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Liberty Mutual Insurance / workers comp claim

1 Wichita, KS, United States Review updated:

I was injured at work by a man on meth driving a skytrack, and the safety inspector Jamie Blystone of the company knew of his meth usage and failed to take action due to him being the only person licensed to operate the skytrack. I was knocked off an eighteenwheeler and the bosses refused to record it and controlled the doctor and would not let him give me any prescription because they would have to record the injury. An MRI was done and I had an anular tare and a bulging disk. I lost bowel and bladder control and the bosses just made fun of me and called me names. I was placed on restrictions by the doctor but the bosses kept exceeding them and when I refused to go beyond the restrictions I was told by the bosses that I could kick rocks and just quit or do as they said. I was told by the doctor that I wasn't getting any better because of the failure to obide by the restrictions and I had to make a choice. I had to either do as they wanted or do as the doctor ordered or I was in for a surgery on my back. So I called in work and informed them that I could not work and was fired for doing as the doctor ordered. The safety inspector told the doctor's office that they was paying the bills. Then I received a letter from Liberty Mutual saying that all bills should be sent to them. Now the doctor has odered another MRI of my total spine instead of just the lower back. The doctor also orderd an nerve study test. Now the insurance company refuses to pay me workers comp and refuses to pay or approve an medical treatment. I am stuck in severe pain and no one give a hoot about me. I have no income due to the lack of the insurance company sending any checks. I am told that the saftey inspector Jamie Blystone ordered the insurance company not to pay for anything and the claims adjuster Christine Falco of Missouri isn't! I need help. I have no income and was wrongfully terminated, and discriminated because of my disabilities. Someone please help me in any way possible. My # is [protected].

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  • Cr
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    Protect your rights. Call 316-264-5664 for a free initial consultation.

    Franklin Law Office
    Wichita Workers' Compensation Attorney
    727 North Waco, Suite 550
    Wichita, KS 67203
    Phone: 316-264-5664
    Fax: 316-264-2016

  • Dm
      13th of May, 2009
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    I was also injured on the job in St Paul, MN and as a result have had to hve 2 surgeries. I was terminated because of the ongoing injury in Oct. I had to fight with the insurance company to get the second surgery which after 5 months the insurance company finally approved the surgery the day of surgery I am informed they won't be paying me and I can't work for @ least three months and will probably never return to my former work as a tow truck. They have refused to pay me since last fall but up until that point they were paying. They even hold my milage checks until the 30 days allowed by my state. I have an attorney but he doesn't do a whole lot all I get from him is they'll pay in the end mean while I am losing every thing. I can't pay my bills, my relationship of several yrs is on the verge of being over. I'm just at a loss and don't know what to do or how to fire my lazy attorney. If someone has some answers
    My # 612-750-9491

  • Jo
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    Liberty Mutual
    Well lets just say the Management needs to be taken out and be subjected to the same treatment that they so enthusiastically inflict upon the injured workers . I personally would love to put a whole bunch of them into the same condition that im in do to their negligence's and see how they feel about their own methods of stealing from the people and the fraud they are guilty of . Then take all the Politicians they have payed off to get the laws passed so they can legally screw the public and take every thing they have ever owned away from them and take away the way they make a living and damage them in the same way they have damaged us and subject them to their own BS laws they have put in to law. Then take them out of office for ever and give them a proper send off we used to shoot traitors or hang them but due to all the bleeding hearts we can only put them in jail . What a pity so justice can not be truly served to these tretchorous traitors of the public trust . They tend to for get who their employers really are and if it continues they will be subject to the laws of the land and answer to the laws of man for their crimes against the trust of the public.

  • Ba
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    I was a truck driver and injured my neck at work. LM waited 73 days after I was discharged from the hospital before they sent me to a neurologist, then to a neuro-surgeon for review of the MRI. He verified a "cervical strain, " However, he also tried to specify I had "Degenerative disc disease as pre existing illness and most of my problem was due to that. I tried to tell doctor how my symptoms had not been a problem before the twisting neck injury, the severe pain and inability to function and do simple daily tasks.He ignored this. I also developed sudden onset Myasthenia Gravis at time of my injury, so they point this out. I had no symptoms of MG either.
    Seventy three days to 1st doctor, 90 days to neuro, 110 days b4 sent to physical therapy ( which only made symptoms/pain worse) then 4 months later tried nerve block/ steroid injection. This just made me loose half use of both arms and numbness back and forth in arms and legs. The nurse at nerve block is one who old me I had a fragmented disc in C5-6 which was causing my problem. I got copy of MRI and clearly states this. Yet, the Neuro doc never told me this and completely refused to discuss MRI with me after 4 times specifically asking him to. When the case worker was told we knew about the fragment she went bezerk and I was discharged from neuro in less than 15 min. doc said I had reached MMI and Case worker refused to send me to second opinion as law says I have right to request. They now are giving my attorney the stone wall, filed to discontinue checks and refuse medical care at all now.
    I've been through WC nightmare b4 and recovered. If you donot have an attorney, a good WC lawyer, stop now and get one. You cannot beat the insurance company with out him.
    I've read many complaints today and some patients hurt themselves by not insisting WC claim be filed, going to personal doc on their own and not knowing the WC laws, in your state of employment. YOU must educate yourself fast. Keep up with everything pertinate to your case, document dates, times, tests, conversations, remarks of workers, nurses, doctors, wc personel, EVERYTHING. I'm in limbo now, waiting game just started!!!

