LG Refrigerator / freezer sensor breaks and incapacitates fridge

UT, US Review updated:

My LG refrigerator purchased in May 2007, model#LRFD22850 began having problems with the freezer sensor one month after my 1yr warranty ran out. After many attempts and hours on the phone with LG- and them telling me all the things I must be doing wrong in operating my fridge- they agreed to pay for the repair. Even after that the freezer has never worked properly and has continually iced over. We had to disconnect the water line as the ice tray froze solid and now one year after the initial repair the part is broken again and the fridge is unusable until fixed. LG told me that it was my problem since I did not purchase an extended warranty. I asked them why I should have to pay to warranty a 2000.00 appliance in the first year of use!!! As I scan the internet, I have tried to make some sense of us as consumers allowing the appliance industry to become so incompetent and deliver such poor quality and service. Although LG seems to one of the worst offenders, there are thousands of complaints against many different brands, and the more expensive, the more the problems. Why have we allowed this to happen??!!!

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  • Sa
      Dec 22, 2009
    L.G refregrator - compressor not working
    sarfraz khan

    compressor not working

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  • Si
      May 26, 2012

    I purchased my LG bottom freezer two-door french style fridge a few months ago and the loudnoise from the freezer having built up frost which i hope isn't going to cast me someething in repairs already. The sensor. I already hate the door!

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  • Sa
      May 15, 2013

    The large drawer in the top section of my LG refrigerator (model #LFC25770SW) won't open. It seems locked in place. I've looked with a flashlight and no food items are caught against the top.

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