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I cancelled my membership september 3rd and it takes 30 days to completely cancel the membership. I had received lt bucks earlier and did not think of using them because I began school and work so my schedule was hectic. Today, 10/1 I called the shelby, mi location (where I used to go) because I received a reminder email to use my lt bucks before 11/14. I knew my membership was done on 10/3 so I called to see how I can use my lt bucks within these 3 days I have left on my membership. The member service manager, megan, was very rude and unhelpful at all. Especially knowing that the reason of my cancellation; going to school and other necessities to pay for including student loans. Paying $64 a month for a gym membership just was not in my budget and she kept telling me the only thing I can do at this point to save my $60 lt bucks was to put my membership on hold for 3 months paying $15 a month. And that the spa services were closed this week so I wouldn't be able to use them even if I wanted too. Also, constantly receiving emails in september like "are you sure you don't want to be on hold" "we can offer $100 in training, etc so you can stay at lifetime." why couldn't they offer that when I was there and enrolled? No, they wait to give freebie's and incentives when you want to leave. This is horrible service. I ended up contacting corporate after the manager gladly gave me the number and they said there may have been miscommunication but I can use my lt bucks until 10/3 on anything that shows lt bucks are eligible on the site. The manager could've told me since the spa is closed this week, you can use your lt bucks else where that is accepted but no. Because she is losing a member she didn't feel it was necessary to help a student out the most she can. Never dealt with such horrible service, especially at a gym and i've been with lifetime since 2012. They will be losing more members because I will be advising everyone I know that goes there the service I received today.

Oct 01, 2018
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      Oct 04, 2018

    I loved Matt Tilburg, excellent manager for Lifetime . Believe he transferred, if you ever work with him please stay. He is genuine, caring and will do what it takes to provide exceptional care for his guests and team.

    However, Bridgette McIver in Tulsa, Ok has increased the rates of customers more than once per year and has not cared to meet the needs of her customers. She is constantly working out and into her own results and not seeing how she can help others . She refuses to meet and set up time and meet with customers. Matt Tilburg would always meet with his customers and if he was out of town he would meet when he arrived right back. He made no excuses to help people. He was very calm, and I just don’t think the job is suited for Bridgette. She doesn’t care. I am leaving Lifetime, and I’m not paying $85-$90 a month. I know you have a lot to offer, your club is amazing, and your fitness instructors are phenomenal, and thank you for keeping the facility clean, and the parking lots on with music and by keeping it safe when it’s dark. I am happy with friendly staff when you enter and exit the building and the floors are not wet and are safe. I have so much positive feedback to say, and I’m very disappointed to leave. When you opened it even says it was about $60 month. I was paying that and that was my budget and I can’t pay $90 month. I’m not a Mercedes driver and I wouldn’t buy one as it’s not even a reliable vehicle . I would get something better built if I were to pay so much money. But that is besides the point. People can drive whatever they want. I think it’s unfair that she gets to change my rate multiple times a year and it’s poor management . Soon, sales will decrease and that gym could go under really bad if she continues running it.

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