  • Ed
      18th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    These crooks who works for Liberty Mutual is a bunch of liars, and they get big commissions for every claim denied, I mean like a big party with all the bonuses and a bailout when they spent too much money on whores and parties. My doctor has been great, he knows the pain I am in, my injury was a full thickness rotator cuff tear, but on the denial the lying Claims case manger states reason for denial is shoulder strain. How frickiing dumb. There's a difference in a torn rotator cuff and a shoulder strain, I hope this wicked witch suffers pain as bad as I have. Of course that's the reason there's a hell. The only reason I have been able to function is the blessed pain pills, I have high praise for pain pills at this time, but now I see how easy people can get addicted to them when they are in severe pain and its because of the insurance companies like Liberty Mutual. But I have not given up by a long shot, I will fight with these liars and scounderels just like they like to do. I have rights. Now I was a low wage paid housekeepeer, so don't you know they are cracking their cute jokes about the cleaning lady. Lifting big heavy industrial sized buckets of water, cleaning ### and piss everyday, gee maybe I need to go clean their offices out, may even have to clean semen from these screwbags. They are breaking the law, they lie and forge wrong information on clients paperwork. If that was anyone else they would be in prison. Ill gotten gains sure pays off doesn't it Liberty Mutual? But I am going to expose you. Do you know what boycotting is? Ha, you may find out. You have wronged too many people, and you buy lawyers off don't you? All ### sticks together.

  • Ji
      1st of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It's up to our legislators to pass laws that would protect us from this kind of treatment or lack of treatment. The laws are set up to discourage fraudulent claims by paying a worker 66% and to hurry them back to work. Maybe they are punishing the wrong people, maybe if they made the employer make up the difference of W/C TTD and the employee’s salary for the duration of the injury, maybe the employer would then try and find ways to prevent injuries instead of forcing overtime that they don't have to pay because they say they are exempt. It turns out they were not exempt and are now being sued for back overtime which can only go back 3 years which is also a bunch of crap. If I stole 60, 000 dollars from them they would throw me in jail even if it was no matter how long ago it was. It seems to be a common belief of our government that they need to protect the corporations. We have a government that would rather protect big business than the little guy, and the reason all comes down to money. Major corporations send lobbyists to state and federal capitals with the corporate checkbook and tell them to buy the legislators that will look out for their interests. We elect these officials to office to look out for our interests but they ignore us as we can't pay our way. We need to get the cash out of politics or we can look forward to more of the same.

    Priority changes need to be made in:
    Overtime law (overtime law is vague and there are loopholes which employers exploit)
    Work Comp law (hard working Americans should not be punished for injuries on the job and our jobs should be protected until our return)

  • Mi
      26th of Mar, 2010
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    I can only agree with all these complaints. Just a (GREAT COMPANY) (:
    I had an accident on a table saw. Cut 3 fingers of. At the beginning only some small problems, , ,
    But as longer it goes on they are just a bunch of criminals !!!
    I needed a second surgery and had to wait for 4 months to get it approved..4 months on Vaicodine, , ,
    They make you to a legal DRUG ADDICT just great...
    They should all be put into a Russian Gulag in Siberia, , , ,
    Every thing has to go through a Lawyer, , ,
    It is like I cut my 3 fingers just to ( STEAL MONEY FROM THEM )
    Hope they all rot in hell...

