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Fort Worth, TX, United States
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I bought a tablet from AT&T that never worked right and always crashed a lot. It, 's performance continued to get worse. I barely used it for anything because of performance. I bought a molded rubber case to protect it and nearly all the time I had it, it was stored on a shelf in my bedroom. No physical damage ever happened to it while in my possession and certainly it was not near any water. It was returned under warranty and they claim they can't fix it because of water damage. Unless they damaged it at FedEx or at LG with water, there was no water damage. They are liars and scammers. I am reporting to consumer protection and BBB. I was suspicious right after I received a note when they got it back which said remember it may be something you need to pay for. That thing was treated very well while in my possession and was never near liquids. I fear if I get it back with water damage that they did the damage to avoid the repair. What [censor] they are.

Jun 19, 2017

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