SEVERAL PICTURES OF WHAT MY FACE LOOKED LIKE BUT MY COMPUTER WILL NOT LET TO POST THEM. Then I tired to get my money back and of course they didn't want to give me my money back. But I will promise I will make a facebook page letting everyone know what this product done to me and how they treated me. They all money hungry business that does not care about there customers and after they get your money you can cancel it you will not get it back... Please do not buy this cream there are a million different kinds that actually work but this one is not one of them. This one does more harm than good!!!

Mar 28, 2017

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