  • Hu
      26th of May, 2010
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    I just got started with this mess. Only a week into it my compan, workers comp and their selected doctor are giving me the run around. A month ago I hurt my knee and told my supervisor. Last week my knee formed swelling/fluid, popping noises and severe pain. I went to the ER on Sun. Night. ER doc and nurses advised MRI but could only do an x-ray. Called my company, they said ER wouldn't be covered. Told them I needed to see an orthopedic. Ofcourse the red tape begin. They sent me to their doc on their panel (only gave me a choice of 2. Neither exceeded a 3 rating) That doc wants to put me in a knee brace & go to phys. Therapy. Even after I told him about the popping, he could see the swelling, tried to explain the pain running up & down my leg. He didn't want to hear it.(earlier in visit nurse says workers comp won't cover anything but the knee. She calls someone t get approval. It was approved but she didn't show back up until the end of the visit after doc wrote return to work next day w/restrictions.) I couldn't go back in due to pain and tried to get my company to give me another doc. Now they're threatening probation for unexcused abscences or option of making up missed days, taking vacation for them, or unpaid FMLA even if its excused. Please help, if they think I've contacted a lawyer I have a feeling they're going to find a way to fire me.

  • In
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    yes i have to agree. i have been fighting with liberty mutual for 2.5 years over a back injury. i was lifting toilets at work and hurt my back but there doctors are trying to say i have degenerative disk disease and will not even listen to my personal doctor. i think it is criminal that they have there own doctors on the payroll and the workers get screwed. the laws are stupid also if it cannot be proven with an x-ray it does not exist so a pinched nerve which is what i think i have but cant get there doctors to diagnose anything they just say you are 100 percent medically so we dont have to treat you which means they have no clue what it is but wont do tests or treatments.

  • Se
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    I cant believe what I'm hearing on this blog. I dont know how these people sleep at night. I was just denied workers comp by Liberty Mutual today after waiting since July 5, 2010 for the adjuster to finish his investigation. This is what he said was the reason why he denied my claim: 1. I find it hard to believe that you got hurt only 15 minutes after being on the job. 2. The coworker that you claimed to have stated to him that you hurt yourself has denied saying that you told him. He then went on to say that he did not receive my Emergency Room records from the day of injury yet and that when he receives them, he may look at my claim again. Needless to say, my attorney is all over this POS. By the way, I have a severe herniation of the L2-L3 and 4 other disk in the back and neck that were damaged also as per the MRI. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.
    One last note. HIRE AN ATTORNEY NOW.

  • Le
      14th of Aug, 2010
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    OMG!! This has to be changed!!! I too have been denied a claim after telling my supervisor at UPS that I thought it was a pulled muscle didnt want to miss work...can I go to my chiro that I was seeing already to see if he can work it out...3-5 treatments later...therapist at chiro tells me he thinks it is a torn rotator cuff. I then tell my supervisor I will need to know our new group of WC doctors can he tell me who to see that I need to see a WC doc. He says yea Ill get with ya in the mornin. Next day I show for work and was FIRED how convienient for them...for a non related issue? Which 7 days later they had to rehire me cause the union showed them I didn't break the policy. In the mean time I knew the law in Tx says you have only 30 days to report injury to WC so I did it while I was "FIRED" and when I was being told I got my job back by supervisor on phone a week and day later...He asked me why am I hearing about a shoulder just now? I argued on phone with him that I did tell my supervisor he just didn't report it? Time Lines: Injury March 22, 2010; Reported to WC of TX April 19, 2010; Denied MRI by Liberty Mutual May 20, 2010?; UPS has the company Nurse call me to inform me to go to my own insurance company and fix my shoulder that I no longer can work on Temporary Available Work (for the whole 2 hrs they were letting me work) . So on May 24 th 2010 I have basically been fighting with LM and UPS to even let me get an MRI to see if it is a torn rotator cu[censored] I have not been working and I am on Unemployment until I get MMI release from this mess!!! Really? Original reasons for denial; Not reported in time, and Injury not work related.
    OMG!!! i don't know how heavy your pens are at LM but, I am a full time driver at UPS I have 150 + stops and 300 pcs + and 150 miles per day in a 1985 model heap of JUNK that should be racked accross the scales!!! Really anything I do all day is apt to tear a rotoator cu[censored] I left Fed Ex to work for the clowns at UPS and I promiss you, google complaints from employees and injury related issues for won't get this kind of non ending list!! HELP!! I need some feedback if you have any email me at:
    All you can tell me will be appriciated! To Close: If I ever work or know someone who will start working for a company that uses Liberty Mutual as the Comp. Insurance carrier...I will tell them don't do it!! I wish all good luck and God Bless the souls of the men and women who work for these companies...your gonna need it some day!!! I hope you saved a puppy in your past life or something.

  • Xc
      1st of Oct, 2010
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    Anyone dealing with Liberty Mutual really needs to have a lawyer on their side. The LM adjusters job is to find ways or fabricate them to deny claims. It costs nothing to hire an attorney for workers comp cases. They only get paid if they collect money for you.

