Liberty Mutual Disability / short term disability

CA, United States

I have been suffereing from severe pain, dizziness and bleeding due to fibroid tumors. I went out of work pending surgery. I filed by short term disability claim with Liberty Mutual the 1st day my doctor authorized me to bed rest pending surgery. Prior to going out of work I tried to bear the pain and work until I nearly ran my car off the road due to dizziness when driving home one evening. At times I would need to rock back and forth in the fetal position under my desk due to the pain. I had my doctor submit all my paper work of my condition which bagain nearly 9 months ago and consisted of 65 pages of records. I had surgery 2 weeks ago. Nearly 6 weeks after submitting my claim, I was told by Liberty Mutual that I was denied and I should have worked till the day of surgery and that since I applied before surgery they would not pay me for any of the time I am off including recovery time and should just go back to work... REALLY!!! I had my stomach cut open and had 2 organs removed and I should be working according to Liberty Mutual.
This company has no compassion and does not care if I bleed out as long as I continue to work and they do not have to pay me.

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