  • Lm
      5th of Dec, 2010
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    2 1/2 years dealing with Liberty Mutual here. Luckily in Illinois, you can go to your own doctor. I have one that does not side with Liberty Mutual on medical issues and fights for the patients and their medical treatment. I dealt with LM myself for the first 2 months and then at the advise of friends, I hired an attorney and I am thankful that I did. I had surgery last November and am getting ready to have a fusion surgery the end of this month. It has taken 5 months to get this surgery approved and about that for the first surgery. My attorney has done everything that he can to keep pushing, but because of the laws of Illinois, LM is allowed to stretch things out. I honestly feel that had they treated me the way my doctor wanted them to from day one, I would not have needed either surgery. But here I am a mid 30's man with a family gettiing ready to have a surgery that could change my life forever. The company that I worked for fired me this past summer. According to Illinois Law, they are allowed to as long as it was not a discriminatory discharge. They fired me for being off of work for so long, not for having the law suit agianst them. This is legal in Illinois. So now, LM is still paying my TTD and they will have to find me suitable work when I am at TTD or they will have to pay me for the rest of my life. But in the mean time, they just finished doctor shopping and could not succeed in finding a doctor to go against my doctor. Therefore, they had to approve the surgery. But not until I passed a nicotine test and a few derogatory statements by their attorney (grossly obese, poor personal habits, etc.) that my attorney has documented. I have gained 60+ Lbs since being off of work and not able to do normal excercising and I am 100 lbs over weight. I don't see that as grossly obese. These people only care about the bottom line bonus for not paying out claims. If you are dealing with LM or any other Work Comp Company, hire an attorney. They may be decent at first, but they will screw you when you need the help. Good luck to anyone dealing with these jokers!!

  • Ja
      27th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I agree with everyone on here, actually they need to get rid of liberty mutual for workmans comp cases, my husband drives a semi and he was getting out of his truck and fell from the top step and broke his 9th rib and has a herniated disc, they denied his claim for 2 months then put him on light duty.finally saw a dr and the dr ordered physical therapy with a broken rib, so you know not much you can do with that, so lm denied the rest of the physical therapy, so then pain started down his left buttock, leg and into his foot, he has weakness, tingling, and sometimes his leg gives out on him and he has to crawl to a chair, cannot sit for a long period of time, his leg goes numb, to make a long story short, we have a lawyer, but not doing us any good.he went back to the dr had an epidural shot, did not work, waited 2 weeks and went back to the dr and he sent him back to work mind you driving a semi with no restrictions, so he said to the dr he was still in pain and explained the symptoms and he never listened to him, so my husband said doc what happens when im driving and my leg goes numb and i cant feel the clutch or brake and i plow into a bunch of cars he just shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the the next day he called his work and explained the dr released him and told the supervisor he had numbness and pain in his leg they wanted him back to work he went knowing he could hurt someone or himself, they gave him a safety meeting..what a joke!!, then a drug test and sent him home, in the mean time i called the DOT and explained what was wrong with my husband and he said go have another dot physical if you fail you cant drive so he did just that and guess what he failed, so now its a waiting game to see if that f...king comp will give him a 2nd opinion with a dr...lm is a joke!!!

  • Gr
      10th of Mar, 2011
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    Well I am not surprise with liberty mutual. I injured my back last August during our property turn. Got MRI 2 September Dr suggested spinal injections with therapy WC or shall I say Liberty Mutual denied Send me for second opinion on 14 December their choice of Dr. Dr asked me if he need to put me on disability I told him you are the Doc you decide. He suggest that they should go ahead with spine injections and stated that surgery will be the alternative. Return to previous Dr who refused to see me have to find another who I have to admit was a blessing in disguise He look at my back ordered another MRI and discovered that my condition worsened. It was only L4-L5 lumbar disk with facet disease new MRI show L3 mild bulging disk with facet disease S1 facet disease with bulging disk and annular tear postural. Suggestion surgery, ordered disco gram Liberty denied 7 months no treatment and still the run around yesterday attorney file petition to controvert since they had enough time to act. 7 Months and three different case managers. company called me yesterday they will request Dr release for light duty. I told if i could walk or stand for any amount of periods again Liberty mutual. well I guest they have climbed the wrong tree this time.

  • Ca
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    One year and a half dealing with Liberty Northwest. I thought Carpel Tunnel, but Dr they said to go to said I was too young and this was a work comp claim, so not carpel tunnel. Waited month to see another Dr...not my current Dt and PT says major issues. Its so hard to just get PT sessions...which do nothing. So frustrating, people keep telling me to get a lawyer, but seeing above, not sure if that will hep any. Work Comp screws the honest people!!! I guess I should google how to cheat the system. Maybe then I will get somewhere...

  • Nj
      5th of Jul, 2011
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    Liberty Mutual - Bunch of Thieves!
    Liberty Mutual
    United States

    One of the drivers they insured ran a stop sign and hit my car. The driver was given a ticket for running the stop sign and admitted 100% fault at the scene to me and the cops. Liberty mutual took 3 weeks to get back to me and offered a 95% settlement "bc that is what they think is fair". WTF is fair about me having to pay 5% simply bc they decided that? They are dishonest, dont pay claims, and are a bunch of theives. Do not use them for your insurance needs bc they wont pay your claims!

  • Mr
      6th of Jul, 2011
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    well well well after all these years of being dumb and depressed im finally fighting back.I tried to send a picture of what hit me so everyone can help me understand, i dont know much about the computer so thats why ive been so lost.I worked at the Olive Garden in 2004 in the kitchen as a food preper, my shift was getting ova so i was cleaning my area i went to the dishwashing area to put my dishes up as i turned around to walk off somebody else put a rack of glasses up on the other side and the rack on my side fell and I had a whole rack of glasses to fall and hit me falling from the the top rack which was ova my head as it was falling it hit me in my head, neck and back and shoulders and butt, common since when it fell and from the top it hit everything in the back .This was and is a big fight i didnt ask for that to happen to me cause ihad my own cleaning business and i lost that also due tothis i also have been loosing my family because of this my marraige is falling apart due to no sexual contact due to all the pain in my body and medications, i cant even enjoy my kids the way a mother should and could i havent worked since 2004 my kids tried to keep my business but we still lost.I have so much to say but not enough space

  • In
      31st of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Disabled 18 yrs 100%, with Liberty Mutual paying All my Medical Bills. I live in Calif, have had 5 lower Back surgeries, SF calif. LM has caused me pain from my Brain when they SAY NO. I am 100% disabled with Intractable Pain and other Disorders, they Know my Medical Records but they still mess with my Pain & Brain, this is Criminal. So I as a Patient does, I lose it and Call and say things only a Crazy Patient would say, I tell them things that KNOW person can NOT be Scared, I have had many adjusters over the 18 yrs. I was on TTD until 2000, they had to pay me $300, 000 and I left my Medical open. I was on 1125 mgs of Opiates each day, with 13 other Rx's. I have 3 Dr's, in SF Calif, I lost 20 teeth over the yrs of Opiates Use and LM PAID $100, 000 worth of teeth because they caused my Injury from using Opiates for my Injury. I have a great Lawyer, I have beds paid for, I have Spa, paid for, they paid for my Rx's pills, Medical Chairs, all because I know HOW to MAKE them. When you are 100% disabled, or think you are, this Power only Helps a Real Patient. LM knows that Some of US Patients don't care what we Will do to be heard. LM trys to Bully, but How when we hurt so much, they can't control a patient, we have the Power to get them to Pay. use the Law. So if any Patient wants help by using my Case please Email me, at or After 12 yrs of Opiates use I found a better & Safer way to life, and control my Pain, with Medical Cannabis. LM knows all about my Medicine, over Saving LM $70, 000 for my Rx's I don't take any More. I only use Medical Cannabis over Rx's that were killing me after 12 yrs. I use only Cannabis for All my Disorders & Pain. I have a Letter from Federal Senator of Calif that believes Cannabis has Value. Soon GW Pharm will make SATIVEX that is Cannabis, this will Make LM pay for my Sativex that will cost $3, 000 a day. Soon Cannabis will be a Schedule 2 like Oxycontin. LM doesn't want this, it will cost Billion for Real Patients that need a Rx, that works better than Opiates, this will be Sativex Soon. Right Now LM is trying to force me to settle, I can't never settle, need 5 more or more surgeries in the future, my Dr's tell me. So if any Patients need help with what I know about LM and there ways and can help get them to pay. Peace, I hope All Patients get help from there Pain. This is what we all have to fight for, Why? We are Patients that can't work. But LM does make Us work for our Meical Care that they Say we are covered, And they Care. Who do they Care For? The more we write the more LM will see what we all think. Not just one voice, many... Cannabis over Opiates.

  • Lu
      3rd of Aug, 2011
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    My name is luisa I am from miami, florida
    I was rearended by a big truck in miami beach on 07-05-11,
    we were hurt also my son who has an cochear implant
    !0 as soon as Iwas eble I called LIBERTY MUTUAL, I have being with this company since 1982 BIG MISTAKE!!!

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